Spidermetrix Review – Legit or Scam? Worth Spending time?

Spidermetrix is one of the oldest paid online survey websites that started in 2000, Australia. Spidermetrix provides an online job by paying for each completed survey. Unlike most of the survey websites, they pay cash and also you can redeem your points to vouchers. They offer surveys in fields like IT, marketing, business, advertising, etc……… So it will be best for online job seekers. Students looking for part-time jobs, housewives can fill their purse with extra cash by working in spare time. Here’s the Spidermetrix review to help you find if it’s really worth to spend time taking the survey on their website.

Spidermetrix online surveys

Eligibility to Join Spidermetrix:

  • Anyone who is 14 years old or above can join spidermetrix.
  • You should have good English and basic browsing knowledge.
  • You can work from anywhere (Home, internet cafe, office…). Unlike PTC jobs which can be accessed from only static IP.
  • Spidermetrix does not require the users to pay any registration fees to join their website. It’s totally free to use the reward program.

How to Register on Spidermetrix:

How to register to Spidermetrix
  • To join Spidermetrix, click here.
  • Enter your first name and surname.
  • Enter the valid e-mail address, date of birth and gender.
  • Fill the zip-code, your nationality.
  • Tell them how do you know them in the drop-down box?
  • Enter the spider name, which is your username.
  • Choose the desired password.
  • If you wish, you can subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Now click submit details.
  • If you register with your e-mail ID more than one time, your rewards may reset.

How to Earn Money on Spidermetrix:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on Surveys > now open to see the survey jobs in your country as shown below.
  • You can see the available survey job listed with the status and rewards of each survey.
  • TNA – Temporarily not available.
  • They will award each completed survey with points which can be redeemed into cash or rewards.
  • For example, a survey has been clicked.
Survey questions - Spidermetrix
  • A new page with the survey question will be opened. It will be the choice type question. So choose the relevant answer and click continue for the next question.
Survey questions - Spidermetrix
  • Be true to answer the questions, so that you get relevant surveys in the future.
Survey questions - Spidermetrix


  • After the survey has been completed, you will get your balance and reward information, as shown below.
Reward for the completed survey - Spidermetrix.
  • This survey paid me about 8 points.
  • Survey length will depend on the type and the reward. It can range from 1 to 25 minutes. So the more time the survey is, the more you will be paid if you complete.
  • By clicking coming under the survey menu, you can see the fore coming surveys as shown below.
Upcoming surveys on Spidermetrix
  • If the survey has ++, then you will be paid over 20 points if you complete it successfully.
  • By completing your main profile, you can earn up to 15 points.
  • You can also earn by referring to your friends. Even you will be paid for each completed survey by your referrals.

About Spidermetrix Points:

  • A point is about 17 cents of an Australian dollar or 13 cents of USD. It might vary any time and you can check here.
  • Spidermetrix offers points for each completed survey which can be redeemed as cash rewards via Paypal or vouchers(Amazon.com). You can also donate to the world vision Australia.
  • Spidermerix offers three types of surveys: the quickie that takes about 1 min to complete and offers 1 point, the trial offers 2 points and the main surveys which lasts about 15-20 mins and offer above 20 points.
  • Minimum payout 300 points = $50.
  • Unlike the Global test market, the points you have earned do not expire.

Spidermetrix Registration Procedure:

How to join Spidermetrix
  • Click here to join Spidermetrix.
  • Enter your first name and the surname.
  • Enter a valid e-mail address, date of birth and gender.
  • Fill the zip-code, your nationality.
  • Tell them how do you know them in the drop-down box to help them learn about their product reach.
  • Enter the spider name, which will be your username.
  • Choose your desired password.
  • If you wish, you can subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Now click on submit details.
  • If you register with your e-mail ID more than one time, your rewards will reset.
  • Now the registration process is complete, you can start making money on Spidermetrix.

Spidermetrix Review:

Spidermetrix Reviews

As you would have known already, Spidermetrix is a survey panel that pays the users for taking online surveys.

The thing is Spidermetrix website looks pretty old and exhausted while the best survey sites work day in and day out to provide the best services to their users.

Usually, the Spidermetrix survey might take a few minutes to 20 minutes to complete based on the nature of the study.

Spidermetrix’s survey pay rate is not so impressive. The pay per survey rewards for the members are very low compared to the industry average.

Overall, Spidermetrix needs to improve their website a lot and should give a clear cut definition regarding their goals and theme to work on the market research industry.

They also have to work on improving their site structure to modern and responsive so that their website could be easily accessed across multiple devices, including smartphones. Survey panels now work on providing the best experience as the mobile survey site since the mobile phone users surpassed the traditional desktop users.

Few survey sites even created the money-making apps to help users to earn money using their mobile phone.

Survey categories on Spidermetrix:

Take surveys in over fifteen plus categories on Spidermetrix including video games, tv programs, movies and releases, football, gloves, glasses, cricket, contact lenses, sportswear, coffee, searching, chocolate, browsing, scanners and printers, computers, etc.

Enjoy taking surveys on which you’re interested in instead of getting stuck in limited resources.

ValuedOpinions is one of the best survey sites when it comes to conducting surveys in diverse categories.

Is it really worth to join Spidermetrix?

Spidermetrix is an established panel in the world based in Australia. It’s a good site that Spidermetrix is legit.

But, from my point of view, you cannot earn a reliable income from Spidermetrix like you could do it on the freelance sites.

I recommend you to join Spidermetrix to find if it works on your demographics. Continue if it does well stay on it, else go for other reliable survey sites like YouGov surveys, Swagbucks, Ysense, etc.

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