Send earnings® is a registered website provides e-mail reading jobs to their clients. They pay you for checking the mails in your inbox each day. By simply clicking the e-mail in the inbox you can earn two cents without any investment. Also you will be rewarded $5 for signing up. This site mostly suites for Americans as they get more earning opportunities than members from other countries.
Send earnings - E-mail reading jobs without investment


Various jobs provided by send earnings
  • E-mail reading tasks.
  • Online survey jobs.
  • Earn by playing games.
  • Watch video to earn.
  • Shop online.
Earn to read e-mails
  • Send earnings pays above $0.02 for checking each e-mail.
  • You can go to your inbox by clicking e-mail on the right-top corner of the website as shown below.
Mails available
  • The number of mails available will be notified there.
  • When you click e-mail your inbox will open and just open, read and confirm.
  • In some case you will be taken to the advertisers page and you have to confirm by clicking the given link.
  • After confirmation you will get reward directly into your account.
  • Active members will receive 3 e-mail per day.


Earn by searching | Send earnings
  • Send earnings pays you $0.15 every day for searching alone. So in a week you can earn $1.05 per week.
Searching | send earnings
  • Apart from that you will receive $0.05 bonus if you search at least 4 days in a week. So, your weekly search earnings will be $1.05 + $0.05 = $1.10.
Search earnings from 4 days in a week | send earnings


Play games to earn money
  • You can earn money by playing games through GSN games.
  • Click games tab in the menu to play games.
  • You have to invest to earn rewards.
  • Also they provide facility to practice the games.


Earn for watching videos
  • Click the video tab in the menu bar.
  • Watch the video and complete the activity if available.
  • Confirm and your account will be directly credited with the reward.
Paid survey jobs
  • The survey jobs available will be displayed on the right-top of the website page as shown below.
Surveys available
  • After clicking the surveys you can see the surveys listed as shown above.
  • Enter the available survey and complete it to earn rewards.
An example for survey - Send earnings
Payment methods provided by send earnings
  • The only way to withdraw your earnings is through check payment.
  • The minimum payout is $30. So, you need to have thirty united states dollars to request payout.
Methods to earn faster


  • Once you have signed up your account will be credited with $5. So you have to earn $25 for first payout.
How to register to send earnings
  • To register, click here. And I recommend you to join both send earnings and inbox dollars to earn more. And if you’re from UK join inbox pounds.
  • Once the page is opened click on join today.
  • Free registration means no registration fee to work.
  • A popup box with registration form appears as shown below.
Register - Send earnings
  • Enter your full name, Zip code and country.
  • Enter the valid e-mail address and choose your desired password.
  • Click sign me up to complete registration.
  • You need to verify e-mail to start working with them.
Click activate to confirm
  • Go to your e-mail inbox and click activate to make your account valid.
  • Now you can start working directly.
  • Happy earnings!

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