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Sendearnings® is a registered website that provides email reading jobs to internet users from the United States of America and part of other tier – 1 countries. They pay you just for checking the mails in your inbox every day. By simply clicking the e-mail in the inbox, you can earn two cents without no investment. Also, you will be rewarded $5 for signing up. This site mostly suites for Americans as they get more earning opportunities than members from other countries.

SendEarnings Review

About SendEarnings:

SendEarnings is the PTR site that is run by the company that runs InboxDollars. They offer a scam free online jobs to earn money.

InboxDollars have been genuine get paid to read sites since 2000 make it very trustworthy. Like Inbox Dollars, SendEarnings is also a genuine paid to read site that provides various opportunities to earn money online.

Feel free to read the SendEarnings review to learn more about the site and make the most out of it.

Various tasks available on

Various jobs provided by SendEarnings

These are the list of tasks available on All you have to do is complete these tasks to earn money. Once you have made the minimum payout threshold, SendEarnings will automatically pay you on time. The SendEarnings tasks go as follows,

Email Reading Tasks – SendEarnings:

Earn to read e-mails on SendEarnings
  • Send earnings pays a minimum of $0.02 for checking an e-mail.
  • You can go to your inbox by clicking e-mail on the right-top corner of the website, as shown below.
Mails available
  • The number of mails available will be notified there. Expect a minimum of a few emails delivered to your inbox every day by SendEarnings.
  • When you click e-mail, your inbox will open and just open, read and confirm.
  • In some cases, you will be taken to the advertiser’s page through email marketing and you have to confirm by clicking the given link.
  • You can earn extra money by completing additional tasks and offers available on the page that you have been sent to after clicking the confirmation link.
  • After confirmation, you will get a reward directly into your account.
  • Active members will receive 3 e-mail per day.

Earn by Searching the web powered by SendEarnings:

Earn by searching on Send earnings
  • The Get Paid to Search provides an opportunity to make minimum earnings every week besides reading emails.
  • This ensures that you will reach the minimum threshold as soon as possible.
  • Send earnings pays you $0.15 every day for searching online. So, you can earn $1.05 per week.
Get paid to search on SendEarnings
  • Apart from that, you will receive a $0.05 bonus if you search at least 4 days in a week. So, your weekly search earnings will be $1.05 + $0.05 = $1.10.
Search earnings from 4 days in a week on SendEarnings

Get Paid to Play on SendEarnings:

Play games to earn money on SendEarnings
  • You can earn money by playing games through GSN games made available by SendEarnings.
  • Click the games tab on the menu to start playing games.
  • You will have to invest to earn rewards. SendEarnings will generate a nice cashback to the user who makes the deposits via SendEarnings.
  • Also, they provide the facility to practice the games.
  • If you’re good at playing games, like to challenge your gaming ability like on, you can choose to play SendEarnings games to make money.

Earn by Watching SendEarnings videos:

Earn by watching SendEarnings videos
  • SendEarnings is the site that pays you for watching videos. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online, since even beginners can do this with no hardships.
  • Click the video tab on the menu bar.
  • Watch the video and complete the activity if available.
  • Confirm and your account will be credited with the reward promised for watching the SendEarnings Video.

SendEarnings and Paid Surveys:

SendEarnings surveys
  • Paid Surveys are one of the important sections in Send Earnings. It’s very potential that your earnings can bump up to several times higher just by answering questions.
  • So, you can concentrate on paid surveys in order to earn more money on Send Earnings.
  • They will display the survey jobs available on the right-top of the website page, as shown below.
Surveys available on Send Earnings
  • After clicking the surveys, you can see the surveys listed as shown above.
  • Enter the survey and complete it to earn rewards.
An example for survey - Send earnings
  • Complete the surveys to earn up to $5 per study on the Send Earnings research section. Usually, this site sends the paid emails with the links to potential surveys that could earn your money. So, it’s a two in one situation where you can both earn money by reading email and at the same time get notified when there is a relevant survey available for you.
  • You can also take surveys on your mobile phone.

SendEarnings Payments:

Payment methods provided by send earnings
  • The only way to withdraw your earnings is through traditional check payments.
  • The minimum payout is $30. So, you need to have thirty United States Dollars to request payout.
Methods to earn faster on SendEarnings
  • Once you have signed up, your account will be credited with $5. So you have to earn $25 to receive your first payout.

SendEarnings App:

  • Currently, SendEarnings mobile app isn’t available for any smartphone devices.
  • However, you can try this money making apps to earn money using the mobile phone.
  • Send Earnings app is not available. But, you can use your mobile phone browser to earn money on Send Earnings.

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How to Register for an Account on Send Earnings and earn $5 Sign up Bonus:

How to register to send earnings
  • To register, click here. And I recommend you to join both send earnings and InboxDollars to earn more. And if you’re from UK, join InboxPounds.
  • Once the page is opened, click on join today.
  • Free registration means no registration fee to join the site. It’s completely free of cost and in addition, you will receive a free $5 for signing up.
  • A popup box with registration form appears as shown below.
Registration procedure on SendEarnings
  • Enter your full name, Zip code and country.
  • Enter the valid e-mail address and choose your desired password.
  • Click sign me up to complete registration.
  • You need to verify the e-mail to work with them.
Click activate to confirm SendEarnings email
  • Go to your e-mail inbox and click activate to make your account valid.
  • Now you can start working on Send Earnings to earn money by reading emails and doing other activities.

Besides, make use of the Send Earnings referral program to make a passive income from the referral activities.

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