Scarlet Clicks Review 2023 – List of Strategies to Earn More

Scarlet clicks provide the best online PTC job with a low payout facility. Scarlet Clicks was started in 2009 and they pay you through 7 different payment processors. They have an excellent reputation from the past till now and they have got a minimum payout facility for their members. This article is the Scarlet Clicks review with various strategies to earn more money.

Scarlet clicks review

Note – Scarlet Clicks is now Buxenger supported.

About Scarlet Clicks:

Scarlet Clicks is one of the very few PTC sites that run in Evolution Script and still stay legit even if it doesn’t use a custom PTC script.

It’s running successfully for over a decade and the chances are very low for it to become a scam. So, Scarlet Clicks voted as a legit PTC site.

How to Register an account on Scarlet Clicks:

How to register scarlet clicks with referral
  • To earn money with scarlet clicks click here.
  • Now you will be sent to the home page of scarlet clicks.
  • Click register on the right top of the page.
  • It will take you to the registration page where you should enter the correct details.
  • Enter your full name, e-mail ID and password.
  • Choose your user ID only by which you will log in the future.
  • Enter any of your payment account e-mail ID. You can receive payments through any of the payment options listed below in the payment section.
  • That’s it you are now registered to scarlet clicks. Click login and enter your account ID and password to earn.
  • They don’t need any e-mail verification of yours.
  • Continue reading for their procedures, earnings, strategy, payment methods, offers, etc….

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How to Earn Money on Scarlet Clicks:

  • After the registration is complete, log into your Scarlet Clicks account.
  • Click on the view ads tabs to earn money by clicking the provided ads.
  • There are three types of ads available by scarlet clicks, they are the fixed advertisement, micro advertisement, and Premium Plus advertisements which are available for Premium members.
  • The Premium Plus ads are the highest paying ads that pay $0.01 per view. Fixed advertisement pays you a rate of $0.001 to $0.002 and the micro ads which pay less than $0.0005. But you need to click on every ad that is available for you to improve your quality.

Scarlet clicks ptc ads

  • The above image shows the various PTC ads available on the Scarlet-Clicks view ads page. To earn, you have to click on the ad. For example, here the ad names “join our sites” by GPT planet is clicked and you will get the following page in a new tab after the click.
How to click the ads in scarlet clicks
Displayed advertisement
  • After you have promoted to this page, wait for the timer(a loading bar near the left corner of the web page) to complete. When the loading bar becomes green completely, then minimum time(5-60 seconds) spent on the advertisement page is over. Now you will get six small images, as shown below. 
What is the upside down picture present in the scarlet clicks
  • You have to click the image which is upside down. Here the donkey picture is upside down. So you have to click on the donkey to complete your job. If you click on the wrong picture, then it will be considered as an invalid entry and you will not be paid for that ad. So be careful in choosing the upside-down picture.
  • If your click is successful, you will get an acknowledgment for getting paid as given below. Now you can close the ad page, they will automatically credit your account with the money for that ad.
Valid ad count in scarlet clicks
  • If you click an invalid image, your click is considered invalid, and they will not pay you.
Invalid clicks of scarlet clicks
  • Now your job is completed, this will take only 10-15 seconds. You can continue with the next ad. Follow the same procedure for all ads.
What is micro ad in scarlet clicks
Micro ads

If you run out of fixed ads, you can go with the micro ads at a low rate as shown above.

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Scarlet Grid – Test your Luck on Daily Basis:

What is scarlet grid
  • Scarlet grid is like a free get paid to play game section on Scarlet Clicks, from which you have the chance of winning up to $1. You are allowed to click any 20 pixels provided in the image per day. You will not be paid for that. Instead, you have a chance of winning $1.
  • For example, I’ve clicked a pixel in 1st row 22nd column. Now an ad page will open as usual and you should follow the same procedure. After the complete time out, your click will be validated and you will get the result. (My result: Your click has been validated, and you were not a winner this time. You have 19 chances left today.) immediately as shown below.
Scarlet grid results

Paid to Sign up Offers (PTSU):

How to earn through paid sign ups
  • Other than viewing paid ads, scarlet clicks provide you an extra way to earn money by signing up the websites they ask you to sign up. It’s called PTSU.
  • To sign up, you have to click the PTSU tab in the menu and sign up the websites they have listed.
  • You earn up to $0.50 for each signup. Your account will be automatically credited after sign up.

OfferWalls on ScarletClicks:

How to make more money using the Scarlet Clicks Referral Program:

  • While Scarlet Clicks is not an established Get paid to refer program, they have a decent referral program to earn money through the direct referral program and rented referral program.
  • Make use of the Rented referral strategy to make money if you don’t have an option to make direct referrals.
  • In the case, if you wish not to spend money, you can follow the techniques to make the referrals for PTC sites.

Scarlet Clicks Payments:

Scarlet clicks payments

  • As said above, the payments are made through any of this method. Perfect Money, STP, Payeer, Bitcoin wallet, Neteller, Skrill, AirTM, Litecoin, Dash. Enter any of your e-mail during the registration.
  • The minimum payout for Bitcoin is $10.
  • The minimum payout for other payment options is as low as just $2.
  • Previously, the Payza payment has been discontinued, since Payza has involved in some illegal money laundering activity.
  • In order to receive your payment request, you must wait up to 7 days.
  • Enter the correct payment e-mail ID or wallet address to prevent confusion in the future when you request for payout.

How to Sign up on Scarlet Clicks:

  • Click here to join start earning money with scarlet clicks.
  • Click the register button available on the right top of the Homepage.
  • The registration page will load, where you should enter your details.
  • Enter your name, e-mail, and password.
  • Choose the user ID carefully since it should be used to log into your account in the future.
  • Enter anyone of your payments address. You can receive payments through the payment processors list above.
  • Now registered to scarlet clicks. Click login and enter your user ID and password to start working on Scarlet Clicks.

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