When it comes to making money online, the internet is filled with scams and scammers. It is very hard to find a scam free way to make money online. If you’re a beginner looking out for free ways to earn money online no scams, then you must by very careful not to get fooled by the fake sites and companies. This article will help you to find the online jobs scams and lists 10 best scam free ways to make money online.


Scam free ways to make money online

How to make money online for free no scams:
How to find online jobs scams easily:


These are some of the ways to verify if the site is a scam or legit before starting the work.

Analyzing the site: If you’ve found an online job website, you can find if the website is a scam or legit at the first look. Genuine paying online job sites will never give importance to fake testimonials, payment proof copies & screenshots, unnatural reviews, flash banners & text. If you find any unnatural elements on the website, quit immediately.

Registration fees: Usually sites that provide online jobs will never collect registration fees. Be careful about the sites that ask you for registration fees in order to send the kit to start making money online. Legitimate scam free sites allow the members to join without registration fees and they will provide a free beginners guide.


Quick rich schemes: Don’t trust the sites which promise you to pay more money in short time for simple jobs. Investment sites that pay daily interest, sites that promise to pay about a dollar to post on social media sites such as Facebook, matrix schemes, Ponzi schemes, pyramid type revenue sharing sites, are few examples of online job programs known to cheat the internet users.


Easy tasks: Few sites say that they hire workers to do simple jobs like copy paste jobs. Easiest tasks like these are mostly fake.


History and reviews: If you’ve decided to work for an online company, check the company history, Whois, and other data to find the information about the owner. Also, read the review by searching on Google to find about the company. Beware of brand new online companies.


Different ways the scammers follow to cheat the people who look to make money online:


  • Few online sites allow the member registration for free and give tasks to work. But they won’t pay when the members send the withdrawal request.
  • Some sites will ask for one time withdrawal fees from the members when they request for payout. For example, a site named captcha club paid more money to do captcha entry job. Members earned $100 within a day or few. When they requested to send the money, the site asked the members to deposit one-time withdrawal fees of about $40. Many paid $40 and got their account disabled. There was a waste of time, energy, and money.
  • People who get excited by seeing these high paying online companies, forget themselves and fall into the scam. Similarly, Traffic Monsoon an online paid to click cum revenue sharing was once familiar where people spent thousands of dollars to purchase ad packs. A lot of people earned millions of dollars. But at last, the system collapsed and members lost their money.
  • There are companies which sell online job packages. They assure fixed income for each package. For example, if a member purchases $50 package, the company will promise that the member will definitely earn $1000 at the end. But nothing happens.
  • So, be aware when you enter the internet world and especially when it comes to online jobs.
10 scam free ways to make money online:
1. Paid surveys:
  • The paid survey jobs are the best when it comes to simplest scam free way to earn money online without investment. The paid survey is a very big internet industry that helps the companies and organizations to collect views from the general and targeted population.
  • The paid surveys are the gift to the people who are looking to make reliable money through the internet no scams. The paid surveys are open to everyone. The membership will be available on free registration.
  • Once you become the panel member, you have to complete the profile. Your profile will be analyzed and the survey invitations will be sent based on the category.
  • For example, surveys related to information technology will not be sent to a member who works in the automobile industry.
  • Paid surveys are simple, very interesting, high paying money program where a member can earn few dollars within minutes.
  • Here are some of the example of paid surveys – Survey about services such as Gmail, chrome cast, amazon prime etc, surveys about social media comparison Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, Twitter etc, surveys about browsers, bikes, cars, smartphones, payment processors & gateways, banking services, computers, TV, Youtube, networking, human resource, food, Airways, travel etc.
  • In a survey, you will be asked to fill answers for few questions which will be mostly choosing the best answer type. Once you complete the survey, the money will be instantly credited to the panel account which can be withdrawn later to the bank account based on the survey panel’s terms of service.
  • You can make more money by participating in paid surveys only if you join more paid survey sites. As the result, you will receive more invitations to participate in the surveys which can help you to make more money. Click the link given below to start.
Click here Take surveys for money.
2. Data entry jobs:
  • The phrase ‘data entry’ is mostly used by the scammers to cheat people. Because the people search for these kinds of jobs than the other jobs.
  • The scammers take opportunities to target those people in order to take money, install unnecessary files & extensions in their computers, steal personal data etc.
  • Actually, there are a lot of scam free online data entry jobs available on the internet. These online data entry jobs are real and posted by the clients.
  • You can earn reliable money by doing the data entry jobs. I’ve written a guide on how to scam free online data entry jobs on the internet. Click the link given below to start.
Click here Online data entry jobs.
3. Blogging:
  • The blogging is the best scam free way to make money online to generate passive income. If you would like to become a blogger make sure you don’t get others into the scams.
  • Mostly its inexperienced blogger who put others into trouble in order to make money.
  • Coming back, the blogging the best long-term online business that can help you to make money. But, at the same time, if something is good, it will be hard.
  • Similarly, people who choose blogging career has to learn a lot of things and apply it correctly in order to get succeed.
  • Successful bloggers make 5 digit income every month. If you wish to become one among them, get started right away by clicking the link given below.
4. Freelance jobs:
  • The freelance jobs can help you to earn money online if you really have some skills. Tons of freelance jobs are posted every day by the clients on the freelance marketplaces.
  • These clients spend thousands of dollars to pay the freelancers in order to get their jobs completed.
  • The freelance marketplaces connect the clients with the potential freelancers. The freelancers can browse the jobs and apply for the jobs they wish to work. If the clients find something interesting, they will hire the freelancer for their project(s).
  • At the same time, clients will directly search the best performing freelancers to find if they are ready to work for their project. In this case, the pay amount will be finalized by the freelancer.
  • Freelancing career will be hard at the beginning, but if you increase your rating, you will get tons of high paying jobs where you can earn more money by sitting at home without going to the regular job. Start your freelance career by clicking the link given below.
Click here Best freelance jobs.
5. Paid to click:
  • The paid to click industry is actually filled with scams where most of the sites do not pay their members. But, there are few established sites which are paying for years where you can make money online free no scams.
  • By choosing the best paying paid to click sites, you can earn real money by watching the advertisers website.
  • The paid to click industry work on the simple concept. The main job of the paid to click site is to connect the advertisers to the members/targeted customers.
  • Unlike regular internet advertising, the paid to click sites actually share a major part of the revenue with their members for visiting the website page/landing page of the advertiser.
  • Through paid to click sites, the advertisers generate the leads and sales for their business and the members earn money simply for watching the advertiser’s products and services.
  • To avoid scams, you must prevent joining the unestablished paid to click sites. Find the best paying paid to click sites by clicking the link given below.
Click here – Paid to click sites.
6. Earn bitcoins & multiply bitcoins:
  • The bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is not controlled by any organization or the government. The bitcoin is the currency with the highest value in the world.
  • You can earn bitcoins by doing various work and convert the bitcoins to USD or any other local currencies. You can also trade your bitcoins to multiply.
  • Earning bitcoins are simple compared to earning USD on the internet. There are a lot of bitcoin-paying companies available on the internet where you can make use of those to earn bitcoins.
  • Since the bitcoin value is highly volatile, you can hold the bitcoins in your wallet and sell it when the bitcoin value increases. This is considered as one of the simple internet business and there are risks of losing the money if the price drops. You must gain the experience about the bitcoins to make profits.
  • Working on bitcoin-paying sites are not reliable. But still, if you looking to earn some money in some of the easiest ways, click the link below.
Click here 10 ways to earn bitcoin.
7. Affiliate marketing:
  • The affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable and scam free ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is the best online business that can be done in different methods.
  • If you are new to the affiliate marketing industry, this is how it works. The affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by generating the leads or sales for a company. In simple, the companies pay money for helping them to sell their products & services.
  • Mostly, the affiliate marketing is done by the bloggers. But, affiliate marketing can be done without a blog. To do blogging all you need is a traffic source. While I can see you’ve skipped the blogging section above, you can do affiliate marketing through Social medias, Youtube, and paid search etc.
  • Affiliate marketing is profitable, simple yet it needs some work to do in order to start. Click the link given below to learn more.
8. Youtube channel:
  • I can say if you’re tired of all these online jobs, you’re going to enjoy making money using the Youtube.
  • The Youtube is the video sharing website where anyone can share their videos for free. YouTube has a large user base and where 500 hours videos are uploaded every second.
  • The YouTube has also targeted by tons of YouTubers, video content creators, reviewers to make money by monetising their videos.
  • You can also start a YouTube channel to make money by sharing your videos. You can review products, movies, services etc. If you don’t have good mic skills you can use explainer videos to do affiliate marketing.
  • To go further interesting you can get rid of the making professional videos and start making funny videos, shoot trains videos, airplanes videos, do stunt videos etc.
  • Make sure you follow the YouTube community guidelines to prevent your YouTube account disabled. The most common violation is publishing the copyright content & adult content. Never upload other’s videos on the Youtube. Get started right away by clicking the link given below.
Click here – How to start a YouTube channel.
9. Sell online services:
  • Selling the online services is similar to the freelance jobs but this is somewhat like starting an online store to sell the services.
  • Selling services online is actually a best online business to earn thousands of dollars within few months. The success rate depends on the category you choose and the quality of your services.
  • Starting own website to sell services without experience is the height of stupidity. People who wish to sell their services should initially go with the service selling websites such as Fiverr.
  • These sites allow anyone to sell their services through their website. Websites like Fiverr already have tons of customers ready to purchase the online services. All you have to do is create a gig and start selling services. If you wish to sell online services, click the link given below.
10. Get paid to complete tasks:
  • Get paid to sites is open for all the internet users who wish to make money online. There are few scam GPT sites available on the internet. By choosing the established sites to work, one can make real money on these sites.
  • Paid content, watching videos, social media actions, downloading apps, paid surveys, micro tasks, paid commenting, search, are some of the tasks for which GPT sites pay money upon completion.
  • GPT sites are reliable for the members from the USA, UK, AU, CA and other tier – 1 countries. But the tasks availability for the members from other countries will be very less.
  • Start to work on GPT sites to make some money by clicking the link given below.
Click here Get paid to sites.


These are the best online jobs for the internet users who are looking for how to make money online fast and free without scams.

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