Cheap & Free PTC Scripts to Start your Own Paid to Click Business

Are you looking for user-friendly PTC script? If so, here is the list for you to find the best PTC script for your new Paid to Click site(s). Choosing the PTC script is very important since making a wrong choice might put you in trouble that would shut down your dream. Here’s a comprehensive article to help you choose the right PTC script to run your PTC site for years.

Things to Remember while Choosing PTC Script:

These are the most important thing you must consider as the Owner of the PTC site to run the home-based business with no problem.

  • The primary requirement for any PTC site is user-friendliness. Choose the script that reduces your workload instead of the one that creates a headache.
  • The PTC script should be Mobile Friendly since nowadays mobile internet users surpassed PC users. So, it’s significant to own mobile-friendly PTC site.
  • Security is highly important for any PTC script. So, it’s important to choose the PTC script that gets regular updates on security and bug fixes.
  • Advertiser friendly interface makes it easier for the advertisers to create a long terms relationship.
  • The earners/members should be able to complete their work ASAP without unnecessary reloads.
  • The PTC script must have the ability to control the Bots and detect automated programs.
  • Scripts with integrated Proxy/VPN deductor and third party API software are a must.
  • There should be an option to add different Captcha like reCAPTCHA, SolveMedia to increase security and to reduce the time.
  • If you need to install a custom SSL certificate with trust mark such as Comodo, GoDaddy, the script must support it.
  • Scripts with additional features like you can find it one GPT site will be helpful to create additional income resources.
  • While PayPal ceased their services to PTC sites, the script must support other important payment options and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • There should not be any bugs in the PTC script. Choosing a Bug-free script depends on the experience of the seller.
  • One-touch payment processing with easy to integrate pre-installed payment options.

Importance of Choosing Paid Script over Free PTC Script:

People always want things for free. But, free isn’t always better. Here are the reasons you should go for the paid version of PTC scripts.

The free PTC scripts might have security holes and there are chances they might be programmed to access your sensitive data and so do the users.

You may need to address the bugs in the script after installation.

Since there will be no support, people without technical skills may not be able to set up the PTC site to make it to live to the users.

If the PTC site gets an error when it’s running, it might frustrate the users. If there’s support, they will fix it immediately. It might take several days to fix the problem even for the experienced one.

These are the major disadvantages of choosing the free PTC scripts. While there are several reasons available for not choosing the free version, let’s not discuss the negative one.

List of Best PTC scripts in the world:

1. UseTitan:

Usetitan ptc script

The most established PTC script in the world is developed by UseTitan that runs on Windows hosting. Their PTC Software is very reliable, highly secure, user-friendly, and their super support makes it one of the best PTC scripts in the market.

The best thing about UseTitan is, it’s a mobile responsive script, i.e. the members can earn money using any device connected to the internet.

The UseTitan software can be called more than a PTC script since it has got all the features of a PTC site and a GPT site. So, it can be called all in one GPT and PTC script.

In the case of Paid to click, UseTitan has the option to create & Manage campaigns for PTC advertising, traffic exchange, banner advertising, PTSU offers, etc.

Being a Get Paid to script, you may enjoy the support of adding OfferWalls of all the ad networks using iFrame code, add paid surveys & offers individually.

UseTitan also supports one-click sync of offers from major affiliate networks including Adscend Media, CPALead, OfferToro, ProLeads Media, AdGate Media, CPA-Grip, ChineseAN, Point click trail, Red Fire Network.

Also, they have the option for us to add affiliate networks that use software like HasOffers, Performa. The Unsupported ones can be added as the universal network where the offers can be maintained manually.

Unlike other PTC sites, UseTitan offers Lifetime support for their PTC script for free of cost. They answer questions within a day and the paid support is too available to get things fixed within hours.

UseTitan supports a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, Perfect Money, STP, Payeer, Neteller, Advcash, OkPay, Papara, M-Pesa. In the case of cryptocurrencies, they support CoinPayments, Coinbase, CoinGate, LocalBitcoins, and FaucetPay payments.

They offer customized services on request, including adding modules for the site, designs, for a cheap price.

Titan has got several addon modules such as site-based social network, e-commerce, exchange, Ad packs, Contest, Leaderboard, etc.

One great thing about Titan script is they release regular updates, fixing bugs and adding new features every month to make things better for the members and advertisers.

Once you make the payment, you will receive access to the PTC script immediately where you can install it yourself or get a cheap paid assistance from their support to get things ready within hours.

S. No Content Note
1. Framework ASP .NET
2. Recommended Hosting Windows Hosting
3. Mobile Responsive Yes
4. BTC Support Available
5. Cryptocurrencies ETH XRP +3
6. Affiliate Networks Supported
7. OfferWalls Supported
8. Revenue Sharing Available
9. Support Period Lifetime
10. Addons 30+
Get Script Get UseTitan

2. EvolutionScript:


EvolutionScript is the simple, flexible, and reliable PTC software developed by Evolution Script S.A.C.™. When it comes to PTC sites, 2/3 of the sites use Evolution script. One of the user favorites is Scarlet Clicks.

Evolution Script is highly customizable that even a person with basic code knowledge could customize their site.

The primary services offered by Evolution script as a PTC software are paid to click, text ads, link ads, login ads, banner ads, and PTSU offers.

Their script makes it very much easier for both the admin and advertisers to create & manage the ad campaigns.

Besides user-friendly functions, developers have implemented strong security features such as Anti-cheat systems, SSL integration, multiple captcha systems, etc.

Evolution script portrays their script as PTC cum GPT script. But unlike the Titan script, which is a multi-featured script, the EvolutionScript will be best for PTC sites and not the GPT sites.

Make use of add-on modules such as Grid, Contest, Offers, etc.

They support the following Gateways PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer. You can also set manual withdrawal for unsupported payment processors.

EvolutionScript license is available within the various time frame. Lifetime License is recommended.

S. No Content Note
1 Framework PHP
2 Recommended Hosting Linux Hosting
3 Mobile Responsive No
4 BTC Support Available
5 Cryptocurrencies N/A
6 Affiliate Networks Not Supported
7 OfferWalls Limited Functions
8 Revenue Sharing Available
9 Support 6 Months
10 Addons 5
Get Script Get Evolution

3. Other Best Scripts for PTC sites:

I highly recommend you to use any of these two scripts since they are established, highly secure and professional.

There are several cheap PTC scripts available on the market like Codecanyon, but it’s not wise to use those.

Do not use any Clone PTC scripts like Neobux clone, Clixsense clone, etc. since there are chances your important information such as payment access API, Crypto Keys might be compromised.

Even if you have to spend some extra bucks, you can make it within the shortest period of time making your PTC website wild using certain marketing techniques.

So, stay safe & secure and in addition enjoy bug-free scripts mentioned above.

Titian script vs Evolution Script – Which one to Choose?

PTC script

If you’re struggling to choose the best script for your new PTC site, here are the things that you might have to consider.

In the case, if you’re going to run a simple PTC site, then go for the EvolutionScript.

If in the case you’re looking to create an advanced site with affiliate offers, install OfferWalls and several other features besides PTC, go for Titan Script.

And remember if you’re also targeting mobile users, Titan script is the one you should consider, since the Evolution script is not mobile responsive.

Bitcoin-based PTC script:

If you’re looking for Bitcoin PTC script, you may go for Titan script since they have the option to change the entire site currency to BTC.

You may set ad rates and other features in BTC.

Similarly, they have addon, which allows you to pay for different cryptocurrencies of your choice.

Custom PTC site Script development:

Developing a custom PTC script is a great idea to make your site unique and trustable.

You need to invest a lot of money to develop a custom PTC script.

In addition, you must know each and everything about the PTC site to explain developers about your needs.

Final words:

If you’re going to start a PTC website, make sure that you have got enough money to start marketing.

You need to follow certain techniques to brand your PTC site before launching.

Allow user pre-registration and also announce some rewards initially to attract people.

You will make a huge profit within a few days of launch.

Starting the PTC site with free PTC script or PTC software with bugs is a complete waste of time.

Feel free to share your experience about PTC scripts listed or new PTC scripts in the comment section.

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