Pay per lead(PPL) affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to make money through blogs. Using PPL affiliate program, the bloggers can generate a lot of money compared to any other monetization techniques. Since it is a top revenue generating source which is prone to spam, the PPL networks will be very choosy when it comes to selecting the affiliates. Once the affiliate enters a pay per lead network, the good time starts. This article explains in detail about the pay per lead affiliate marketing and lists the top 10 best pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs & networks.


Pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs & networks

About pay per lead PPL affiliate marketing:

  • PPL affiliate program sometimes called as CPL(cost per lead) can be expanded as pay per lead affiliate program.
  • PPL affiliate marketing works like this – when a visitors clicks the affiliate link/banner in a blog, they will be redirected to the advertiser’s landing page. If the user signs up or enter email ID or complete an action under advertiser’s terms, it will be considered as a valid lead and the affiliate will be paid for the lead.
  • There are two types of PPL offers found on the Pay per lead affiliate networks. The SOI – single opt-in offers and the DOI – double opt-in offers.
  • In the SOI offers, a lead will be accepted when the visitor sign up on the advertiser’s site by entering true information. Usually, the conversion rates & EPC will be higher in the case of SOI PPL offers but the pay per lead will be less.
  • And in the case of DOI offers, the visitors must sign up on the advertiser’s site and also they have to verify the email address by clicking the verification link. The pay per lead of DOI offers will be higher compared to the SOI offers.
  • Apart from the DOI and SOI offers, there are other PPL programs such as CPA offers which pay only when a visitor completes a pre-defined action such as app installs, survey completion, review, watch a video etc.
How pay per lead affiliate program works:
  • Similar to the cost per sale affiliate networks, the pay per lead affiliate networks connect advertisers with the potential affiliates.
  • Advertisers pay the affiliates for generating leads for their company via affiliate networks. 
  • The affiliate network will list the offer of an advertiser along with the offers from other advertisers.
  • Each offer will have unique tracking tools and terms to help affiliates to promote the offers. Affiliate networks protect advertisers from spammers using ad fraud prevention technology. 
  • Advertisers pay fees to the affiliate networks for helping them to promote their service via affiliates and preventing invalid & low-quality leads/actions.
Essential requirements to become a pay per lead affiliate marketer:
  • Pay per lead affiliate networks accepts only high-quality experienced publishers with a branded blog. The pay per lead networks rarely hires small publishers.
  • Next to the CPC advertising, PPL affiliate networks are targeted by the affiliates to make money by cheating and generating fake leads. So, the pay per lead program will accept a publisher to enter their network only after multi-step verification. 
  • Before applying for an affiliate account on the PPL networks make sure you have a perfect blog with considerable organic traffic.
  • Almost all the PPL networks will expect you to provide the marketing plans. They will accept affiliates with stable marketing plans.
  • Use the custom email address to sign up on PPL affiliate networks.
  • PPL affiliate networks do not accept incentivized traffic to promote SOI & DOI offers. Incentivized traffic is allowed to promote CPA offers only.
Hope now you know what is PPL affiliate marketing. Here are some of the best PPL affiliate programs in the world.
Best pay per lead(PPL) affiliate networks:

1. Maxbounty:

  • Maxbounty is one of the best PPL affiliate networks in the world. Maxbounty is voted as the no:1 CPA affiliate network several times by the affiliates and advertisers on the survey(s) conducted in the past.
  • Maxbounty has a lot of PPL offers and CPA offers along with few CPS offers in the network on the categories including education, travel, Biz op, dating, downloads, automotive, e-commerce, gaming, business, health, insurance, loans, legal, holiday, survey, sweepstakes, free stuff, mobile apps etc.
  • Maxbounty boasts that they have highest paying offers when compared to their competitor network. And they really keep their promises.
  • Since the Maxbounty is a top network in the industry, they are very picky when it comes to hiring affiliates. 
  • Affiliates must have a high-quality blog, must be an experienced affiliate marketer in order to get approval.
  • Maxbounty accepts affiliates from all the countries. After sign up, the affiliate will receive a call from the affiliate manager. The affiliate must explain the marketing plans to the affiliate manager to get approval.
  • Maxbounty pay $1000 bonus to the publishers if they make $1000 within 3 months from the date of sign up.
Requirements – A website to become an affiliate, experience in affiliate marketing(optional).
Approval process – On call interview.


Best features – Huge selection of verticals, high PPL, Bonus.
Minimum payout – $100.


Payment method – PayPal, Check, Wire transfer, ACH, Bitcoin, Intercash.


Sign up Maxbounty.

2. Peerfly:

  • Peerfly is the best PPL affiliate program and it is rated as top affiliate network by the affiliates and advertisers similar to the Maxbounty.
  • Peerfly has tons of offers in over 30 verticals makes it one of the largest CPA affiliate network in the world. 
  • To become a publisher in Peerfly, the affiliate should undergo four-step verification process during the sign-up. Then after one of the affiliate managers will review your website and approve it under strict quality terms. This is done to ensure their advertisers only receive quality leads from the potential publishers.
  • Apart from CPA offers a lot of CPS offers are found in Peerfly.
Requirements – A website to become an affiliate or a Reward program to become a limited affiliate, brand.
Approval process – Four step verification, Manual site review.


Best features – Top network in the industry, the highest number of CPA offers.


Minimum payout – $50.


Payment method – PayPal, Postal Check, Wire transfer, Payoneer.


Sign up Peerfly.

3. Centerpoint media:

Centerpoint media
  • Centerpoint media is one of the best PPL affiliate program with tons of offers related to coupons, cashback, free giveaways, health & beauty products, lifestyle, insurance, development, magazines, shopping, market research, sweepstakes and more.
  • Centerpoint media works best for sites of limited categories such as food, cashback, rewarding sites, paid surveys, health products etc.
  • The CPA rate of Centerpoint media is high compared to the competitor network.
  • After signing up, an affiliate manager will contact the affiliates through email to known about their marketing plans. If they find the affiliate suit their network, the account will be approved.
  • The personal affiliate manager will assist you to choose the best performing offers for your blog.
Requirements – A quality marketing source, experience.
Approval process – Account approval by affiliate manager.


Best features – Personal account manager, high paying offers.

Minimum payout – $100.
Payment method – PayPal, ACH, Check.


Sign up Centerpoint Media.

4. G4Offers:

  • G4Offers is a Finance based PPL affiliate program with hundreds of offers related to Loans, payday loans, binary options, business etc. mainly concentrate on US, CA, AU, and EU market.
  • All the offers list on G4Offers are high paying. Financial offers pay up to $100 per qualified lead. 
  • There are several other verticals available on G4Offers other than Financial offers such as movie subscriptions, software, health & beauty, email submit, dating, legal, gaming, insurance, education, lottery, tax offers etc. 
  • The advantage of G4Offers is they accept search PPC traffic like Google Adwords, Bing ads and other types of third-party traffic like the banner ads, display, social media PPC, mobile ads, email etc.
  • To become an affiliate, you must fill a long form. You have to convince them by answering the questions such as “Why we should approve?”, “Revenue goal, “advertising budget”, “Marketing experience” etc.
  • After signing up, an affiliate manager will contact you through messenger or email or phone call once again before approving your account. 
Requirements – A website or a mobile app with targeted traffic, PPC advertising plans, previous experience as an affiliate.
Approval process – Account will be approved by affiliate manager.
Best features – Can promote offers through the different traffic source, offers are high paying, high EPC, personal account manager to assist.
Minimum payout – $100.
Payment method– Check, PayPal, Payoneer Mastercard, Direct deposits, PayQuicker, Wire Transfer.   
Sign up G4Offers.
5. Clickbooth:
  • In the recent years, Clickbooth has evolved as the no: 1 CPA affiliate network in the world.
  • Clickbooth is entirely unique affiliate network which has special tools which are capable of generating up to 40% higher returns on the traffic.
  • Clickbooth allows us to run a single campaign or run a customized group of offers by creating offer group.
  • Clickbooth says that almost 90% of offers are denied before the launch if they find the offer lack performance standard. Also, approved offers will be removed from the network if it does not perform. So, Clickbooth affiliates never have to worry about the performance of the offers.
  • Also, Clickbooth rewards experienced affiliate with Golden membership. To qualify for the gold program in order to enjoy premium services & access to exclusive top performing offers, the affiliate must submit their income proof at the end of the registration process.
  • Like other top networks, Clickbooth is very serious when it comes to quality. They pick affiliates who can perform well.
  • Clickbooth allows five types of offer promotion. They are display, search, contextual, social and survey. Each promotion method has set of offers which can be promoted as a single campaign or as an offer group.  
  • Clickbooth offers are available in over 30 verticals like health, beauty, fashion, legal, finance, travel, skin care, weight loss, insurance, jobs, apps, entertainment, deals & coupons, etc.
Requirements – Website, Traffic source, Explanation of marketing plans.
Approval process – Account level approval by the affiliate manager.
Best features – Offer group, Multiple promotion methods incl. PPC & Social media.
Minimum payout – $50.
Payment method – Check, Wire transfer and ACH.
Sign up Clickbooth.
6. Panthera Interactive Network:
Panthera netwrok
  • Panthera network is one of the top performance based affiliate program in the PPL affiliate marketing industry with tons of high paying offers.
  • Panthera network mainly concentrates on the Market research, Clinical trials, Paid survey, Coupons & free giveaways, survey routers, rewards, Mobile app Andriod & IOS, Mobile WAP, dating, entertainment, toolbars & downloads, finance, travel, gifts & more.
  • Once you become an affiliate in the Panthera network, a personal AM will be assigned who will assist you to choose the best offers that suit your traffic.
  • Since Panthera network verifies affiliate account thoroughly before approval, almost all the offers in the network will be ready to promote instantly while in other PPL networks the affiliate must be approved separately by the advertisers to promote their offers.
  • Panthera network rewards their affiliates with $150 if they make $1500 with 60 days from the date of sign up.
  • Panthera network allows monetizing incentivized traffic. The affiliate will have limited access to the offers.
Requirements – A website, Traffic source, experience.
Approval process – Account level approval by the affiliate manager.
Best features – Personal AM, high paying offers, bonus.
Minimum payout – $50.
Payment methods – PayPal, Check, Wire transfer, Direct deposit.
Sign up Panthera network.
7. ShareASale:
  • ShareASale is an all in one affiliate network with CPS, CPL, CPA, CPC campaigns. ShareASale is one of the popular affiliate programs and preferred by most of the affiliate.
  • While most of the ShareASale campaigns are the cost per sale offers, few best performing PPL offers are found on ShareASale.
  • In ShareASale, the offers are available on wide categories including SEO, web development & marketing tools, hosting, fashion, business, home & gardening, food & drink etc.
  • ShareASale accepts publishers of all sizes who fit their affiliate program. To become an affiliate, you must have a website in English, a custom domain is preferred. 
Requirements – Marketing plans, A website in English, custom email ID.
Approval process – One-time account approval and individual advertiser approval for offers.
Best features – Huge number of offers in the wide range of categories.
Minimum payout – $50.
Payment method – Postal Check, ACH, Direct deposit.
Sign up ShareASale.
8. AdWork Media:
AdWork Media
  • AdWork Media is a totally different type of performance based network that allows the affiliate to monetize their websites, games, apps, Software and more.
  • AdWork media is a typical CPA network which has the offers to monetize the international traffic while other networks prefer traffic from tier – 1 countries.
  • The categories of offers in AdWork Media is limited to downloads, Mobile PIN verification, e-mail submits, surveys & freebies, Android & IOS offers etc.
  • The content locking/product locking feature in the AdWork Media allows us to lock the premium content. The user will be allowed to access the premium content only after completing an offer. So for example, if you’re giving some free codes or a Software, you can ask the user to complete an offer in order to unlock the access.
  • AdWork Media allows us to browse the offers of different categories. The EPC mentioned for each offer helps us to select the best performing offers for monetizing our blog traffic.
  • A personal affiliate manager will be assigned after the approval. The AM will be available anytime to assist the affiliates.
  • During the sign-up, the affiliates must explain their marketing plans & promotion methods to get the account approved. 
Requirements – A website or mobile app or rewarding program for monetizing incentivized traffic.
Approval process – Account approval by the affiliate manager.
Best features – Content/product locker, offers to monetize international traffic, personal AM to assist.
Minimum payout – $35.
Payment methods – PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Check and ACH direct deposit. 
Sign up AdWork Media.
9. CPAlead:
  • CPAlead is the most innovative CPA, CPI & CPC advertising network that provides CPA lead generation offers, PPC banner ads, PPC interstitial ads, pop-under ads, Mobile app installs etc.
  • CPAlead works with the top advertisers in the industry to provide best CPA rates as possible. 
  • Like AdWork Media, CPAlead has tons of offers to monetize international traffic. 
  • CPAlead is the only performance-based affiliate network allows us to automatically monetize the traffic using the banner ads, pop-under, interstitial ads which display the best performing offers according to the geo-location.
  • CPA lead also allows us to create a custom campaign using pre-defined HTML and CSS codes. This helps the affiliates to do AB testing to find out the best performing offers to monetize the traffic.
  • Apart from the standard advertising tools, CPAlead has content/product lockers, offers walls to monetize the traffic.
  • Unlike the content lockers of other CPA networks, the CPAlead content locker is highly customizable. Affiliate can change the text appearance, content and total theme of the landing page to improve the conversion rates.
  • The best part in CPAlead is affiliate will be automatically approved to enter their network without manual review. But, policy violation can lead to account ban.
Requirements – Offer promotion source, valid mobile phone number.
Approval process – Instant approval.
Best features – Content locker, Banner ad, Pop-under, interstitial ads, international offers, highest eCPM.
Minimum payout – $25.
Payment method – PayPal, Bitcoin, Check, Wire transfer, Payoneer, Direct deposit(ACH).
Sign up CPAlead.

10. Adscend Media:


  • Adscend Media is a best CPA affiliate network allows us to monetize various traffic source. The mobile locker ad will help us to earn up to $5 per lead.
  • Adscend Media is almost similar to AdWork Media and CPAlead and all the features are almost the same on Adscend Media.
  • Offers are available in categories like Android & IOS app installs, email subscriptions, surveys, shopping, videos, free trials, signups, video etc.
  • The video locker in Adscend Media allows us to lock the content where the visitors have to watch an app trailer before they can get full access to the content. When the user installs the app, the affiliate will be paid up to $5 per install. The affiliates can also lock the outgoing link where the visitor should watch a video before they can reach the external page.
  • Other than video locker, the affiliate can promote the offers directly using the links & banners. Use content locker to make the to perform the action.
  • The Adscend Media offer wall can be integrated with the rewarding programs to make money on CPA basis.
  • Adscend Media only approves selected publishers with the marketing plan. So fill the exact marketing plans and how will you use their solution to get approval. 
  • A personal affiliate manager will be assigned to the affiliate for the assistance. Regular newsletters will be sent to the affiliates with offer updates.
Requirements – Website(s) or mobile apps, Marketing plans.
Approval process – Account approval by the affiliate manager.
Best features – Video locker, Content locker, app locker, link locker.
Minimum payout – $50 & varies.
Payment methods – PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, ACH.

Sign up Adscend Media.

11. WOW Trk:

  • WOW Trk is a fastest growing pay per lead affiliate program with around one thousand offers to promote.
  • Advertisers from over 20+ verticals advertise their products and services on WOW Trk. Offers are found in categories like Finance, Insurance, health & beauty, dating, Biz op, surveys, Telcom, Downloads & Toolbars, Gambling, Gaming, incentive offers, Binary option, Forex, Prize draw, trials etc.
  • WOW Trk accepts publishers of all sizes. WOW Trk is one of the best pay per lead affiliate programs for the baby affiliates to get into the PPL affiliate market.
  • There is no account level approval process required to join WOW Trk. The affiliate must have a valid mobile phone number to join this network. Still, the affiliate must get advertiser level approval in order to run offers.
  • WOW Trk accepts various traffic sources other than organic traffic such as Media buying, Email marketing, SMS marketing, PPC/PPV, Incentive traffic, Social media traffic, third party affiliate network traffic.
Requirements – Primary promotion method, traffic source.
Approval process – Instant account approval, Offer approval by the advertisers.
Best features – Personal AM, Best PPL offers, Offers in local currency.
Minimum payout – £25.
Payment method – PayPal, Check, Direct deposit, Wire Transfer.
Sign up – WOW Trk.

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