Points2Shop Review – Legit Rewarding Program to Earn Money

Points2Shop is one of the largest online reward programs with 6 million users making use of their program to earn money and save money online. You can earn points by filling out surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games or complete other tasks, and redeem those points for any free reward. Points2shop money app is currently available for Android and iPhone users. You can earn cash rewards and gifts by just touching your smartphone in no time.

Points2Shop review

About Points2Shop:

Points2Shop is one of the unique rewarding sites that started in 2007 making it one of the oldest GPT sites in the world. While the Point2Shop has significant features that match other rewarding sites, they do have unique offers and way of handling their members.

This makes the Points2Shop a must try rewarding site like Ysense, Swagbucks, Get-Paid. It’s not the place with tons of survey opportunities like YouGov, Toluna, but a decent spot for the internet users from tier -1 countries to make money to pay bills and win various gifts.

How to Register on Points2Shop:

Sign up - Points2Shop
  • You can sign up on Points2Shop in two ways, either by e-mail or through Facebook. Points 2 Shop rewards you with 250 points for signing up as the bonus.
  • Click here to join points 2 Shop.
  • Choose a username and password of your desire and enter your valid e-mail ID.
  • Once you click register, you will get an e-mail to your inbox as shown below.
Click the link to activate your new Points2Shop account
  • To activate your account, you should either click the verification link or enter the activation code in the box as shown below.
Enter your verification code and click verify your account on points 2 shop
  • If you sign up with your Facebook account. Your registration process will complete with just one click.
How to complete the Points2Shop Profile
  • After completing the registration process, you will be asked to complete your profile. Enter the correct address as you will receive your payments through check.
  • By completing your profile, you can get survey invitations that are relevant to your interest.

Points2Shop Review:

How to Earn Money on Points2Shop:

  • Once you log in to your account, click the visit page & complete the opportunity to see the best possible way to earn money in your country. Offers and tasks will vary according to your country you reside in.
View your best opportunity available for your Points2Shop account
  • Now the best offers available for you will be displayed, as shown below. They are displayed in categories in order to ease your work.
Offers provided by points 2 shop to earn points
  • From all the categories, few offers are selected and displayed as most popular in your country. Try to concentrate on those.
Available offers getting on Points 2 shop
  • You will get offers as shown above. Each task is displayed in a separate and you can see the points awarded for each offer along with it.
  • Click the offer and complete it to earn points. It will be best if you work on your mobile phone. Because completing offers will be pretty easier.
  • For example, if an offer wants you to download a survey app from your mobile phone, it will be much easier if you directly work on a mobile phone since you cannot complete these offers from a PC/laptop.
  • Complete the offer by installing the app, earn points. However, you can choose to delete those apps in one or two days.
  • Similarly, you will get other task like visiting websites, you can earn points by visiting other websites.
  • The other best way to earn cash and points is by participating in surveys(Learn what is online survey jobs?). You can earn more points by participating in a survey than completing offers on OfferWalls.
  • You can also earn points by watching videos, playing games, etc.
  • After accumulating enough points, you can choose to redeem it to cash or e-gift cards. Various payment methods available on Points2Shop are listed below.

Points2Shop Gaming:

  • Points2Shop has a unique gaming section where you can earn money by playing gaming tournaments.
  • Play online games like Racing, Solitaire, Olingo bunk, Springo Bingo, to earn points.
  • Compete against other Points2Shop members and in-game members and win rewards upon victory.

Points2Shop Mobile App:

Points 2 shop app for Android and iPhone users
Earn with Points2Shop Mobile app
  • Using your phone, you can complete your offers and micro tasks within a few minutes. This is one of the best ways to earn points on Points2Shop.
  • The mobile app download link will be available on the P2P dashboard.

Points2Shop Referral Program:

  • Points2Shop rewards cash for referring people to their site. You can earn up to $3 for referring to each member and a 15% lifetime commission.
  • Points 2 cash provides an easy way to refer your friends as shown below.
Various referring/promotion methods provided by points 2 shop
  • There are three different methods to refer new members to Points2Shop. a) Through e-mail. Click the g-mail or Yahoo to import all your contacts and enter the message you want to say and click the invite button. Now the mail will be sent to all your friends and clients in your contact list. If they sign up through your e-mail link, you will be rewarded.
  • b). The second method is by sharing about points 2 cash in social networks. Click the Facebook icon or Twitter icon to share. If someone registers through your link, you will be rewarded with cash.
  • c). You can refer people by promoting links and banners through your own blog(s).

Points2Shop Withdrawal Methods:

How to withdraw your earnings on Points2Shop
  • Points 2 shop provides four ways to withdraw your earnings.
  • Paypal – You can withdraw your earnings through Paypal payment processor. The minimum payout is $1.
  • Global virtual visa® reward – You can withdraw your earnings through your visa card. The minimum payout is $5.
  • Check – You can receive your earnings through check. It will be delivered to your primary address. The minimum cash out is $5.
  • Amazon.com gift card – You can redeem your points to get an Amazon gift card. You can use this when you shop online.
  • If you withdraw your money through Paypal or visa, you will be charged (withdrawal fee). For Check withdrawal, there are no withdrawal fees.

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