Online Jobs in India Without Investment to Earn from Home

Online jobs in India – India is one of the most populated countries in the world. The percentage of graduates is going on increasing every year and many people are jobless and many are doing jobs which are irrelevant to their profile. Similarly, people earn very little working hard day & night. With less salary, it is hard to maintain the family and all the eligible family members should work to fulfill their needs.

Without depending on the work for income, you can create an income source by doing online business in India with zero investment. The internet is filled with a lot of opportunities and as a freelancer, housewife, student, unemployed, business starter, one can do online jobs in India from home to earn money without investment to create additional income. This article will help you find free online jobs in India to work from home without investing money and paying no registration fees.

Online jobs in India to earn money from home without investment

About Online Jobs to Earn Money from Home in India:

  • The internet is an open source where anyone can do anything. The same applies to online jobs. Anyone can work online from home to earn money.
  • There are different online jobs in India, from the easy one to the hardest one. When it comes to working online, you can earn a lot of money by doing the easiest work. The thing is how to carefully choose the online work in India, which is reliable.
  • Since online jobs are available in different categories, you can work on multiple online sites that pay in India to make more money.
  • Online jobs can be done anywhere by anyone, including work from home moms, stay at home working housewives. One can do online jobs sitting at home, school, college, workplace and even while traveling using the mobile phone.
  • We can classify online jobs into two types that will generate passive income and active income. Passive income means you get money even if you don’t work all the time. Active income means you get paid only if you actively work.
  • Generating passive income is a hard job, and you cannot make money from day one. It is almost like a business where you have to work each day to build the business. After a few months, you will earn money even if you work for one or two days per week.

Few Basic Requirements to do Online Jobs from Home in India:

  • To earn money on the Internet by doing online jobs in India, you must have a PC connected to the internet.
  • Few mobile apps pay money for completing tasks in India. In such a case, you need a smartphone.
  • You don’t have to pay any registration fees to make money online from India by working on the online job providing sites. However, if you wish to start your own online business, you need to invest some money.
  • If you have dreams of making money by starting a business, you have a splendid chance to do it online at zero investment, while starting a local business requires rupees in Lakhs.
  • You need a bank account to withdraw money from the online job sites. Mostly starters use payment processors to withdraw money. I recommend you to create an account on PayPal India, Payoneer India.

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Online Jobs in India From Home to Earn Without Investment:

These are some of the best online jobs to earn money from home in India without investment. Pick a few that should suit your requirements and skills to make money.

1. Online Survey Jobs in India:

  • The online survey jobs in India allow us to earn money and gift cards online in the easiest way. You can even take surveys using mobile phone.
  • Online surveys are conducted to get the opinion from the targeted group of people and the research data will be used for their analysis and development.
  • The online survey will have a set of questions with more answers to choose from. You have to read the questions carefully and choose the best answer. On successful completion, you will be rewarded with real money.
  • Usually, the online survey sites pay ₹50 to ₹150 for completing a survey, and a few premium surveys can help you earn up to ₹500 within 30 minutes.
  • The duration for taking surveys can vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes based on the surveys.
  • Surveys are conducted on various topics like food, travel, places, politics, sports, computers, smartphones, information technology, drinks, grooming products, fashion, cars, bikes, etc.
  • Here is an example of an online survey for you to understand. The image given below is a paid survey about mobile phones. A set of questions about mobile phones were asked, which took about 12 minutes to complete and they paid ₹74 for completing this online survey.
Online Survey Jobs in India to Earn Money


  • The Smartphone’s name is Xperia which belongs to the brand Sony. Sony must be selected and similarly, for the Galaxy, Samsung must be selected. This survey is conducted to research the brand awareness.
Sample surveys about cool drinks for money in India
  • The image given is an example of surveys about cool drinks. A cool drinks brand conducted this survey to research the brand awareness and their market among the general consumers. The pay for this survey was ₹94.
  • Now you know what is the online survey and it can help you earn a lot of money within a short time. The problem is you will get only a few survey invitations if you join a panel. I advise you to join more than one survey panel to earn more money.
  • By taking 5 – 10 surveys per day, you can earn at least ₹500 per day by spending 2 – 3 hours. The money earned by completing the surveys will be stored in the panel account which can be later redeemed for cash that will be paid through PayPal, check or bank transfer and also the money can be redeemed for gift cards of Indian brands like Paytm cash,, Flipkart, Jabong, India shopping, Domino, Myntra, Payoneer, etc.
  • I listed the best survey sites in India below. Join all the sites to make more money as one site will send only two to three survey invitations per day.

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2. Data Entry Jobs in India:

  • The online data entry jobs in India are the most targeted. The data entry jobs do not require any major qualifications to do and this is the reason why many want to do data entry jobs.
  • There are different data entry jobs available in India, like document typing, document format conversion, image decryption, data processing jobs, transcription jobs, etc.
  • We should approach the data entry jobs with caution, as many spammers target the people who are searching for data entry jobs to inject malware, steal details, etc.
  • Never trust the sites that collect registration fees to do online data entry jobs. Mostly, the trusted online job sites that provide online data entry jobs in India will not collect any registration fees.
  • If you want to get hired by the clients who post data entry jobs, learn all the techniques of the basic software like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. Click the link given below to learn how to find reliable data entry jobs in India.

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In addition, Data entry jobs using a mobile phone.

3. Ad Clicking Jobs in India:

  • The ad clicking jobs are the easiest job ever that can be done to earn money online without skills.
  • The paid to click sites are the online incentivized advertising sites that purposefully pay for watching the ads of advertisers.
  • The PTC sites are the place where the advertisers advertise their products & services. People like you are the members of the PTC sites who work to earn money.
  • Advertisers advertise to generate leads and sales. Mostly the advertisements on the paid to click sites will be target MMO products and services.
  • When the members watch the ads, there are chances to get converted, hence advertisers make a profit. Members make the profit by watching ads and the paid to click make the profit by organizing this process.
  • PTC industry runs successfully by this balanced ecosystem. The other feature that is a success for this industry is the referral program.
  • The referral program is a type of affiliate marketing where the referrer will be paid a commission when he refers to the new members to the PTC sites.
  • The earnings of a referrer highly depend on the number of referrals in his downline. The other important thing is the referrals must be active to continuously earn commissions from their activities. Click the link given below to find the best PTC sites to earn money by viewing ads.

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4. Earn Bitcoin in India:

Earn Bitcoin Online

  • Bitcoin has become very familiar nowadays. Bitcoin is the digital currency that has a certain market value similar to the real currencies like USD and INR.
  • The Bitcoin is the currency with the highest value and the rate equivalent to the USD is volatile.
  • Earning Bitcoins in India is very easy and there are different methods available to earn bitcoins on the internet. Bitcoin faucets, Bitcoin mining, are some of the most familiar ways to earn bitcoins online.
  • Nowadays we can sell Bitcoin in India easily using smartphone apps like Zebpay. Since bitcoin value changes often, we can trade bitcoin to make big profits. The links given below will be helpful for you to learn more about bitcoins.

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5. Micro Jobs to Earn Money in India:

  • Micro jobs are the simplest online jobs to earn money by doing certain tasks that require human intelligence more than artificial intelligence.
  • For example, we can read the image easily while the computers cannot read what’s given on the image as we humans.
  • So, tasks like such can be done accurately only by humans.
  • These are created as micro jobs which are a kind of tiny tasks. On completing such tasks, you can earn money.
  • Based on the tasks, you can earn 10 to 1000 per task on average and sometimes even more with higher-level complex tasks.
  • Micro jobs are available in abundant nowadays since companies now crowdsource their tasks to the companies like Figure-Eight, mTurk, to get their job done through freelancers.

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6. Online Freelance Jobs in India:

  • The online freelance jobs are scam free online jobs for skilled people. If you have got an excellent set of skills in something, you can work as a freelancer or start an online business to earn money in India.
  • There are a lot of freelance sites that provide online part-time jobs in India. Freelancing will help you earn money part-time without affecting the regular job.
  • Working for potential clients online requires an impressive portfolio in the specific field. If you’re the one with zero skills, you can develop your skills in some field and start your own online freelance business in India.
  • These are some of the most trending freelance jobs in India, online accounts, animation, Photoshop, video creation, online personal training, web development business, search engine optimization business, research & development, content writing, PPC campaigns, web design, voiceovers, audio editing, financial advisor, logo creation, video editing, app creation, error analyzing, etc. Make use of Fiverr to become a seller at your own time.
  • If you have got an idea to do freelance jobs, it might take someday for you as a beginner to sustain in the field because of heavy competition. Click the link given below to learn more.

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7. Start a YouTube channel to make money in India:

  • If you wish to earn money online in India by doing something different, then starting a YouTube channel is the best way.
  • YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform and anyone can share their videos to get viewed by others.
  • At the same time, many love YouTube because they can make money from the videos they post. Any videos that comply with content and community guidelines are eligible to make money through their partner program.
  • Unlike the money-making ideas given above, creating videos for the own channel will be very interesting and enjoyable. You will make money from YouTube if you create and upload videos about anything which you love.
  • For example, people start channels to upload fun videos, thrill videos, tutorials, cooking videos, screen recording tutorials, products & service reviews, movie reviews, brand videos, nature videos, trekking videos, videos of trains, cars, airplanes, etc to make money.
  • The primary rule with YouTube is, nobody should copy other videos, images, music, etc. YouTube is very strict about copyright policy. Click the link given below to learn how to start a YouTube channel from scratch, how to create YouTube videos easily, and different ways to earn money through YouTube in India.
  • Making money on YouTube is not like earning money by watching videos.

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8. Affiliate Marketing in India:

  • Affiliate marketing is the advanced money-making program that can help you earn more money in India.
  • Affiliate marketing is tough and requires skill to target the potential customers of a certain category.
  • Affiliate marketers earn a lot of money by clearly creating a strategy by marketing through different traffic sources.
  • Most of the top affiliate marketers through affiliate networks prefer website marketing, email marketing to promote the affiliate offers and few use YouTube to generate leads and sales using their video skills.
  • Affiliate marketing is a long term online business and there are more opportunities in India to earn money by sitting at home part-time.

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9. Get paid to Program:

  • Get paid to programs is not a great option for making money online. But, it can help you make a small amount of money by doing simple tasks.
  • Get paid to programs are the online rewarding sites that pay a little reward to the members for completing simple tasks like app installs, watching videos, playing games for money, doing micro jobs, surveys, signing up for trials, getting paid for listening to music, etc. The GPT sites will also help you save money by shopping online with discounts.
  • Each GPT site will have the best referral program. By referring friends to the GPT site(s), you can earn money by doing no tasks.
  • For example, if you refer 10 friends to a GPT site where each earns $5 on average per day. You will earn up to 50% of the referral commission from GPT sites. For instance, if a GPT site pays a 20% referral, you will earn $10 from 10 referrals daily.
  • If you haven’t got an idea about referring people, you can follow this guide on how to make more referrals to create passive income.
  • Many freelancers make a lot of money doing nothing and just by referring people to the GPT sites.

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Final Words on Making Money in India:

These are the best online jobs in India to earn money from home without investment. The monthly earnings depend on which job you choose and your talent. Each job listed here will lead to another page where you can learn about that online job in detail. You can choose the jobs that fit your interest to make money. If you are still looking for more ways to make money online in India, then you can find them by clicking this link – 15 ways to make money online from home.

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