OhmConnect Review: Earn Money by Saving Energy

The Ohmconnect is a program that has been started to save electricity and protect the environment from dirty power plants from the excess power generation process. We can use the Ohmconnect to reduce energy consumption and earn rewards for saving electricity. Many users use Ohmconnect to earn money just by linking to it for free.

This article is the Ohmconnect review where it explains the ways to save money & earn money in the simplest ways. Using Ohm Connect, you can earn from $100 – $300 per year doing nothing like you can do it by installing money software.

Ohmconnect Review

OhmConnect Review:

How OhmConnect Works:

  • When you signup for Ohm Connect, they will approve your account after completing a short form which will ask for the Zipcode and utility information.
  • Once approved, connect the smart meter and other smart utilities to the Ohm Connect.
  • The Ohm Connect does not pay you all the time for using their program. Instead, they pay only at the Ohmhours event.
  • The Ohmhour(s) is the time you can earn money by participating in the program.
  • The #Ohmhours is the time when people use more energy than expected. To compensate for the excess energy consumption, we should turn the power plant grid on which called the dirty energy source by the Ohmconnect.
  • The Ohmhours will be notified by the Ohmconnect users through SMS and the email. The users can take part in the event to save electricity and earn money at the same time.
  • Usually, the Ohmhours occur once or twice per week at peak time.
  • When the members are notified of the Ohmhours, the members should switch off the unnecessary power consuming utilities.
  • The Ohmconnet will automatically receive the stream of the meter data. The Ohmconnect will use the data to measure the power consumption during the event and the regular power consumption.
  • The points will be added to the account, which can be cashed out later.

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Join a team to earn money and to win badges:

  • By working as a team, Ohm Connect users can earn more points. Donate to an entity of choice.
  • The team members can win badges by working together. I can redeem the badges for rewards.
  • Teamwork can save more energy, help the green world and create awareness.
  • Making a team is really beneficial in all aspects. It’s more than money where you do a good deed indirectly to nature by eliminating electricity producti0n wastes and nation to improve its economy.

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Eligibility to join OhmConnect:

  • Anyone from the USA and Canada can join the Ohm Connect. However, currently, members from California, the US, and Toronto, CA, can earn rewards. This reward program might be extended to users from other areas soon.
  • The energy provided by the PG&E and SDG&E is eligible to take part in the event.
  • The users must sign the CISR form to allow Ohmconnect to authorize the meter data.

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Ohm Referral Program:

  • The Ohmconnect members can earn up to $75 by referring new users to Ohmconnect.
  • When the referrals get higher status, you get more rewards.
  • If you’re new to referral programs, you can learn more about how-to refer friends to Ohm connect. Also, check out the best Get paid to refer programs.

Other information about Ohmconnect:

  • The Ohm Connect users can cash out anytime when their account has a minimum of 1000 points.
  • The Ohm Connect members can connect to their smart hardware other than the mobile phone.
  • The Ohmhours event will be available for one to two days a week.

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Sign up today – Ohm Connect.

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