No-minimum payout is called so, because you can withdraw your earnings immediately after clicking one paid e-mail that pays you just $0.01 or even less. This makes it one of the trusted PTR site. The primary earning comes from reading e-mails and you can also earn money through paid to click ads, paid to promote, PTSU etc. | Paid to read e-mails


  • Registration link –
  • Click the link given above to join and follow the instructions. Enter your e-mail ID at the end and continue.


Take a look at this before signup |
  • Once you click continue, go to your e-mail inbox and click the link that takes you to the registration page as shown below.


Click here to enlarge | registration form
  • Choose your desired username and select “send e-mails to both site inbox & e-mail” to receive paid to your primary e-mail Inbox.
  • Fill your personal information including residence.
  • You should choose your area of interest to make them know in which category you would like to receive paid mails. You can select up to 12 categories.
  • Choose you payment methods and enter your payment processor ID.
  • Choose the password of your desire and click sign up to complete registration.
1. E-mail reading task or paid to read e-mails:
Paid e-mail that will be sent to your primary e-mail inbox
  • The primary earning method in is paid to read e-mail, which will be directly sent to e-mail inbox or you can directly see it in your account inbox. They pay you for reading e-mail that is sent to your inbox.
  • As said in the registration procedure you will only receive the paid e-mail to your primary mailbox only if you choose both “site inbox & e-mail”.
  • The paid e-mail will be like the image shown above. There will be several links as shown but only one link will pay you if you click that is indicated and listed under –Paid ad–. Don’t click other ads because there is no use as you will be paid for clicking those links.
Stay in the page for 10 seconds to get paid |
  • Once you click the link displayed under paid ad, the ad will load in a new page and you should stay in the page for 10 seconds to get paid.
Confirmation message asking you to close the page
  • After 10 seconds you will get a confirmation message that your account has been credited. You can close the page now.
2. Paid to click:
  • Paid e-mails are sent only few times a day. If you wish to earn more click the ads available under paid to click.
  • A series of ads will be displayed. Just click on the ad and follow the same procedure as given above to get paid.
3. Paid to promote:
  • You can earn by promoting in the sites they have listed.
  • This is just like ad posting, paste your link in the approved sites and you will get a considerable amount for CPM.

4. Paid to signup(PTSU):

PTSU offers |
  • Paid to signup is a pretty familiar one in the get paid to websites. 
  • An example of PTSU offer is given above. Just follow the instructions and after completion paste the confirmation code in the given box as shown above to get paid.
  • Referral is one of the most important one here, because if you refer people your earning will increase gradually. At one point you will earn 1000 times more than your private earnings.
  • The best thing in is they pay for up to 6 level referral with 5% 4% 3% 2% 1% 1% i.e. you will be paid 10% commission form direct referral’s earnings, 5% commission from direct referral’s referral earnings and so on…..
  • So after referring 10 people you can just wait for your referrals to refer more people. This is the best part of this site because referring is not head ache.
  • Its not very tough for even uneducated people to refer just 10 people.
  • If each level referrals including you have 10 referrals, you will have 11,11,110(1.1 million/11 lakhs) downline. If everyone works your earnings will be more than $5000 a month.
  • If you achieve at least 1/4th of this you can surely make $1000 per month. All you need is some interest with hard work.
  • Many people used to blame these sites because they con’t earn more. But if you really work hard at one stage you don’t even have to go to your primary work.
  • This will not happen immediately. Try for a month or more, you can surely make more than 10 direct referrals. And remember every referral will not make 10 referral and everyone won’t stop just with 10 referrals, so don’t overestimate and except for 100% result or underestimate and give up. Just hope for 10% you will achieve 30% or more.
  • Useful link – 10 ways to make more referrals.


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Your earnings will be processed through anyone of this payment processor
  • You can withdraw your earinigs through anyone of these payment processor Paypal, Okpay, Payza, Solid trust pay, Perfect money or Sensipay.
  • The minimum payout for Paypal is $1. You can refer the minimum payout for each payment processor in the above table.
To join click

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