Brand New Business tool to Enhance Employment – Neuvoo a Canadian Job Aggregator

Life has been busy with many chaoses; students busy with studies, employees with their jobs, businessmen to develop his business more, job seekers in search of job across all job portals. Neuvoo provides a new opportunity for people who look for offers.

Neuvoo - Canadian Job aggregator

Not every person’s task is simple, one finds the others work simpler but it is equally challenging in their respective fields. When I was a kid I was always fascinated to grow big to just feel so independent and avoid all the orders, instructions from my elders but as I was growing things appeared to be even more complex than before then I realized every moment in our lives are challenging n it’s even more challenging when we go further.

Life seemed very plain and easy when we had a very regular happy life like I say going to school, sharing lunch, gossips with friends, waiting for the PT class and hoping maths teacher would be absent. It all seemed to be very beautiful times a simple bicycle ride with a friend on Sunday. Watching TV only for some time and being outdoor was more fun then but now a day it’s not the same. We are bound with technology and the greatest innovations around. Yes!! We have fast-forwarded our lives with fancy gadgets and more reliable resources which not just made our lives more compatible but also time-saving. It’s Time is Money period.

We are in the century where intelligence is evaluated basis one’s income and the fancy life one leads. So why do we just go back with the traditions, it’s the time to run with the system molding to our needs and requirement, Everything and anything is possible with all the resources available.

It’s the competitive world and people just don’t leave any opportunity that comes in their way, we have many platforms where one can present themselves in the creative way possible. In a simple terms when we have to apply for a job we had a huge competition, it was a ratio of 1:100, so chances were bleak and the jobs knocks only to that candidate with only great percentage, those were the days where grades were only the source to judge anyone’s skills, applications replaced with Resumes n Curriculum vitae and now we have campus placements where skills are not just judged by grades but with inter-intrapersonal skills, PR skills, and extra-curricular activities, for all the existing job holders LinkedIn is a great source to search for the talent, companies pick their required talent out of pool of talents, it’s the great tools for all every kind of management

Job portals are the blessings for the job seekers, where its portals to the companies and uploads the job positions on their website which makes the jobseekers task even simpler to just get their job in a click away. There are many portals,, click jobs, to name a few. These portals have incredibly captured the jobs from every corner of India from small scale industries to MNCs. We have also come up with the portals exclusively for freshers, not many are lucky to get placed via campus placements. We are blessed with the most advanced features with every portal which fills the gap and builds the bridge between employer and employee.


Thank you to the researchers, critics and highly innovative minds for all the great inventions we are given, one such boon is again an evolution “Neuvoo”. Yes, Neuvoo brings an exclusive feature to search for all the jobs across the globe. Neuvoo is an international company born in Canada, an international job aggregator that indexes all jobs from various online sources and adds them for free for the respective countries. Neuvoo exists in 62 countries so far. So Neuvoo’s search is as simple as any job portal search, but here we can get all the job listings that are available in the location one is looking for.

This tool helps the job seekers to explore all the job opportunities across India and other countries too, the back end team validates the job and it makes the task simpler to get only the available jobs for the job seekers. As mentioned Neuvoo has made its presence in 63 countries so far and still counting. Neuvoo is taken off in Canada in 2012.

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