MyPoints Review – It’s More Like Saving than Earning Money

MyPoints is one of the well-known websites in North America where thousands of users enjoy the benefits of making extra money. While most of the rewarding sites will be based on earning money, MyPoints is different where you can earn money and more than earning money, you could save a lot of money in your wallet following simple steps. The MyPoints review will be helpful to you to find how to make use of it reliable.

MyPoints review

About MyPoints:

MyPoints is the product of Prodege LLC, an online company with a best-in-class marketing, and data & insight solutions.

Started in 1996, they primarily operate in the regions of the USA and Canadian Provinces.

MyPoints is assisted by the sites of Prodege, which include Swagbucks, Ysense, and InboxDollars.

While these sites primarily operated to help the internet users to earn money online by completing tasks and offers, MyPoints operate a bit differently with the primary focus on saving money.

Primary Operations of MyPoints:

MyPoints have partnered with over 2000 top retailers and popular brands to generate opportunities for its users to save money while shopping.

Apart from saving money, they do have the option to explore deals and brands in nearby locations. Check out the deals and coupons to save more while you shop.

Besides saving money features, they have options to earn money by completing tasks and offers, which are explained in detail below.

MyPoints Review:

Here is the list of ways to make use of MyPoints to earn and save money:

Save Money With MyPoints:

1. MyPoints Cashback:

Get cashback when you shop via MyPoints account. For every dollar spent, they pay up to 30 points as cashback that can be redeemed for cash rewards and gift cards from various brands.

Shop in hundreds of retailers and online e-commerce sites like Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart,, Bestbuy, Groupon, Expedia, eBay, The Home Depot, Starbucks, etc.

To earn points while shopping, all you have to do is search for the brand MyPoints where you will be purchasing.

Then, follow the offers link that will redirect you to the brand website(s) you chose.

Complete the purchase!

MyPoints will automatically track your purchase and add the Points to the account.

This work is as simple as one-touch access to free money for spending an extra minute on MyPoints.

2. MyPoints Coupons Codes:

MyPoints Coupon Codes

Save money with deals available, on MyPoints with the coupon codes.

While in the case of availing the cashback on the retailers online, it’s easy as clicking the link. People get additional offer codes to earn exclusive cashback besides regular cashback by exploring the coupon codes section.

Find thousands of coupon codes waiting for you on MyPoints coupon codes in the coupons codes sections.

Coupon codes of top electronics brands like Lenovo, Dell Technologies,

Get the coupons codes to get discounts for ticket bookings on Ticketmaster, exclusive coupon codes to save money on millions of electronics and peripherals,

MyPoints coupon codes to save hundreds of dollars on beauty products in brand stores.

Thousands of more offers and coupons codes to explore on MyPoints for the cashback lovers.

3. Print Grocery Coupons on MyPoints:

MyPoints Grocery coupons

Earn up to 25 points for each coupon you redeem at your grocery store.

Also, earn 1 point for printing a coupon at MyPoints with the limit of 500 coupons per month.

Save a minimum of $100, making use of the Grocery coupons available at MyPoints.

To avail the offer, click coupon & print the coupon, use coupons when you go shopping, get cashback and points.

4. MyPoints Travel Deals:

MyPoints travel deals

Get 5 points for every dollar spent on

Exclusive offers on the Airline partner, including AirFrance, the Hawian Airlines, CheapOair, and more.

Earn a few points for every dollar spent on the car rentals while on travel.

Besides, general travel offers are available for brand spending. There are exclusive offers posted for hotels where you can save up to 50%.

Earn Money with MyPoints:

While you would have got an idea on how to save money with the help of MyPoints features, here are the simple ways to earn money on MyPoints to add some extra points to the account balance for the faster redemption.

1. Take Surveys on MyPoints for Money:

If you’re unaware of paid surveys, you can check out the exclusive article on the basics of paid surveys.

Like Swagbucks and Ysense, MyPoints is the home to hundreds of survey offers powered by various research panels.

With exclusive partnerships with Market Research programs, MyPoints could offer surveys that pay up to $50.

On average, it can range from a US Dollar in most cases to few dollars depending on the length and category of the surveys.

A significant number of users compliant about frequent survey screenouts on MyPoints. So, if you face frequent screenouts, go for some of the exclusive survey panels.

Answer the profile surveys regularly when available to earn 30 points.

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2. Add Points by Watching Videos:

Get paid to watch videos on MyPoints.

Not a great deal, but just entertainment with few points like grace mark.

3. Make Points with Gaming Deals:

MyPoints money games

Get exclusive offers on online gaming sites that are partnered with MyPoints to collect points.

Apart from partner gaming deals, find the games that pay points.

Like GPT videos, the gaming sections aren’t going to be worth the time spent.

You can make use of the MyPoints section just for playing games and earn some points that should increase the account balance a bit.

Points Conversion on MyPoints:

As you know MyPoints don’t pay cash directly, instead, they pay the rewards as points to the account balance.

The points value will vary based on the choice of gift card redemption.

The basic value of 700 points is $5

MyPoints Payment Options:

They have the coolest of payment option, PayPal Instant. Remember that your PayPal email address should match the account email address and also the name should match on both the accounts.

The minimum points required to redeem $25 PayPal gift card is 3750 points.

There are hundreds of options to choose from if you want the gift card instead of money transfer.

The basic value of the gift card starts at $3.

Redeem your points for gift cards of brands like Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, and other brands.

Final Words on MyPoints:

MyPoints is a unique rewarding website that primarily works on offers that help to save money rather than earning money.

Instead of wasting time on earning money by taking surveys and other offers, it’s wise to save money in your wallet by using MyPoints.

MyPoints mobile apps available for Android smartphones and iPhone help to earn money using the mobile phone.

Sign up:

Get free $10 sign up bonus of Amazon gift card or Visa gift card based on your choice.

Join now MyPoints.

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