How To Become a Music Teacher Without a Degree

The music is the best thing in the world that everyone loves. In the 21st century, many wishes to learn music to make their life peaceful, to perform in stages, to perform in schools & colleges, to attract their crush, etc. Unlike regular education, learning music is not very easier as we think. It requires real hard work for months to master. To make it a success, students need a music teacher who teaches it in the way it can be loved. Similarly, like learning, music teaching is a skilled profession, respected as one of the best profession in the world. This article explains how to find music teaching jobs; ways to become a music teacher to earn money as a teacher and as a business.

How to become a music teacher to start business earn money with low investment

Music Teacher job:

The art of teaching music to the students is called the music teaching and the person who teaches music is called the Music teacher or the Music Master.

Music teaching jobs are more than teaching school subjects taught in schools and colleges by tutors. Like inefficient teachers in school, music teachers won’t be able to just read out the book like teaching. This is about inheriting the knowledge not preparing to teach the last day.

Some Basics about the Music for Dummies:

Basic types of Music Classes:

Vocal – The vocal music includes singing, humming and other music that is purely created using vocal chord without the use of any instruments. The vocal is the most common music training that almost all the music enthusiasts will perform.

Instrumental – The instrumental music is performed using some musical instruments like Guitar, Piano, Violin, Trumpet, etc. Many music lovers learn to play the music instrument(s). While there are only a few who learn both the instrumental and vocal music.

Types of Instruments:

String instruments – The string instruments use strings as the primary sound producer. The sounds are produced by strumming, plucking, scratching or hitting the strings attached to the instruments. Guitar, Violin, Mandolin, Piano are the examples of the string instruments. Majority of the music enthusiasts prefer to learn the string instruments.


Earn money teaching string instruments like guitar, violin, Piano.


Wind instruments – The wind instruments produce sound when the air is blown through the instrument which vibrates the air. Wind instruments are harder to learn compared to other instruments. Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, trombone are examples of wind instruments.

Electronics instruments – The electronic instruments use electrical power to generate sound with the help of manual operation. Electronic instruments are not fully manual and are easier to operate, unlike the string and wind instruments.

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Requirements to become a Music Teacher:

Now you know what is music and the basic information about the music and the instruments. Here are the requirements to become a professional music teacher.

It requires a lot of experience to teach music to students. Without proper knowledge, it is impossible to teach music.

While in the earlier days the music degree wasn’t so important, a bachelor’s degree in music is required to start the career as a music teacher.

Music teacher should specialize in an instrument to teach the single instrument, however, they can choose multiple instruments to teach after learning them properly.

Music teacher should be able to answer every doubt of the students should be able to play the instrument and read the notes fluently himself. Regular practicing is required to sustain the advancement in the music world.

How to become a music teacher without a degree

In requirements, it is said that at least a bachelor’s degree is needed to become a music teacher. But it is not required in all the cases and there are alternatives available to become a music teacher without a degree.

If you’ve good music knowledge but you’ve not got time to complete a music degree, you can complete a short diploma course(s) to get certified as a musician.

Even if the diploma course can’t be completed, it is wise to get certified by an authorized music school (Example – Trinity college of music) by participating in the exams.

These might be required initially. However, as the experience grows, only the history speaks and not the degrees and certificates.

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How to get a Music Teacher Job to earn money:

These are the few steps to start earning money by teaching music to the students.

1. Use Local influence:

Once you’re confident enough to teach music to students, the first thing you can do is to use the help of friends, family, colleagues to market your desire to teach music.

At first, you might get a chance to teach the dearest and closest. Don’t hesitate to give your full dedication, as it is going to be the stepping stone in the music teaching career.

2. Online Marketplaces:

The online marketplaces are the best places to find clients quickly. The online marketplaces connect the talents/teachers to the clients in their medium.

But the online marketplace will verify the authenticity of your skills. To get verified, either you must have an experience certificate or the course completion certificates.

Get verified and list out your portfolio in the online marketplace to find the students who are interested in learning music.

The upside of online marketplaces is most of the students will be rich and easier to find. When skills are taught well, there are chances to earn more money.

3. Schools and Colleges:

Schools and colleges hire music tutors to teach music to the students. This is the easiest way to earn money but the schools are going to recruit the only teachers with qualification.

Mostly, the music teacher at school doesn’t have to teach deep to school students. Unlike one-on-one class, teaching basics should be more than enough in schools and colleges.

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How to Start your own Music school/Music class business to Earn Money:

I’m a Guitarist and I have an expert knowledge of music completed level exams in Plectrum guitar. I’ve performed in stages and I know the purity and profit generated through music classes. Here are the tips to start the music school at home or business place to take music classes and earn money.

The best idea to start the music class will be at home. Arrange a separate place at home, isolated will be better.

Change the interior of the room relevant to music. It will increase the urge to learn and teach music.

In the case, if you can afford for a business place, make it extraordinary. It should make the enquirers feel worth to join the music class.

Make sure to add the advantages of joining the music class in the display, like certification, performance, etc. This will help the people understand the services that are provided in your class before the inquiry.

Buy some basic musical instruments to teach music to the students. Mic and amplifier for the vocal classes.

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How to Grow your Music school:

Now the business is successfully set up, it’s now time to grow the business,

Marketing is one of the most important factors in growing any business. Music schools do need some marketing.

Use social media like Facebook to showcase your music school and activities. Most of the people search social media for information. So, this will help you grow the business.

Conduct events in your music school to attract visitors to your school. This will eventually increase the numbers and will help you grow business.

Above all, it’s your skills and talents are going to help to grow and other factors are going to add spices to it.

These are the tips to find the music teaching freelance job, earn money and start your own business – music school.

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