InstaGC Review – Is it the Best GPT Site to Earn Money?

InstaGC one of the top GPT sites recommended by most of the MMO authors. While the GPT sites are known to pay for completing various tasks like taking surveys, completing offers & tasks, not all the GPT sites can be rated the best when it comes to reliability. Because most of them cannot prove their worth. Let’s discuss here the top-rated get paid to site InstaGC to find if it’s reliable or it’s just a GPT site created for nothing.

InstaGC Review:

InstaGC review

About InstaGC:

InstaGC is an online rewarding website owned by non-Day Online Solutions LLC. While it’s operated in most of the countries around the world, it’s primary destination targets are the USA, UK, and other tier – 1 countries.

It’s all the same as Swagbucks, which pays for surveys, tasks, etc. In certain countries, they have printable coupons that can be used for saving money while shopping.

Is InstaGC Legit or a Scam?

It would be a joke if people call InstaGC a scam!

InstaGC is a 100% legitimate rewarding website with real cash offers and tasks to make money online without investment.

Since some members who access InstaGC from countries that do not support many offers, it might look like a scam.

However, InstaGC is the site for the residents of countries mentioned above. So, it’s a reliable site for them. But still, people from other countries can make money on the site.

How to Make Money on InstaGC:

These are the ways you can make use of InstaGC to make money,

InstaGC Earn Money

1. InstaGC Surveys:

The paid surveys are the primary option to earn money on InstaGC.

They have partnered with several third-party networks to host paid survey offers and routers.

As a known fact that the average paid survey payout ranges from $0.500 to $3 while the high paying surveys might pay more than $5, which is a rare case.

Once you enter InstaGC after registration, try to complete as many surveys as you can to make maximum points.

InstaGC surveys

These surveys are the potential offers that can fetch you more money in the shortest period while compared to other offers.

Taking an online survey is very simple. All you have to do is answer a set of questions to get paid. Usually, 10 – 20 questions on average that might take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

Check out all the networks to find surveys of various companies posted to max out the earnings.

Get more info How to make money taking surveys.

2. InstaGC Offers:

InstaGC has partnered with major CPA affiliate networks to provide offers and opportunities to make money.

The offers range from paid to read, signups, trails, shopping, quizzes, paid games, app downloads, data entry, etc.

InstaGC OffersFind hundreds of paid offers on InstaGC, complete the offers to get paid.

Explore the potential OfferWalls to unlock high paying offers available in your country.

While compared to other rewarding sites like Ysense, the availability of pay per offer tasks is fewer in numbers on InstaGC.

3. InstaGC Micro Tasks Powered by Figure-Eight:

Like other major GPT sites, InstaGC does have the option to earn money by completing micro-tasks.

They have partnered with the world’s leading crowdsourcing company, Figure Eight.

Find hundreds of simple tasks that pay on the Figure Eight wall installed on InstaGC. Learn more about how to make money doing FigureEight Tasks.

InstaGC Tasks

Data analysis, transcription tasks, data processing tasks, social media jobs, non-professional medical tasks, translation tasks, are some of the micro-tasks available on InstaGC powered by FigureEight.

If you’re interested in doing online micro jobs, you can check out Amazon mTurk which has advanced tasks with potential payouts.

You may also check out the best freelance sites to find freelance jobs on the internet.

4. InstaGC Paid Videos:

Earn money by watching videos on InstaGC.

The Adscend Media network’s Hideout.TV is filled with paid videos which you can watch 24/7 to earn money.

To find the video offers that pay, go to the Hideout.TV OfferWall on InstaGC.

InstaGC watch videos for money

Hundreds of videos from different categories will be available. Watch it earn points as much as you can. Don’t forget to follow the instructions given there to prevent the account from getting banned by the network.

5. InstaGC Points Booster:

Enter the points booster codes to earn rewards on InstaGC.

Follow InstaGC on social media and other partners to get free InstaGC points booster codes.

This is just an option available on InstaGC to make the users active on their site.

6. Get Paid to Search the Web on InstaGC:

Make use of InstaGC to get paid for searching the internet.

Follow the instructions given by the InstaGC to make their search URL as the homepage.

Whenever you search, try to use the InstaGC search instead of the Google search engine to get paid for searching the web.

They pay for only genuine searches made via their search engine. Searches made with the intention to make money are not encouraged.

7. Decimal Pot:

Enter the Decimal Pot contest to win points.

If your account balance has got decimal points, then use the decimal points to enter the weekly decimal point jackpot and get a fair chance to win rewards.

Even the members without decimal points can take part in the content spending at 1 point max.

This is not a great deal, but it’s still one option to earn money on InstaGC.

InstaGC Payment Methods:

InstaGC Linking verified PayPal verification

Even if you decide to choose other InstaGC payment options, you will need a verified PayPal account to get the InstaGC account activated. This is done to ensure to verify the identity of the person indirectly.

No one can create a second account with the same PayPal email ID.

Other than PayPal payments, you can redeem the points for Bitcoin.

In the case of gift cards, there are thousands of gift card offers you can consider. Check out the gift cards available in your country, on reaching the minimum redemption threshold, you can request for withdrawal.

Save Money with the InstaGC Coupons:

The InstaGC coupons will help you save money on purchasing different groceries and other essentials.

For example, you can save money on shampoos, soaps, diapers, etc. with a discount.

Instead of working to earn money, feel free to use the money to save the money that you have.

InstaGC Review – Final Words:

InstaGC is a 100% legitimate rewarding website, and it’s better than most of the get paid to sites in the world.

It might take some time to get going with InstaGC. Make regular visits to InstaGC to find opportunities to earn and save money.

Remember that InstaGC works best only for people from developed countries.

Sign up InstaGC.

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