Innocurrent Review – Is it a Scam or Legit? Tutorial to Earn More

Innocurrent is one of the oldest legitimate PTC sites which was started in 2009 and running to date by paying all their members. Innocurrent is the one among few PTC sites which is paying for such a long period with no problem. The upside of Innocurrent is, it’s the only PTC site that pays high for viewing ads compared to any other PTC site in the world except its sister site Ayuwage, which has almost similar pay while compared with Innocurrent.

This is the best site for the people who are looking for high paying PTC sites through which they can make more money without referrals. For whether Innocurrent is a scam or legit, the answer is Innocurrent is 100% legitimate to work. Continue to read the full Innocurrent review and learn how to earn more money through Innocurrent.

Innocurrent reviews - scam or legit?

Advantage of Innocurrent:

  • The primary advantage of using Innocurrent is, the ads are very high paying compared to other PTC sites.
  • There is no upgrade option available on Innocurrent. So, all the members are treated equally. Every member of Innocurrent earns the same amount for all the tasks.
  • Innocurrent is the only PTC site in the world that pays 120% referral commission next to the top Bitcoin PTC site BTCClicks. i.e. if your referral earns $1 you will receive $1.20. So, one can generate more revenue several times higher on Innocurrent compared to other paid to click sites.
  • There are a lot of ways available to earn money on Innocurrent which is interesting and different compared to other sites.
  • There are 0% chances for this site to become a scam in the future by seeing the nature of tasks. Innocurrent ad viewing task is different from other PTC sites.
  • Innocurrent does not self promote their site like major rewarding site ex. Ysense. Sites that have self-promotion ads like the upgrade offer, the contest has a high possibility to become a scam in the future.

Disadvantages of Innocurrent:

  • Innocurrent has very strict Terms of service. Members who don’t follow rules will be permanently suspended after a few warnings.
  • Innocurrent tasks might be a little bit confusing for beginners. So, new members should spend some time to explore Innocurrent.

Innocurrent Review:

Innocurrent review

Innocurrent Tutorial – Ways to Make money completing tasks explained:

There are about 7 ways to earn money on Innocurrent through which a member can make more money as an individual member without any referrals. And members with referrals can earn a reliable income every day.

1. View Tasks (1-3 credits):

Innocurrent View tasks
  • The view tasks on Innocurrent is the basic task and pays a minimum value for completion. This task is exactly similar to the PTC ad viewing procedure followed on other PTC sites.
  • To do this task, the member must click on the site title/description. Innocurrent will redirect us to the rules page with a link to the ad page. The member must read the rules carefully before proceeding.
  • In this case, the member should view the webpage for 20 seconds before closing the page. It will add a warning on the account dashboard if the rules aren’t followed correctly.
  • After 20 seconds, the credits will be added automatically to the account.

2. Standard Tasks (5-15 credits):

Standard ads / Focus ads - Innocurrent
  • Standard ads / Focused sites are the most found average paying task available on Innocurrent. These tasks pay high compared to regular view ads tasks.
  • To do this task, the member should click the ad title/description. Innocurrent will redirect the members to the rules page, as shown below.
Rules for Focus sites ads - Innocurrent
  • Now again, the member should click ‘continue to website’ to go to the targeted ad page, where the member must stay for at least 10 seconds and click the mentioned link to complete the task.
  • The total time taken to complete this task is just 15 seconds, which is lesser compared to the view task and also the pay is higher compared to view task.
3. Explore Site Task (60 – 120 credits):
Explore site task - Innocurrent
  • Explore site task is the highest paying task on Innocurrent, which pays from 60 credits to 120 credits based on rule and length of the task.
  • Explore site tasks will be available fewer in numbers compared to the tasks mentioned above.
  • To do this task, the member must click the title of the ad. After being redirected to the rules page, the user must read the rules carefully and click the continue to go to the ad page.
  • There the member must copy the URL of the page, come back to Innocurrent and paste it on column 1. Then the member must click an internal article link and have to paste the URL of the page on column 2. After the member should stay on the page for 10 seconds and click an external link to complete the task. Before closing the page, the URL has to be copy-pasted on column 3. After doing all these steps, click I’ve completed tasks by following all the rules. Innocurrent will verify the member’s task status and credit their account instantly.
Innocurrent credited member's account for exploring ads
  • If the message like “site is not explored properly” is displayed, it means that the member has not followed the rules properly. So the member must try once again to get paid.
  • The total time taken to complete this task is less than 30 seconds. I found these types of tasks in very less in numbers. So, to get more explore ads, you must install Innocurrent toolbar, which will notify every new earning opportunity within a few seconds since the ad is active.

4. Email Tasks (15 – 30 credits):

Email task - Innocurrent
  • Apart from general explore and view tasks, email reading task is found on Innocurrent, unlike regular PTC sites.
  • To do the email reading task, the member must click the title/description of the ad. A pop up will appear saying that email has been sent to your inbox as shown below.
Email sent message - Innocurrent
  • Now the member must check his email inbox for the mail sent by Innocurrent. Sometimes the email might be filtered by a spam box. So, if the email doesn’t appear on inbox, there are chances for the email to appear in the spam box. The email might look exactly like the image shown below.
Sample of email sent by innocurrent
  • The member must click the link present on the email to visit the site. The user must stay on the website for at least 10 seconds and then view some content to get paid. Failure to follow the rules will cause suspension.

5. Search task (25 – 50 credits):

Search task - Innocurrent
  • The search task on Innocurrent is a complex task that pays from 25 credits to 50 credits. The success rate is low compared to other tasks because it’s somewhat different compared to other tasks.
  • To do this task, the member has to follow the instructions to find the mentioned site by searching. After searching, the member has to go to that site and view the content for a specified amount of time. With a mentioned action performed, the member is eligible to get paid.

6. Interactive Surfing task (50 – 250 credits/hour):

  • This is the easiest way to earn money on Inocurrent, through which a member can earn up to 250 credits per hour.
  • To do this task, the member has to view webpages that automatically loads after a certain time interval. Every few seconds, the member has to interact with the webpages displayed to show he/she is actively viewing webpages.
  • For task 50 credits per hour, members are not compelled to interact with the website, which is certainly called live surfing.

7. Surveys and Special Tasks (Credit value varies):

These are the 7 money-making tasks available on Innocurrent. Continue to read Innocurrent tutorial to learn how to make more money.

How to make more money on Innocurrent:

  • As I’ve said earlier, one can make good money on Innocurrent as an individual worker with no referrals. But to make more money here are some tips.
  • Unlike regular PTC sites and Bux sites, Innocurrent ads & tasks are not static. Means number of ads might vary every day. It will deliver ads to the members’ accounts throughout the days as long as there are advertisers available to advertise their webpages.
  • Since the ads delivery system is dynamic, most of the time only a few ads to no ads will appear on the task page. Also, members cannot look out for the ads all the time sitting in front of a PC.
  • The best solution to this problem is the Innocurrent toolbar. Innocurrent itself provides a browser add-on, which will notify whenever new ads are posted on the account. The members can immediately go to their account and do the task. Also, spending 1 – 2 minutes a few times a day on Innocurrent in the middle of the work as a break is not a tough job.
Innocurrent toolbar
  • Referring new members is the other way to earn more money. Innocurrent is the only PTC site that pays a very high referral commission in the world.

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Tips to get more ads to your account using Innocurrent Add-on Boost:

  • Like I’ve mentioned above, using Innocurrent toolbar is the only way to earn more money as an individual. But most of the members would have installed Innocurrent addon on their browser to get notified whenever a new task is posted. So, there are more chances for you to lose tasks because other members might complete the tasks before you do. Tasks are limited to certain numbers based on the advertiser’s demand.
  • To overcome this, you must purchase Innocurrent toolbar notification time booster service. This will ensure that whenever a new site is available on Innocurrent the notification will be sent first to your account before sending it to users without toolbar timer boost.
Innocurrent toolbar time booster setup
  • To use this feature, you must pay 1200 credits per month. You can re-earn that 1200 credits within the day of purchase from Innocurrent itself. Never miss this outstanding feature and blame Innocurrent is a waste.

Innocurrent Referral Program:

  • Innocurrent pays 120% referral commission to the referrer. So if your referral earns 1 credit by viewing a webpage, you will get 1.2 credits instantly credited to your account.
  • Innocurrent is the only PTC site that makes a referrer to earn more money from his referral’s work, where the referral himself earns less from his work.
  • Here are some examples of how much you can earn from referral for each task: Explore – 72 credits, Focus task – 18 credits, view task – 3.6 and so on. Referral credits example – look at the image below.
Referral commission - Innocurrent
  • By referring more members, one can even earn $50 per day, i.e. incredible $1500 per month. There is no limit to the number of referrals one can referrer. So, the sky is the limit.

Credits to the Dollar Conversion rate on Innocurrent:

1 credit = $0.001 = 0.1¢

10 credits = $0.01 = 1¢

100 credits = $0.1= 10¢

1000 credits = $1 = 100¢

So this is the of how much you might earn from exploring task,

1 explore task = 60 credits = $0.06 = 6¢. 

This conversion applies only to PayPal users. The value will be lesser for Payza users. Read the reason below.

Payment Methods of Innocurrent:

  • Innocurrent pays through the most used payment processors in the world, PayPal. Previously, they used Payza payment services until it has been stopped.
  • The minimum payout is just $5. Once the members earn 10000 credits, they can redeem points to cash. Withdrawal process is explained below.

How to Withdraw Money on Innocurrent:

  • Since Innocurrent pays credits for completing tasks, credits cannot be directly cashed out, instead, it should be redeemed.
  • Members can redeem their credits by clicking the rewards page. It has got a lot of rewarding options on Innocurrent. You must select Payza or PayPal like it’s shown below in the picture.
Credit redemption on innocurrent
  • To redeem $5, the member should have 10000 credits in his account with PayPal. So, you can save 1150 credits every time if you use PayPal.
  • To save over 300 credits, you have to redeem credits to $10 instead of $5. Minimum 20000 credits required to redeem to PayPal cash and 23000 for Payza.

Innocurrent Payment Proofs:

Innocurrent payment summary
  • Innocurrent payments are processed within a week from request. Some times it can take a few more days because of insufficient workers available, says Innocurrent admin.
Innocurrent payment received notification on mail
  • Look at the image given above, which is the email notification regarding recent payment. They have sent instantly $80.
Inno current payment proof summary - PayPal dashboard
  • I took the above screenshot from the PayPal dashboard. They credited $80 to PayPal’s account.

Beware of Innocurrent account suspension risks:

  • Innocurrent is very strict about the rules, where the trespassers will be suspended immediately after a few warnings.
  • The members who do not follow rules while doing tasks will receive warning(s) in their account. If the warning exceeds 3, then the account will be banned immediately and never the account can be reused.
  • If you receive a warning, leave it as it is which will reset automatically after three days. Handle tasks with caution when there is a warning in your account.
  • In most cases, only a few members will set their own rules and lose their accounts. So don’t worry about account suspension, but beware of the risks it may impose.
  • Using any Innocurrent bots would lead to suspension.

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Final Words on Innocurrent Reviews:

Innocurrent is one of the best PTC sites in the world that pays high compared to other PTC sites. This makes Innocurrent a very reliable PTC site. There are several earning features available on Innocurrent. The best thing about Innocurrent is, no upgrade feature is available on their site where other sites force members to upgrade their accounts to earn more. Innocurrent pays more referral commission of about 120%. Members who follow some easy rules can enjoy earning money on Innocurrent. Innocurrent is very genuine and there are very fewer chances to become a scam in the future.

Final Verdict – Innocurrent is legit.

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