You know what, in this world there are two ways to earn money. One is the smart work and the other is hard work. Most of the people work hard throughout the week in office for others and they just earn few hundred dollars, this is the hard way of earning money. Few people just spend 1 – 2 hours per week and they earn unimaginable without doing any hard work or going to regular work, this is the smartest way to earn money. Smartest people always get succeed in this world and they live the real life. To be a successful person in this world, money is very vital and we have to be smart enough to earn money in easiest way. I’ve written this article for each and everyone of you to earn money in smartest way. This is very simple and requires no technical knowledge or experience. Read the full article to understand, don’t skip anything.


Get this into your mind before you start:

Passion + Smart work = Success

So, what is this about?
  • This business is all about “Revenue sharing“.
What is revenue sharing:
  • Revenue sharing is the process of distributing the profit made by the company to the investors. In simple words, if you invest certain amount of money in a company, at the end of the day you will receive a fixed or variable amount of money.
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Is this safe?
  • Yep, it is. Actually in few revenue sharing models there are some drawbacks where the loss and profits will be variable. That is, you cannot predict the profit in this kind of revenue sharing model. You might even get more money than you invest at the end of the day.
  • But, the revenue sharing model that I mentioned here is fixed one. Here there is nothing like certain amount. You should invest a amount that is fixed by the company and at the end of the day you will receive the fixed profit depending on the sale and the word ‘loss’ is not applicable in this business. 

About Revenue sharing models:

  • In this article I’ve discussed about 2 revenue sharing models, My Paying ads and Traffic Monsoon(recommended).
  • I recommend you to go with Traffic Monsoon the no : 1 revenue sharing company.
  • Try to join My paying ads too, it is also a good company with diverse revenue sharing plan with low cost.
Part – 1 Traffic Monsoon:


Earn $15 per month by claiming cash links on traffic monsoon (For free members & paid members):
Cash links on Traffic monsoon
  • Earn 40 – 50 cents a day as a free member just by clicking ads on Traffic monsoon. Traffic monsoon is the most dominant paid to click + revenue sharing company.
  • Though referrals are not required to earn money on traffic monsoon. Try to refer your friends to earn 100% referral commission. For example, if your friend earn 50 cents you will receive full 50 cents as referral commission.
  • I think referring 10 friends is not a tough job. If you feel you can’t, read this article how to make referrals.
10 referrals * $0.50 = $5 earnings / day.

100 referrals * $0.50 = $50 earnings / day.

1000 referrals * $0.50 = $500 earnings / day.

  • Use those money to buy revenue sharing ad packs and expand your home business. To know more about traffic monsoon revenue sharing continue to read this article.
  • For first time if you can’t able to see cash links. Just log out and login after 2 hours.

To join click here – Traffic Monsoon.

Revenue sharing (Paid members):

How this revenue sharing business model works?

  • In this revenue sharing model, if you buy one revenue sharing ad pack which costs $50 (fixed), you will start to receive revenue share hourly until it reaches $55 i.e. you will receive $5 fixed profit at the end.
  • Apart from $5 profit, you will also receive 20 PPC banner credit and 1000 traffic exchange credit. I will tell you how to use these free extras at the later part of this article.
  • A member is called as a paid member once he/she buy one ad pack or a service in Traffic monsoon.
About the revenue sharing company:


  • The name of this revenue sharing company is “TRAFFIC MONSOON”.
Charles Scoville
  • Traffic monsoon is an the largest online advertising company started on 2014 by Charles Scoville and it is rated under top 1000 websites in the world by alexa, an company.
Charles Scoville
  • Traffic monsoon is making millions of dollars each day and its members like us make billions.
Our first plan in this business:
  • The first plan of our business is to earn $50 to invest in Traffic monsoon and make first $5. 
  • So, how to make money online? Continue to read.
  • If you’ve $50 already, just invest it. Try to invest more like $500 or more to earn more money, so that you can reinvest to make even more.
How to make your first $50 online? (Skip if you’ve money)
To earn your first $50, you should do all the work listed here. So that you can make it fast.
1. Paid online survey:
  • Paid online surveys are the best and easiest way to earn money very fast and if you’re from tier – 1 counties like USA, UK, AUS, CA, FR, NZ, SR, other European countries etc then you will make it within 5 – 10 days max.
  • If you’re from tier – 3 countries, you can still make money but it will take some time. So, you should also try other earning methods listed here.
  • People from tier – 1 will earn a minimum of $5 per survey to $50 max.(for research surveys) and people from other countries will earn minimum of $1 per survey.
  • As always the survey opportunities are limited, you should join lots of survey panels to get more invitation. I’m personally work in more than 15 survey panels and complete at least 5 – 10 surveys everyday. More survey panels, more survey invitation, more money.
  • If you earn $50 very fast, don’t stop and continue to make more money to invest.
To join, click here – Best survey panels.
2. Earn just by installing a software:
  • Actually, this feature is only available for people from tier – 1 countries. 
  • This is the most simplest way to earn money just by installing a software in your PC or smartphone.
  • Earn $60 to $200 at the end of the month. Member who keep software installed for 30 days are only eligible to receive the payment.
  • Why they pay you? When you install the software, they will conduct research about your activities and use it to improve their products in future. For example, Microsoft used to conduct a research program to study about their product usage Windows and the results will be used to improve their next version of windows.
  • Don’t miss this great opportunity to earn more money by doing nothing. If two programs are available in your country, install both of them to earn more.
3. Traffic monsoon cash links:
  • Other than revenue sharing, traffic monsoon offers another simple way to earn money by clicking premium advertisements.
  • After joining traffic monsoon, you will see something like this in your dashboard,
Cash Links | Traffic monsoon
  • Just click the that button to see the cash links / premium advertisements available for you.
Traffic monsoon available ads
  • Everyday cash link worth up to $0.40 – $050 will be available in your account. You should click each ad to claim the amount.
  • Though this might look less, you should spend ten minutes to claim full amount everyday. So, you will get some money at the end of the month.
Learn more about cash links – How to earn money from cash links.

4. Clixsense:

Clixsense | My earnings
  • Make use of the king of the online money making programs to earn $5 or more everyday. 
  • Clixsense played an important role in my career to earn money online. I used to earn $5 in average everyday. The average will increase if you’re from tier – 1 countries.
  • You can read my experience of earning money on clixsense in this article. Join after reading the working procedure to prevent confusion.
5. Paid to click:
  • Paid to click is very familiar phrase, it is simply called as ad clicking job and it requires no investment. You can earn some money, only if you work in 10 or more PTC sites.
My browser while working on PTC sites
  • Look at the image given above. This is how my browser will be while I work on PTC sites. I work in more than 20 PTC sites everyday, both for testing and earning.
  • I spend 30 minutes to click ads on all the PTC sites everyday. You should do the same to earn reliable money.
  • It a known fact that referrals plays important role in earning money on PTC sites. As every one of you can’t get direct referrals. I highly recommend you to rent referrals on neobux to earn money fast on paid to clicks.
Join all the PTC sites listed here – Top paid to click sites.

How to buy revenue sharing ad pack:

Setting up the banner:

  • After accumulating enough money, its time to buy the revenue sharing adpack. To buy a revenue sharing ad pack, just log into your traffic monsoon account and click buy ad pack at the sidebar as shown in the picture below.
Link to purchase page
  • After clicking you will be asked to enter the banner ad details. I’ve added the clixsense banner with my referral link for example, so that if some one clicks the banner and join clixsense he/she will be my referral. The banner will be displayed until that banner is clicked for 20 times.
Setting up banner ad in Traffic monsoon
  • After entering the banner details, click save button. A preview of the ad will be shown as displayed below.
  • Now, click back to my ads to purchase ad pack. Your banner has to be approved by traffic monsoon team, to get activated.
Buying ad packs on Traffic monsoon.
  • Once your banner has been approved it will be displayed until it is clicked for 20 times. In mean time you can buy the ad pack. 
Approved banner ad on traffic monsoon
  • Once your banner ad is approved it will start to run on traffic monsoon. You can create unlimited banner ads for each ad packs.

Purchasing ad pack:


  • To purchase ad pack, click on buy Adpack near added banner as shown in the picture above. You will be redirected to the payment page.
Purchasing ad pack on traffic monsoon
  • You can pay through Paypal or Payza or Solid trust pay. Since, I’ve Traffic monsoon account balance, I chose to buy using my account balance itself. You can repurchase ad packs using your account balance in future.
  • Select the number of ad packs you’re going to buy. Preview the payment and click pay now.
Payment success message
  • After sending funds you will immediately receive the payment successful message. If you log into your registered mailbox you will see a purchase acknowledgement mail as shown below.
Payment acknowledgement mail
How to get qualified to get revenue share:
  • To qualify for revenue share, you should surf at least 10 ads per day. To start surfing you should click ‘start surfing’.
Surf 10 ads to qualify for revenue share
  • You will be forced to view an ad for 10 seconds. It takes no more than 2 minutes to surf 10 ads.
Reinvest the earned money:
  • Reinvest the money from your account after receiving full share. You must buy at least 40 ad packs to earn $50 per day.
  • As revenue sharing is limited to company’s sale, it might take few days to receive full revenue share. So, in this case don’t worry and continue to surf 10 ads everyday till you receive the full share. 
How much days it will take to earn $50 per day:
  • To earn $50 / day, you should invest at least $2000. I’ve given you the ideas to earn money online and it totally depends on your geo location how fast you can earn money.
  • If you’re from tier – 1 countries like US, UK you might earn $500 in less than a month and if you’re from tier – 3 countries it will take minimum 3 months to earn $500. So, continue to work hard until you earn enough money to invest.

Is there any limitations to invest money:

  • No, there is no limitations and you can buy unlimited ad packs everyday. 
  • If you buy more revenue sharing ad pack you can earn more than $50 everyday.
Refer your friends to earn more:
  • The best feature in traffic monsoon is 10%  purchase referral commission and 100% click referral commission as said at the beginning.
  • So, every time your referral purchase an ad pack you will receive $5 as referral commission.  
  • And for every ad click you will receive 100% referral commission i.e. if your referral clicks cash links worth $0.40 you will receive $0.40 as referral commission. So, if you’ve 10 referrals you can earn $4 just by surfing 10 qualifying ads. 
Payment methods:
  • Traffic monsoon pays their members through Paypal, Payza or Solid trust pay.
  • The minimum cashout amount us only $2.
Payment proof:
Traffic monsoon - Payment proof
Join now:
Click here to join traffic monsoon

Video Tutorials:

Tutorial – 1 [About Traffic Monsoon]:
Tutorial – 2 [Getting Started]:
Tutorial – 3 [How Traffic Monsoon works]:
Tutorial – 4 [How to make more money online through TM]:
Home business:
  • Traffic monsoon revenue sharing program is undoubtedly one of the best program to earn from home. 
  • Though referring friends is just a small part of this business and not required to earn money. I recommend you to explain your friends about this business to expand your home business in short time.
Part – 2 My Paying Ads:
  • My Paying ads is the best revenue sharing site for beginners. Because you can start with as low as $1. Get an idea how much you can earn in My Paying ads by investing in each ad packs from the picture given below.
My Paying ads Ad Plans
  • There are 10 different ad plans where you can start with just $1. To start you need to buy 5 $1 Ad packs, I will tell you how to earn $5 in 2 hours in later part.
  • You should buy the ad pack and when you get the returns. Try to re invest the whole amount to reach more profit.
  • For example after investing $5 you will receive $6.25 in total. Now buy 6 ad pack and when you get more amount try to reinvest more. You should follow the same cycle until you reach certain level. Other than that you will be earning money online at a rate of $5 (worth bitcoins) every 2 hours as said in the later part of this article. Try to invest those money too for buying ad packs.
  • When your principal investment reaches above $500 you will start to see some reasonable profit of $5 per day. Look at the My paying ads earnings calculator given below and plan accordingly.
My paying ads - Ad pack calculator
  • This model works best if you work hard with patience. In future, you can earn just by spending less than 5 minutes per day just by maintaining you account. You have to repurchase ad packs with earned amount and withdraw fixed amount daily to your Paypal account or …. For example, if you’ve invested $5000 and started to receive $50 profit everyday. Reinvest that $5000 to earn $50 without any hard work and this will be the smartest way to earn money easily just by sitting at home.
Best thing about MPA:
  • The best feature in My paying ads (MPA) is they accept bitcoins(BTC) for buying ad packs. If you buy ad packs through Paypal you’ve to pay certain amount as fees. But, in case of bitcoins there is no transaction fees or no tax.
  • It is very tough to earn USD ($) online for every one in the world except people from tier – 1 countries. But, it is very easy to earn bitcoins online for every one in the world. Read this article, learn how to earn $5 worth bitcoins every two hours.
  • Earn as much as you can and invest as soon you earn a dollar worth bitcoin. Remember bitcoin transactions can be made in seconds and you don’t have to wait for hours to complete transactions. If you wish to earn USD along with bitcoins continue to read this article.
What you have to do to receive revenue share everyday on MPA:
  • To receive revenue share everyday you should surf 10 ads everyday. Once you log into your my paying ads account you will be asked to surf 10 ads to receive revenue share.
Click to surf ads


  • You should click on “you are yet to surf ads” to go to the surfing ads page. In that page 10 ads will be listed as shown below.
Surfing ads
  • To surf ads, just click on the picture. You will taken to a new page where the ad will be loaded. You’ve to watch that ad for 10 seconds.
Timer runs while surfing ads
  • After timer completes, you will be asked to close the page to continue the surf.
Surfing completed message
  • Continue the same to click all the 10 ads to receive your revenue share of that day.
Dashboard after surfing 10 ads
  • You’ve to surf 10 ads every day in order to receive the revenue share. If you miss a day don’t worry, you won’t loose your share instead your share will be credited next day onwards.
Payment methods:
  • My paying ads has lots of payment options helps their members to withdraw through Paypal, Payza, Solid trust pay and Perfect money.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is $5.
  • Paypal is available in most of the countries. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your local bank account using Paypal.
Things to remember about MPA:
  • My paying ads pays a generous amount of 12% referral commission. Though referring is not compulsory, refer your friends to receive referral commission from their investment. For example, if you friend purchase $100 worth ad packs you will receive $12 as referral commission.
  • Remember, you will get same commission each time when they re purchase ad packs with their account balance.
  • You should buy at least 100 ad packs in a level to get qualified for purchasing the ad pack of next level. For example, you should buy $100 worth 100 * $1 ad packs before you can buy a $3 ad pack. Same applies to next levels.
  • This business is totally long term. Don’t expect profit from day 1, if you’re stating with little amount.
Registration link:
Click here to register – My Paying ads.
Final words:
  • There are several people all around the world who depend on traffic monsoon for full income. You can be one among them if you work hard.
  • As, I said earlier it might take few months to start earning $50 everyday. So, work 1 – 2 hours everyday to reach the goal. And at the end you will earn $50 or more just by spending 2 minutes a day.
  • Do not start more that one account from your home / same IP. Your account will be immediately banned if you do this. This is to prevent fraudulent activities.
  • If you want to help your friend to start an account on traffic monsoon, do it in his/her PC with unique IP address.
  • If you still have doubts, you can connect me via skype – tami91911.
  • Or you can contact through email – contact via email.
Registration link:
Click here to register – Traffic monsoon.

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