Google Decides to Discontinue its Adsense Mobile App Soon to Replace Web Version

Google Adsense Mobile app was one of the most reliable mobile apps made available for Android and iPhone users. For years, Adsense publishers have been using the Adsense mobile app to check their earnings and other important reports of their Adsense account. But, recently Google has put an end to its Adsense mobile application for both Android and IOS devices.

While it sounds like a piece of bad news, here are the few reasons you will love the decision of Google to stop the Adsense app. Also, learn the upcoming improvements to be made by Google for the Adsense app.

Google adsense discontinues mobile app

About Google Adsense Mobile app:

Here’s the brief description of Google Adsense Mobile app,

Google has developed the Adsense mobile app for its publishers to instantly check their account status such as earnings, CTR, CPC, Monetized PV, etc. just with a touch.

It’s a free app made available through the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. All we have to do is install the app and connect it to the Adsense account.

Enter the app, it will display all the basic stats on the home screen as shown below.

Google Adsense mobile app home


For detailed information about the traffic and earnings, the publishers can make use of the detailed options.

Unlike the web version, the mobile app gives a great user experience and at the same time gives all the required details without confusing the users.

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Reasons Google Discontinued Adsense Mobile app:

Google works on constantly improving its products by introducing new technologies. Previously, Google has improved the web version of most of its products, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and of course Google Adsense.

The upgrade to the default web version made the applications simplified and reliable than that of the previous versions.

Now Google has turned its eyes towards mobile applications. While they previously upgraded the Google Analytics app, now they stopped the Adsense application for good.

Here are the reasons Google has discontinued the Adsense mobile app,

1. Primary Goal to improve Speed:

Since the evolution of smartphones, Google has noticed that there is a significant issue with speed when users try to load the website on smartphone browsers.

Google has realized this issue way ahead and worked on improving the mobile experience.

One of the successful Google projects is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP is said to decrease the mobile web pages loading speed up to 90% making it almost instantly.

Google AMP provides a great user experience for mobile phone users.

The decision of Google to stop the existing Adsense application is to make a reliable Mobile view experience to their publishers.

2. No need to install the application.

While the Google Adsense app requires the publishers to install their app on mobile devices, now there is no necessity to install the application.

Publishers can now get the details of the Adsense account within a second without installing the application.

This is a piece of great news for people who don’t like to crowd their smartphones with apps.

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3. Support for all mobile platforms

Currently, the Adsense application for mobile is available only for Android and IOS devices.

With diversity in mind, Google developed the progressive mobile web version that should work the same across all the mobile platforms.

It’s Android and IOS devices that almost all the smartphone users own compared to other mobile platforms. Even so, Google makes Adsense the same across all the smartphone platforms so that they don’t have to develop separate applications for each platform.

4. Improving technologies:

As said before, Google continuously works on improving the technologies applied to its products and services.

With mobile applications become a default technology used by almost all the web industries, it’s Google should pioneer the next step as a tech giant.

The improvement to the Adsense reports for mobile, Google can help other internet companies to get ahead.

5. Implementing automation:

Over 70% of internet users now use the mobile phone to access various content across the internet. So, it’s time for Google to concentrate on the mobile version like they do it for the default web versions.

Google Adsense publishers can expect more automation in the new Google Adsense mobile web version.

Automation will improve the user experience and help the publishers to enjoy the features without having to do much.

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Cons of discontinuing Google Adsense App:

While it’s interesting to wait for the new Google Adsense mobile experience with more automated features, losing the Adsense app is a kind of loss for the publishers.

  • Publishers will miss the Adsense icon on the home page of their mobile phone.
  • No more Adsense mobile widget. A replacement should do better.
  • It takes time to forget something great and adapt to the fresh changes.
  • If it doesn’t meet the expectation as Adsense mobile app, it’s going to be an upset.
  • It’s seen like the Adsense app can be made available for a few more years until the publishers get ok with the mobile web version.

Pros of New Adsense mobile experience:

  • Goodbye to old school mobile applications.
  • Excitement to see the new mobile experience. It’s going to be one of the important updates by Google that might be implemented to other products and services of Google.
  • Speed – Speed is everything. Expect something faster than the current Adsense app.
  • Google may now give additional access to the Adsense account using mobile, such as editing the account details directly on the mobile phone.
  • Google may allow create or edit the ad code(s) directly from the mobile phone, which cannot be done using the Adsense application.
  • Expect a lot more new features with more automated, easy to access, version so that the publishers can now focus on creating great content according to Google.

So, what now?

Time to wait! All we can do is wait for the new mobile experience of Google Adsense and see what are all the new features available and old features that are going to be removed.

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