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It’s a known fact that paid to click is the easiest job to make money online without skills. There is an easiest job than PTC and it is searching the web. We search the web (Google, Bing, etc) daily for lots of reasons, and if someone pays for what we search, it’ll be great. Yes, you can earn $1 per day just by searching the web, spending 3 to 5 minutes a day. So, you can earn $30 a month just by searching the web.

You can get paid to search the web own needs or you can search intentionally. Whatever you do, they will pay you. In this article, I will tell you how to earn money by searching the web.

Get paid to search the web

How to Earn Money by Searching the Web:

  • You should join four recommended sites and you should search simultaneously to complete the task soon every day.
  • 3 sites will pay $0.15 each for searching and the other site will pay for SB.
  • After joining all the sites, open each site in a new tab. Click search in the menu bar of each website.
Earn by searching the web
  • Once the search bar is ready, search a word or a phrase as you wish. Copy the words/phrases you’ve used on the first site. Then, paste those words/phrases into the next site and hit enter. Follow the same procedure on the other two sites.
Search tasks to earn money example - 1
  • You can search for anything. It could be a single word like “dog”, “Ronaldo”, “Messi” or you can search for a phrase like “next possible WrestleMania opponent for Undertaker”, “How to attract girls”, etc.
Search the web tasks to earn money example -2
  • Once you hit enter or click search, move to the next site and do the same. Don’t wait on the same page to load. Because it might consume some time.
  • But, make sure you don’t search for the same words/phrase again and again in one day. They will not pay you if you search for the same word or phrase in a single day.
  • For every 2 searches, $0.01 will be paid. So, you’ve to search 30 times a day to earn $0.15.
  • One search should take 10 seconds to complete. So, 30 searches will take 5 minutes. For slow searchers, it might take 10 minutes to complete.
  • For each search, the money will be credited instantly, which will be displayed on the right side of the page, as shown in the picture above.

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Get a Weekly Bonus for searching the Web:

Weekly search bonus for searching the web
  • If you search at least one word/phrase a day for four days in a week, each site will reward a search bonus of $0.05.
  • So, you can earn $0.20 by searching just 4 words a week.
Search bonus notification

Get Paid to Search on Mobile Phone:

Earn by searching in your smartphone
  • These sites provide mobile apps to work directly on the smartphone instead of the PC. You can download the mobile app and search while you travel or during your free time on your smartphone.
  • You can download the money app after registration.
  • Searching on the smartphone is an outstanding feature as most of them prefer to work on the phone compared to a desktop or laptop.

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Earn Referral Bonus from Referral Search:

  • A referral bonus is very familiar with online jobs. Along with search earnings, you can earn a referral bonus too.
  • These sites will pay a 10% to 20% referral bonus.
  • If you refer 5 people to these sites, you can earn up to a $1 referral bonus per day.
  • The referral bonus will increase based on referral count and other activities like earning money by watching videos, paid surveys, micro jobs, etc.

How much can you Earn by Searching the Web:

Without Referrals(Only calculated for searching):

Earnings per day = $0.15 + $0.15 + £0.15 + 20SB = $1 approx.

Earnings per month = $4.5 + $4.5 + £4.5 + 600 SB + $0.05 * 5 * 3.

Earnings per year = $54 + $54 + £54 + 7,200 SB + $0.05 * 52 * 3.

With Referrals(Calculated for 10 refs search only):

Earnings per day = $1 + $2 = $3.

Earnings per month = $3 * 30 = $90.

Earnings per year = $90 * 12 = $1080.

Earnings including other tasks(Without referrals):

Earnings per day = $1 (search) + ($5 * 4 = $20) (other offers) = $26**.

Earnings per month = $26 * 30 = $780.

Earnings per year = $780 * 12 = $9,360.

If you work for at least 4 days a week, your earnings might be $5,000 per year.

** – Based on geographical locations and number of tasks & offers completed per day.

Things to Remember While Getting Paid to Search the Web:

  • Set Swagbucks as the homepage to multiply your earnings.
  • Searching is an easy and quick way to earn money online. This is best compared to the captcha entry job. To earn $1 in captcha entry it might take over 2 hours for average typers.
  • Inbox pounds pay in Great Britain pounds (£ – GBP), not in dollars. GBP has a higher value compared to USD.
  • Do not search for the same word or phrase over one time a day. Repeated same keyword search might cause an account warning.
  • Searching each site separately might take more time to complete. As said earlier, open the sites in 4 tabs and search in sequence.
  • Searches are powered by Google and Bing. So, search results will never lose quality in case you search for personal needs.

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Other Ways to Earn apart from Searching the Web:

Get paid to search web

  • Other than searching, there are still many ways to earn through their site. Among them, the survey job pays you more money from $0.50 to $10 for participating in a survey.
  • You can earn money by participating in surveys through the smartphone itself.
  • Apart from searching and surveys, you can earn by playing online games, completing offers, watching videos, doing Figure-eight micro-tasks, etc.

Payment Methods to Withdraw your Earnings:

  • They process payment through Paypal or Cheque (Check).
  • Only Swagbucks offers the facility to redeem SB to gift cards & e-vouchers. Ex., Flipkart gift vouchers. Gifts might vary according to the country.

Register on Getting Paid to Search Web Sites:

Each site requires separate registration and account verification.

Swagbucks [US, UK, AU, IE, CA, FR] | Swagbucks [Worldwide] | InboxDollars [US] | Send earnings [US] | Inbox Pounds [UK].

Is Get Paid to Search the Web Legit?

Yes, it’s a 100% legitimate online job without investment.

  • Search engines like Bing and Yahoo collaborate with the sites mentioned above to increase the search volume.
  • In this way, they introduced a program called Bing Rewards which pays for playing games and searching the web.
  • While they have a direct program, channels like Swagbucks pay for searching the web powered by the Bing search.
  • Bing is the search engine of Microsoft, which is the second-largest next to Google.
  • So, this gets paid to search the web is a legitimate way to earn money similar to get paid to read.

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