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Paid to read email – When people hear about getting paid for reading emails, they actually think what the heck is this. If you’re one among them looking for an answer for this, “Can I really get paid to read emails?” The answer is yes, you can earn money by reading emails. In this article, you’ll learn how PTR sites pay the users for reading email and also get an idea if email reading jobs are really worth spending time. And find the list of best paid to read email sites to earn money doing paid email jobs from home.

About Paid to Read Email:

Paid to read email is an online rewarding program similar to the paid to click. The paid to read email sites shortly called PTR sites, pay the internet users for reading emails. People also call this Email reading jobs, since the work is related to reading emails.

So, why do these paid to read sites pay us money for reading email and what is the benefit for them to waste money paying people just for reading their email? The answer is email marketing or paid advertising! The PTR sites pay the users for reading email with content that actually will generate money for them.

Speaking about email marketing, it can be regarding any products or services. Since the paid to read services are based on MMO, most of the emails market the MMO products and services. For example, the marketing email can ask the reader to take paid surveys or they might promote some MMO services requesting to sign up if the user is interested. However, it’s not mandatory to perform any actions in order to get paid to read email.

The user must just read the email to get paid. Nothing else!

Is Get Paid to Read email a reliable source?

Paid to read email

The Get paid to read sites we’re going to discuss here are actually the GPT sites. The Get paid to sites are the online rewarding programs that pay the users for completing simple tasks and offers. These tasks include paid to watch videos, captcha typing, completing micro tasks, ad posting, form filling, reading content, playing games, etc.

The GPT sites mask themselves as the PTR sites with an additional feature i.e. paying the users for reading emails. These paid to read email sites pay up to $0.05 for reading an email.

The email usually contains the description and a link to an offer. When the user clicks the link, he will be paid instantly for reading the email and confirming the receipt. Beyond that, if the users complete the offer, they will earn additional money for the offer completion.

So, is paid to read email reliable? It depends on how you use it, only by reading emails it will take days to receive your first payout. But, if you’re able to complete other CPA offers in the PTR sites in addition to reading paid emails, you can make a reliable income say $5 to $10/day.

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Best Paid to Read Email sites that provide email reading jobs:

This is the list of top PTR sites in the world that pay the users for reading the email. Find the email reading jobs without investment i.e. all these sites are free to use without paying any registration fees.

Ad. Xcel Surveys(India):
Survey Rates – Up to ₹200 Referral commission – ₹10 Minimum Payout – ₹100
Payment method –, Paytm, BMS, Freecharge, Lifestyle Join X-Surveys
Ad. Clixsense
Clixsense registration
Earn money taking surveys, Tasks & Offers rewards, Watching Videos, Playing Games
Referral commission – Up to 30% Clixsense Review Minimum Payout – $10
Payment methods – Payoneer, Check, Dwolla, Skrill, Tango card Join Clixsense
1. Ojooo Wad:
Email rates – Up to $0.02 Ojooo Review Minimum Payout – $2
Payment method – PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum Join Ojooo Wad
2. Paid to Read Email:
Email rates – $0.02 Paid to Read Email Minimum Payout – $15
Payment method – PayPal Join PaidTo Read
3. InboxPays (US only):
PTR sites
Email rates – $0.05 InboxPays Review Minimum Payout – $50
Payment method – PayPal Join InboxPays
4. InboxPounds (UK only):
PTR sites email
Email rates – £0.05 InboxPounds Review Minimum Payout – £20
Payment method – Check Join InboxPounds
5. InboxDollars (US only):
PTR sites email
Email rates – $0.05 InboxDollars Review Minimum Payout – $30
Payment method – Check Join InboxDollars
6. Makeculous:
PTR sites email jobs
Email rates – Up to $0.02 Makeculous Review Minimum Payout – $10
Payment method – PayPal, Coinbase(BTC) Join Makeculous
7. Innocurrent:
Email reading jobs
Email rates – Up to $0.02 Innocurrent Review Minimum Payout – $10
Payment method – PayPal Join Innocurrent
8. Publipt:
Email reading jobs without investment
Email rates – Up to €0.01 Publipt Review Minimum Payout – €30
Payment method – PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer Join Publipt
Ad. YouGov:
YouGov surveys
Survey Rates – Up to $5 Referral commission – 10% Minimum Payout – $50
Payment method – PayPal, Western Union, Paytm cash, Check Join YouGov
How Paid to Read works:

If you’re a beginner to email reading jobs, here is how you have to work in order to get paid to read email(s). It’s really simple!

Usually, the PTR sites will send paid email to the inbox of our email address that we used to sign up.

Try to use Gmail, instead of Outlook, Yahoo, Live, AOL email address for account registration to prevent paid emails from getting trapped by intense email filtering.

This image is the part of paid email send to the user inbox.

email reading jobs

Once the email is received, the user must read the email and click the link given at the end of the email in order to get paid. Clicking the link given on the email ensure the message has been read. The link might lead to the advertiser’s site that displays credit message as shown below.

Paid for reading the email

Read as many emails as you can to earn more money. Try to complete the offers and surveys, in addition, to increase your overall income. Based on the PTR site, the terms of getting credit for reading email might vary.

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How to Earn more Money Reading Emails:

More emails equal to More money! With this phrase as a thump up rule, I advise you to join and test multiple paid to read sites listed above to receive more paid emails to your inbox. This ensures that you will read more email and also participate in the offers that pay up to $5 per completion.

Each PTR sites will have additional features to earn money in their sites. Make sure to explore it to earn more money.

Refer your friends to earn free recurring income up to 25%. The more friends you refer, the more you can earn. Few sites reward multi referral affiliate commission to boost the member’s earnings.

Check out other MMO programs like Data entry work, highest paying Bitcoin faucets to earn more.

Pros and Cons of Getting Paid to Read mails:

Email reading jobs are one of the simplest online jobs to earn money from home.

Join any email reading jobs without investment.

PTR sites install additional features like OfferWall apps to boost the members’ earnings.

Earn money using your mobile phone by reading paid emails directly using the smartphone.

The emails might contain useful information to get informed about the latest news on the internet.

PTR sites referral program help you to earn free referral commission.

Withdraw your earnings as cash and gift cards through popular processors like PayPal payments, Bitcoin, Western Union, Payoneer payments, Amazon e-Vouchers, etc.


Paid to read email programs are definitely not the most reliable option when it comes to earning money online from home.

Sometimes the clustered email inbox with paid emails will irritate the PTR site users.

You will not be paid to send emails.

Paid to read is a strategy applied by rewarding sites to improve their conversions.

Hope now you would have got an idea about paid to read email jobs. Comment below to get assistance or to start a discussion regarding email reading jobs!

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