Get-Paid Review Is Legit or Scam?

The is one of the oldest rewarding sites in the world paying its members for over years. Get-paid is a reliable GPT site for users from all across the world who are looking to make money by doing tasks, completing offers & surveys. I’ve been using Get-paid for several years and here is the Get-paid review to help you find if is really worth for time. Also, I’ve discussed various features of Get-paid that make it different from other rewarding sites.

About began its journey in 2005 as providing online surveys & market research. Based in London, United Kingdom Get-paid has continuously helped thousands of market research clients across the world to discover trend and business.

Get-paid has been a great place since the beginning for the internet users who were looking to earn bit extra income completing simple tasks.

Get-Paid Review:

Get-paid review

The Get-Paid is not the grandest company like a few boasts. is a simple yet reliable rewarding website that found the right path to sustain in this competitive world paying thousands of users every month for years. Here is the review.

The best thing about Get-paid is they pay the users via PayPal and Western Union. Only countable number of online earning sites like Megatypers, YouGov pay their users via Western Union. WU is available in over 200 countries where you can collect your earnings directly as cash from one of the WU outlets.

When I first registered an account on and logged into their site, I found it was confusing. So, it’s important to go through various features of the site before quitting.

Unlike the basic GPT sites, has various unique features that are additionally added in order to keep the users engaged.

Speaking about the ways to earn money on Get-paid, there’s nothing impressive and special compared to the world’s best GPT site, i.e. Clixsense. While Clixsense has got fully customized options for the users to find surveys and co, Get-paid still uses the old techniques like survey routers, OfferWalls to make the users earn money.

Get-paid is a fully responsive site, means the users can earn money using mobile phone and on PC.

While registration is open to worldwide users with countable restricted countries, it’s only the residents of tier-1 countries get the maximum opportunities to make money like other GPT sites.

How to earn money on

These are the ways you can earn money on the If you’re already a GPT site user, you may find nothing new out there on

How works - Tutorial has got a lot of tasks and cash offers from various advertisers. The Get-paid members can earn points by completing the tasks and offers which can be redeemed later for cash and gift cards.

1. Paid surveys:

While the paid survey sites are considered being the source to make money by taking surveys, can be called one of the best sources to find paid online surveys. Speaking about online surveys, it’s a market research program where you can earn money by giving your opinion to the advertisers.

Get-paid is not a survey panel, while it has partnered with few market research companies and CPA affiliate networks to provide the opportunity its users to earn money doing online surveys. can also be called as one of the best mobile survey sites to earn money by taking surveys directly using the mobile phone.

Earn $0.50 to $5 completing a survey on The number of survey invitations, pay, research time will vary in each country.

The paid survey is one of the primary sources of income for most of the Get-paid users next to their affiliate program.

2. Figure-Eight Micro tasks:

Like most of the GPT sites, Get-paid hosts Figure Eight wall that provides micro jobs to the members. Speaking about micro jobs, they are simple tiny tasks that anyone can easily solve. Upon completing the task, the user will be paid somewhere between $0.01 to $5 per task based on the complexity of the micro job.

The micro job wall is only powered by Figure-eight. If you’re new to micro jobs, you can read the Figure-eight review in order to learn about the tasks and find how to make the most by completing these tasks.

Data entry, photo & video analysis, data processing, violation spotting, translation, transcription, annotations, mobile app testing, website testing job, classification, etc. are some categories of micro-tasks available on Get-paid.

Unlike the paid surveys, the Micro jobs will be available 24/7 upon leveling up to the third level. If you’re interested in earning money by doing tasks, you can check out more about Micro jobs.

3. Pay per click:

Get-paid pay per click offers

While Get-paid does not have its own pay per click program, they host major OfferWalls with pay per click offers such as MinuteStaff, PTCWall, and ClixWall.

Pay per click offers will not help you make hundreds. However, they will be very useful for you to make some extra money in addition and to stay engaged daily.

MinuteStaff is a reliable network compared to other pay per click networks in its category.

4. OfferWall Offers:

Get-paid offerwalls

Get-paid never failed to install the best OfferWalls in their site that is home to thousands of cash offers.

Find the major OfferWalls like Adscend Media, AdGate Media,, Wannads, on

The OfferWalls are designed to deliver customized offers to the users based on their geolocation and area of interest.

Users can set their preferences to find their favorite offers and complete them to earn money.

Find offers like getting paid to watch videos, get paid to play games, surveys, puzzles, quiz, tasks, app downloads, trial, subscriptions, crypto mining, software downloads, are some offers found on the OfferWalls.

The pay per offer may range from a few dollars to even a hundred dollars. Make use of the potential offers by testing the one which works great for you.

5. Potential Referral Program:’s referral program can be called one of the reliable one compared to other GPT sites.

They offer a two-level referral program where you can earn money from your direct referrals and also from direct referral’s referral, i.e. the indirect referrals.

Earn up to a 30% referral commission from the level 1 ref and makeup to 20% referral commission from the level 2 refs.

While we have to continuously work for building the referral downline with single tier referral programs, stay cool by building a considerable amount of referral structure under you. Let them take care of the remaining.

Leveling up on Get-paid gaining experience points:

Now you’d have got an idea about the ways to earn money online using Get-paid. Here is another thing the Get-paid users should concentrate on i.e. increasing their membership levels by gaining experience. experience level

You can improve the experience points by directly completing the offers, surveys, tasks, and other activities. Apart from that, you can gain experience points through referral activities.

By achieving the topmost status on Get-paid, you will get more chances to earn money and also improvised referral commission. level experience points

Sure, it’s going to take a while to reach the Diamond status. But, it’s worth to improve your level to enjoy the additional benefits such as the hike in pay and the affiliate commission.

Win Badges on

Complete the simple missions to win badges on Get-paid.

There are over 50 badges available on Get-paid. Earn all the badges to get a premium status on

Take part in a Get-paid contest:

All the Get-paid users will be automatically enrolled in the monthly contest and get a chance to win 50000 coins on the whole for the top 10 finishers with the first prize 25000 coins.

To reach the first spot, the users must complete as many offers, tasks, and surveys. contest Make use of the microtasks in the case if the survey opportunities are available less in your country.

The contest doesn’t consider the referral, bonus, and referral earnings.

Also, purchase a monthly sweepstakes ticket for just 5 coins and get a chance to win 10000 coins.

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Get-paid points to USD conversion:

Like most of the GPT sites, Get-paid does credit points for completing the tasks. The points can be redeemed for cash and gift rewards based on the user’s choice.

The points to USD conversion go like this in the case of cash rewards 500 points is equal to $1.

With gift cards, the conversion might vary a bit based on the gift card you choose. Currently, Get-paid has an option to redeem points for gift card, Walmart, Starbucks, Steam, iTunes, Target, JC Penny, and Google Play gift card.

Cash rewards include PayPal, Western Union, and Euro Paysafe card.

Points can also be redeemed for Bitcoin.

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Get-paid Payment Proof:

Get-paid payment proof

Get-paid is well known to pay the users on time with no delay. Here is the payment proof of Get-paid where points are redeemed for PayPal cash.

Payments were sent to the PayPal account within the promised timeline.

Get-paid review – Final Thoughts:

Get-paid is a legitimate website, not a scam, and I assure that they’re going to run their service for a long time. So, you can join with no worries.

And regarding the reliability of the site. It’s reliable, but they need to add more services and earning options to their site to stand out of the crowd.

Otherwise, Get-paid is definitely the best GPT site and one of the top survey jobs provider website.

Register on anywhere from the world by clicking the link given below.

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