EasyHits4U Review – How to Make the Most out of Easy Hits 4 U

Easyhits4u is one of the oldest traffic exchange sites that started in 2003 when touching a PC was a wonder. From 2003 to date, easyhits4u is known for its quality and reliability. They paid and paying their members on time for years. Easyhits4u might be confusing for beginners and most of them are not aware of the full potential of easyhits4u. The answer to the most asked question whether easyhits4u scam or legit – Easyhits4u is legit.

This article will be helpful for you to understand what is easyhits4u, how easyhits4u works and how it will be useful for building your online business. Continue to read the EasyHits4u review.

EasyHits4u review

EasyHits4u Registration Procedure:

Registration procedure - Easyhits4u
  • Signing up on Easyhits4u is a very simple process. Click here to register – EasyHits4u.
  • Once you click the register, the registration form will open as shown in the image displayed above.
  • The simplest way to sign up is by connecting Facebook or Google + account to EasyHits4u.
  • If you worry about earning money linking-social media account privacy, you can register through alternate traditional email methods.
  • Enter your name, email and create a new username, password. Solve the captcha and click get started.
  • They will send a verification mail to your inbox to prevent spammers. You must click the verification link within 24 hours to prevent the account from getting deleted from their system.

EasyHits4u Review Tutorial:

How to earn money with EasyHits4u:

  • Easyhits4u is the only site through which a member can earn money 24/7 by viewing unlimited ads.
  • They pay a fixed amount of $0.30 for viewing 1000 sites + 1:1 / 2:1 free traffic credits. So, besides the money, you also get the free visit to the URL under terms. For example, you can add referral links of other PTC sites, affiliate links or even links of your money blog, etc.
  • To earn money, get into any of the links based on your requirements. If you’re only looking for money you can go for 2:1 15 seconds link and if you’re looking for traffic besides the money, you should stick to 1:1 exchange with 20 seconds stay time.
Surfing tutorial EasyHits4u
  • Your browser will now take you to the site’s page where you have to watch the websites one by one for a certain time.
Timer credits - Easyhits4u
  • In the image given above, look at the credits (+2 credits) rewarded for the visit and the timer runs next to it (15 seconds). Once the timer runs completely, the captcha will load as shown below.
Click on the same image on EasyHits4U
  • You must click one image among two similar images to solve the captcha to receive credit(s). Here, one of the flags has to be clicked.
  • Continue to do the same process to earn more credits and money. If you’re focusing on money, go for a 2:1 link to save time.

Make use of Prizes for Viewing more:

  • Easyhits4u rewards hard workers once every 25 page view. This is to ensure to boost their member to visit more sites. The prize includes free credits, banner impressions, etc.
Bonus EasyHits4U
  • While you visit the 25th site, a page will appear as shown above asking you to claim the prize. Make sure you claim them without fail.
  • Apart from the surf prize, you can also take part in a weekly bonus contest by being an active member.
Weekly bonus of EasyHits4U

How to make use of credits:

  • As I’ve said earlier, credits can be used to improve your online business. You may add your referral link to other PTC sites, GPT sites, survey sites to get referrals or add your blog post, conversion page to attract more customers.
Adding sites - Easthits4u
  • To assign credits, you must first add a site to your account. This can be done by clicking “My Sites” on the left side menu. You will be asked to enter the link and title to add the site.
Adding new site EasyHits4U
  • After entering the necessary details, click submit the website to add the page successfully. Make sure your site complies with requirement terms to get approved.
Confirming website on EasyHits4U
  • You will be asked to confirm the website, where a preview will be displayed below. Click confirm to finish the process.
Adding credits to EasyHits4U
  • Now you can assign credits to activate the site. Once you activate the targeted site will receive visits until the credits get empty. You can add, transfer or remove credits anytime by earning them or purchasing them.

How to Increase Sales and Leads for your Online Business using EasyHits4u:

  • Easyhits4u is the best place to increase leads and sales of the business as it is the place where tons of members visit whose primary intention is to making money online like you.
  • Getting the referral to sites or getting leads to your private business can be achieved by following this strategy.
  • For example, if you wish to refer some people through easyhits4u, you must not depend on your referral link like others. Conversions will be very less to nothing if you post referral link to the other sites, let us say Ysense.
  • Easyhits4u provides a great tool to their members called “Easy splash builder” where you can build the free custom page without web design knowledge.
  • The link to an easy splash builder will be available on the left side menu. You can make use of it to make others to interact. A lot of tutorials are posted there for beginners and you can make use of it, including templates.
  • Your message should be precise and unique with creatives added to it. The best splash page produces more conversions compared to the regular web page. Here is an example of a good conversion page – Good splash page.
  • Also, remember that you should promote the products or services related to “Make money online“. Because most of the people come to this website to make money and find sources to make money. If you promote Amazon.com affiliate links or health supplement affiliate links, you might not get any conversions. So, analyze the product/service before promoting it.
  • Apart from easy splash builders, you can also make use of web 2.0 properties to create a unique page to promote products or services.
  • While previously EasyHits4u was a great option for the people to promote online business and make money. After 2020, their strategy may not work like before since the fall of paid to click industry.

EasyHits4U Referral Program:

  • Make use of the EasyHits4u referral program up to 6 levels to earn free cash & credits.
  • For free members, the referral program goes as follows 10% 5% 3% 2% 1% up to 5 levels and for the upgraded members the percentage of referral commission increases up to 6 level which goes as follows 15% 10% 5% 3% 2% 1%.
  • Apart from that, Easyhits4u also pays $0.10 for referring to each member who qualifies by visiting a minimum of 100 websites. You can use this guide to refer to people.

EasyHits4U Payment method:

  • Easyhits4u is known for paying the users on time. Their payment mode includes Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • You can request to send money once your account has a $3 minimum balance.
  • With a $3 minimum balance fixed, they will send money to the payment processor account within 7 days from the requested date.

Key Points about EasyHits4u:

  • Easyhits4u is the only site through which a member can earn unlimited 24/7 in terms of paid to click.
  • Easyhits4u’s splash page builder has proven that it is a very reliable tool for people without a blog/website.
  • The 6 level referral program will be very helpful for the referee in earning more money and credits to promote their online business & even geo-targeted offline business.
  • Easyhits4u business directory will be very useful to promote our web property for free.

Final Words on EasyHits4u:

Easyhits4u is an awesome rewarding site that has multiple features for both beginners & professionals and above that, they were paying since 2003 which shows it is legitimate. Also, there are a minimum chances for the site to scam its members in the future and with no doubt, you can trust them. Click the link given below to join Easyhits4u.

Registration link EasyHits4u.

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