Are you a music lover? Do you like to rate and review songs? If someone pays for listening to music and hearing songs daily it will be really great. Slicethepie  pays real money for rating and writing review about the songs. You can make some money by reviewing the tracks listening for just 90 seconds. Make this a hobby to earn money everyday.


Slicethepie | The music world that rewards you

What is slicethepie?

  • Slicethepie was started on 2007 and it the world’s largest music review engine that pays the music fans for rating and reviewing the tracks.
  • The advertisers will pay slicethepie for reviews. A part of the money will be paid to the members.
Basic requirements to join slicethepie:
  • You should own a PC with high speed internet connection that can download high quality 300 kB/s songs without buffering.
  • You should be the resident of the country where you can receive payment through Paypal.
  • A high quality head set to listen to the music without loosing best effects.
  • You should have good language skill to write reviews. Also it will be better if you know few words related to music like bass, flat, acoustic, unplugged, melody, vocal, drop, pitch, sharp, harmony, tempo (music speed), to make your review to look professional.
How to rate and review the tracks:
  • After registration you will be taken to the review page where you can start working right away.
  • The review page will look as shown in the picture below.
How to work on slicethepie
  • You have to listen to the song or music for at least 90 seconds to write review.
  • After hearing rate the music by pulling the slider anywhere from 0 to 10 and write your reviews in the given text box. Continue to write the review once you complete the rating.
  • Don’t write reviews like “nice music” “wow I loved it” etc. Your review should be lengthy, constructive and related to that track. Try to use some words related to music as said above.
  • The more review is professional the more you will paid for each review.
  • You can review as much as you can until your energy level bar get empty.
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How to earn more:

Slicethepie music review
  • Initially every member will have bronze rank. You should write more and more quality reviews to increase you rank to diamond, platinum etc.
  • Try to review the priority tracks. The rewards for priority tracks are really high.
  • Subscribe to daily track. You will receive mail as soon as a new track is available.
Refer your friends:
  • This is another way to earn more money without even working.
  • Refer your friends, relatives, colleagues… to earn referral incentives.
  • Slicethepie pays 10% – 20% as referral commission.
  • If your friend earn $0.10 by reviewing a track you will receive up to $0.04 as referral commission.
  • Refer more people to earn more.
Payment method:
  • The only way to withdraw your earnings is through Paypal payment processor.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Payment will be sent within 5 days from the date of request.

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How to join:
  • You don’t need to take any test or pay to get hired.
  • You can simply join as you do in regular sign up. Click here to join Slicethepie.
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