How to Earn Free Mobile Recharges and Bill Payments Online

They are many websites on the internet that say that their members can earn free recharges. But, most of them are scams and they operate just to get your cellphone numbers and email to spam. There is a reliable way to earn mobile recharges on the internet that most of you are not aware of. Continue to read to learn more about how to earn free mobile recharge credits.

This is not free. Instead you should earn bitcoins by playing mobile games, desktop games, solving captcha, claiming faucets, etc. and use those bitcoins to recharge your cellphone. This is a legitimate method to earn recharge with no doubt.

Earn free mobile recharge

How to Earn Free Mobile Recharge:

To earn mobile recharges, you should earn a digital currency called Bitcoin (฿). Though Bitcoin can be sold for currencies like USD ($), GBP (£), EUR (), INR () it is really easy to recharge your mobile phone at a second without losing few Satoshi as a currency conversion charge.

You can store the earned Bitcoin on your mobile phone or computer or even online using CoinPayments. And you can use immediately it to recharge or purchase products & services whenever you want.

You can earn Bitcoin in various ways like playing mobile games, solving the captcha, clicking ads, etc. And you can also lend Bitcoin to earn interest and spend the interest without working.

Previously, Bitcoin price has reached as high as Mt. Everest that it’s considered more valuable than Gold.

Requirements to Recharge Mobile using Bitcoin:

  • Anyone from the earth can use this service and it is available for most of the leading service providers.
  • The XAPO store provided this service. To avail of this service, you should own an account on XAPO.

To create a XAPO wallet – click here(Mobile users will be redirected to the app download page).

For step-by-step procedure to create XAPO wallet – click here.

Ways to Earn Bitcoin in Simplest Ways:

1. Play Games on Mobile Phone:

The easiest and interesting way to earn bitcoins is by playing games on smartphones. Lots of Bitcoin paying games are available for Android and iPhone users. Play the games on the mobile phone to earn Bitcoin with ease.

Click hereMore info about Bitcoin paying mobile games…

2. Play games on Desktop:

Apart from playing games on smartphones, you can also earn Bitcoin using PC by playing simple and interesting puzzles, strategy games. While it’s not going to be a super gaming experience, it’s still a way to earn Bitcoin free.

Click hereMore info about Bitcoin paying PC games…

3. Claim Bitcoin on Faucets [Recommended]:

Claiming bitcoins on faucets is a reliable way to earn Bitcoins quick provided you must make use of their refer a friend program properly. Bitcoin Faucets pay Bitcoin for just visiting their page. You can claim Bitcoin 24/7. Click the link given to learn how to earn reliable income from the Bitcoin faucet.

Click here More info on making use of Bitcoin faucets…

4. Work on PTC to Earn Bitcoin:

Spend 30 minutes every day to earn Bitcoin from Bitcoin-based paid to click sites. These sites pay free Bitcoin for visiting websites. Working on these sites along with Faucets is a strategical way to earn more bitcoins.

Click here More info about Bitcoin paying PTC sites…

5. Solve Captcha to Earn Bitcoin:

Solving captcha is one way to earn Bitcoin. Get paid every time for solving captcha. There are various types of captcha available for solving, like the image to text captcha, solve media, reCAPTCHA, pattern captcha, click the link given below to learn more.

Click here More info about Bitcoin for solving captchas…

Long term reliable way to Earn Bitcoin without working:

1. Lend Bitcoin for 13% interest:

After accumulating some bitcoins, try to invest the bitcoins or lend bitcoins for interest. Spend the interest money for recharging mobile phones, buying products and services without working. Start with as low as $2 worth bitcoins. Click the link given below to learn more about bitcoin investments.

Click here More info about Bitcoin investment…

2. Earn a 4.08% Interest Pa:

While in the above case you will have to lend your Bitcoin to a third party borrower, here you can earn 4.08% free interest per annum just by using as the BTC wallet. At the end of each day, they will credit the BTC to the user account, which can be withdrawn anytime. It should take a long time to make a reliable amount of Bitcoin.

Click here More info on FreeBitcoin interest…

How to Recharge your Mobile Phone using Bitcoin:

Prepaid Mobile Recharge:

  • As I said already, the recharge facility is available only for users with the Xapo account. On the homepage of the Xapo account, there will be a store button as shown in the picture given below.
Xapo app
  • Just click the store button to go to the offers page. And on the offers page, click Mobile top-up. The promotion page will appear as shown below.
Recharging mobile phone country
  • Default will already select your country. If not, click the drop-down button and select your country.
Enter your phone number to recharge on xapo
  • Enter your mobile phone number and click “see promotions”. It will redirect you to the mobile recharge page.
Choose the offer to recharge mobile for free
  • The correct service provider will be displayed on this page by default and if your service provider is different, just click the drop-down menu and select the correct service provider.
Choose the mobile phone service provider
  • 5 types of recharge offers will be displayed on that page. Select the amount you wish to recharge and proceed as directed to complete recharge.

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Postpaid Recharge (Phone Bills and Internet Bills):

Postpaid bill payment
  • If you wish to add money to your postpaid bill, just click add cash instead of top-up. Follow the same procedure to add funds to your account.

Other than Mobile Recharge:

  • Other than mobile recharge you can buy software, PS, Xbox, PC, smartphone games in the Xapo world and also you can buy services on sites like Fiverr.
Purchasing PC games on xapo store
  • Games are available on various platforms like Xbox live, Uplay, Steam, Origin, etc. Just select it from the drop-down menu.
Choosing PC games on xapo store
  • To buy online courses, just click on Udemy. In the future, other than games, software and recharges, Xapo will release lots of products & services which you can buy it using Bitcoin.

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