Cinchbucks Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Cinchbucks is a Get paid to site with various methods to earn money online in the simplest ways like Ysense. Working on Cinchbucks is easy, that anyone could do it with a PC or smartphone connected to the internet. This article is the Cinchbucks review to let you know if Cinchbucks is a scam or legit and also if it worth to work on Cinchbucks.

Cinchbucks Review:

From my point of view, Cinchbucks is created with custom features similar to Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is one of the largest online rewarding sites in the world where people earn money and save money through multiple offers made available through their platform.

Cinchbucks have similar features compare like copying the digital currency named exactly similar and sites features.

But, Cinchbucks seems to pay their users and try to give maximum opportunities to help them make as much as possible.

About Cinchbucks:

Cinchbucks review

While Cinchbucks is headquartered in India, run by CDS Pvt. Ltd., it doesn’t mean they provide online jobs in India. Cinchbucks services are available for users from all the countries. The Cinchbucks members all around the world work on Cinchbucks to earn CB points and redeem CB for various gift cards and cash rewards.

Cinchbucks do not collect any registration fees in order to use their services.

Ways to Earn Money on Cinchbucks:

These are the ways you can earn money on Cinchbucks. As a normal, get paid to site, except the same features that are available in other GPT sites.

1. Cinchcucks surveys:

Cinchbucks surveys

The key feature available on Cinchbucks to earn money is through online surveys. Unlike the regular GPT sites which rely on the survey routers totally, Cincbucks has got a lot of direct survey offers made available to the users.

Find hundreds of direct surveys from Your Surveys, CINT, Opinion World surveys, Pure Spectrum, etc.

Apart from the direct surveys, there are surveys from Peanut Labs, Poll Fish and other networks that will be helpful to make additional income.

Find surveys with pay rate ranging from 10 CB to 500 CB on Cinchbucks.

Answering paid surveys takes a few minutes to complete and it will be interesting based on the survey topic.

Make an unlimited amount of money just by taking surveys on Cinchbucks.

2. Make Money Watching Videos:

Cinchbucks video earn

Do you know you get paid for watching videos at Cinchbucks? Yes, Cinchbucks pay up to a cent for watching a video.

Like on Makeculous, you can earn as many CB as you can by watching unlimited videos made available through Adscend Media.

Adscend Media is an impressive network with GPV features such as,, which pay the users for watching their videos.

Based on your geographic location, you can find thousands of videos in different categories, such as games, sports, food, technology, etc.

You can make money while you travel, earn money using the mobile phone at free time and at work by watching videos on Cinchbucks.

This feature at Cinchbucks is an excellent source for students to make pocket money.

3. OfferWalls Offers:

Cinchbucks OfferWall

Usually, the OfferWall ad networks remain the additional source to earn money on rewarding sites.

In this case, Cinchbucks has a lot of major OfferWalls installed on their site to help users earn money by completing offers.

While Cinchbucks has got plenty of OfferWalls to go with, test the one which works best for you in your country.

OfferWalls have offers including paid surveys, paid to click, sign up, downloads, quiz, trials, paid to read, etc.

People from tier – 1 countries get several high paying offers on the OfferWalls so that the earning potential increases a lot compared to the members of other countries.

4. Cinchbucks Codes:

The CB codes will be posted by Cinchbucks in various places on the internet like social media, forum, discussion boards, etc.

Cinchbucks users can cash in the codes in their Cinchbucks account to claim free Cinchbucks.

Stay active by following their social media pages, forum, MMO blogs to get free Cinchbucks code and earn free CB.

5. Referral Program:

Cinchbucks has got a nice referral program to make a passive income by referring new users to Cinchbucks.

By default, Cinchbucks pay 20% referral program to their users. So, when the referral earns 100 CB, the referrer will get flat 20 CB as the referral commission.

Cinchbucks treat potential affiliate marketers with custom offers. Just contact Cinchbucks support to get an additional commission instead of default 20%.

Ways to Save Money on Cinchbucks:

While there are a lot of earn money options on Cinchbucks, there are ways you can save money and earn cashback on Cinchbucks.

Their cashback program is ok, but not as efficient as cashback programs like MyPoint, Cashkaro, etc.

Cinchbucks links to very minimum programs and internet services. When you buy a product or subscription, you will get cashback CB credited to the account at no time.

Cinchbucks should work on improving their cashback section to a reliable one.

No Use – Play Games section:

They have a section where you can find various online games to play, but in this case, you cannot earn money by playing games.

The play games section is just the collection of third-party games which remain just entertainment for the Cinchbucks users.

Cinchbucks Payments:

Cinchbucks Payments

Redeem your CB points to various gift vouchers and cash rewards.

Cinchbucks has an option to redeem CB for gift cards of, eBay, iTunes, Walmart, Steam, Target, PayPal gift cards.

Since Cinchbucks is a survey site based in India, they have special options for Indian users, which include UPI, BigBazaar, free Paytm money, etc.

The minimum payout is $10.

100 CB equals $1.

Pros and Cons of Cinchbucks:


  • Cinchbucks is better than most of the average Get paid to sites.
  • They have reliable payment options for users from all the countries.
  • Find a decent number of high paying surveys posted every day.
  • Partnered with major CPA networks, to unlock more opportunities.
  • Works great even on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Custom referral commission for best-performing affiliates.
  • Low minimum payout of $10.


  • They might have started this copying Swagbucks. Any business should have their originality should not clone any aspects of another business.
  • It has got a lot of bugs that have to be addressed.
  • Needs a lot more to keep the members engaged.

Cinchbucks Final Review:

Cinchbucks is one of the best rewarding sites with a decent number of user base working on it.

It’s a legit GPT site paying its member still. Indian members have additional benefits of getting the money delivered to their bank account via UPI, Paytm.

They have some cool features that other rewarding sites don’t. So, you can try Cinchbucks to find if it works for you.

Sign up now Cinchbucks.

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