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Check points- Mobile app to earn online.

CheckPoints is a mobile app for Android smartphones and iPhone users. CheckPoints rewards app isn’t a normal app, you can earn points just for checking products in supermarkets, earn points for watching videos, earn points for playing games, etc and you can redeem your earned points for the gift cards of best shopping brands like, Walmart, Shell and much more. Continue to read the CheckPoints review to find the benefits of using the app that could help you save hundreds of dollars every month.

About CheckPoints Rewards App:

CheckPoints rewards app is the property of inMarket LLC.

CheckPoints is one of the Pioneers to create a beautiful application that gives the users to go paperless in order to make some for what they love.

They have been proving that CheckPoints is a reliable app for the families.

CheckPoints App Review:

CheckPoints rewards app review

CheckPoints app is the rewards application for the mobile phone, that can help you earn points even without spending a penny while you shop. All you have to do is scan the products they recommend while you go shopping in the applicable stores.

You’re paid for what you do it on a daily basis. It’s not complicated, like Freelance jobs or Data entry work on the mobile phone.

Very easy way to earn some pocket money for students and a source to earn gift cards for stay at home moms to purchase some more while they shop.

How does the CheckPoints App work step by step Explanation:

Checkpoints rewards smartphone app
  • Download the app from the Google PlayStore or Apple iStore and install it.
  • After the installation, complete the basic setups of the CheckPoints app such as registration and connecting email account.
  • When you get into the app during the time of shopping. So, every time when you check into the nearby store, you will receive points.
Checkpoints get paid for checking in
  • Here’s how the CheckPoints app works.
  • Get into your app to search for the nearby grocery store in it. Click check in to earn points.
  • To earn additional points, check out for products that are eligible for earning checkpoints in the store you have checked in.
Check out the products to earn check points on Check Points app
  • You just have to scan the bar code of the product through your mobile phone camera to earn CheckPoints.
Scanning Barcode on the CheckPoints app
Referring Friends to Check Points to earn additional money
  • You can get up to a $25 gift card for each friend you refer. With your help, your friends can also earn CheckPoints and get benefits through checkpoints.
Making your own community on CheckPoints mobile app
  • Besides barcode scanning, earn checkpoints for playing games and watching videos.
Earn with your mobile phones using CheckPoints app for playing games and watching video
  • Once enough CheckPoints are accumulated, you can redeem it directly in the app itself.
Redeem points on CheckPoints app
  • Redeem your points to gift cards of the various franchise. You can also use it for movie tickets, restaurant voucher and even for air tickets.
Redeem your points through checkpoints app itself

More on the CheckPoints App Review:

  • CheckPoints app is just a source to make some extra money online without investment. Don’t expect to make a living or complete the bill payments using the money you earn.
  • Apps of these kinds usually can’t promise the opportunities and availability of rewarding tasks can’t be promised.
  • When you’re shopping, it will be fun to search for the recommended products to scan such as CocaCola and other brands. The same will become boring as the days pass.
  • Other than scanning the bar codes, you can also earn money by answering surveys, watching videos, and completing bonus tasks like on the GPT sites.
  • The referral program of CheckPoints is very limited. It cannot be called a reliable refer a friend program like the Paid to click sites.
  • It has a lot of limitations and disadvantages with the theme of the program since there are chances to get screwed by the spammers. This could hugely affect genuine customers.

Win Big Playing the Bonus Games:

  • It’s always advised looking into the opportunities to win big on the CheckPoints app.
  • By playing simple bonus games such as Jungle Lotto, Paradise slots, scratchers, you could win up to 150000 CheckPoints instantly.
  • It’s said that over 3.5 million people have already won prizes by playing the bonus points playing games.

Things to Remember about CheckPoints Rewards App:

  • You don’t have to purchase anything to earn points on the CheckPoints Rewards app. You can earn for just checking the products they recommend in their app while you pass by the store.
  • This app works only for the residents of the USA.
  • This app is currently available for only Android and iPhone users. There are no CheckPoints app for Windows phone users Update – WindowsPhone is no more supported by Microsoft.

CheckPoints Rewards App payments:

  • Redeem your earned CheckPoints for gift cards of, Walmart voucher, American Airlines Miles, and Cashback.
  • On reaching the minimum threshold, you can request CheckPoints to send the payments based on your points redemption.
  • CheckPoints usually process the payments with few days from the time of redemption.

Pros and Cons of CheckPoints APP:


  • A simple app with simple earning terms that suit people of all ages.
  • Since they are going to pay has gift cards, even the school students can make use of the app, earn points, redeem points, and make use of it to buy the thing they love.
  • While scanning bar code is the single most aim of the app, they do have multiple earning opportunities.
  • CheckPoints is not a task-oriented app like the Swagbucks app, it’s just use on the go basis app.
  • Fun for new users, it’s more like a game such as Pokemon Go. Do it really to earn!


  • Not a Potential make money app. It’s not a reliable one.
  • Users complain about missing points all the time.
  • The available tasks are getting reduced as the years passing.
  • It works only in the USA. People from other countries cannot use the app.
  • No option to redeem the points to cash.

Get Started with CheckPoints Rewards App:

Getting started with CheckPoitns mobile app

Click here to get started with the CheckPoints rewards app. You can even use your FB linking to make the signup process much easier than before.

Each user must verify their account by receiving the SMS on their mobile phone.

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