CashKaro Review – Grab Deals, Save Money, Get Rewards for Shopping in India

Cashkaro is the number 1 cashback site in India that helps Millions of Indian residents to save money. If you’re from India, you can save thousands of rupees from deals and also get cashback & rewards for making purchases in e-commerce sites and local retailers. Cashkaro has partnered with thousands of Indian online retailers and e-commerce sites, including the and Flipkart, to make this possible.

This Cashkaro review will be helpful for you to get an outline of the Cashkaro app and how to explore various deals to save a significant amount of money on your shopping expenses.

About Cashkaro:

Cashkaro is the first VC funded cashback site made possible with the help of Ratan Tata named the founder and one of the primary investors of Cashkaro.

Their model works on connecting the retailers with the customers(us) as an affiliate.

In this way, they get paid by the partners for driving sales and purchases made by the customers via their app. They will share a percentage of the commission with those customers as cashback.

Cashkaro has paid over 100 crore Indian Rupees as cashback, which makes it evolve as the cashback giant in India.

Apart from cashback, they help the customers to stay updated with the deals and offers on various sites.

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What are the benefits you can enjoy as a Cashkaro Member?

With over 35 lakhs current memberships, Cashkaro continues to grow with innovative ideas.

Here are some of the basic advantages of being a Cashkaro member:

  • Get cash back on each transaction made on the Cashkaro partner/retailer website.
  • Collect Cashkaro coupon codes to apply it before completing purchases in order to enable special discounts. For example, applying Cashkaro Paytm coupon codes on eligible purchases.
  • Earn cash back rewards on thousands of products and services available online including food, groceries, smartphones, mobile recharges, bills, fashion products & accessories, automobile, medicine, health products & supplements, gears, online courses, web hosting, applications, hotels, shoes, movies tickets, bus tickets, cab bookings, etc.
  • Cashkaro helps to explore the online Indian market reveling newly established brands and existing for the users to enjoy low-cost online shopping.
  • It helps to compare the best deals and offers available on the internet.
  • They showcase the special offer days such as Amazon great Indian sale, Big Billion days with special discounts available on the market.
  • So many more advantages to using the Cashkaro website and mobile app available for Android & IOS.

Cashkaro Review:

Cashkaro review

How to Earn Cashback on Cashkaro:

The basic use of Cashkaro is to earn cashback from the retailers and e-commerce sites.

To get started, you need to log into the Cashkaro website or app to find the cashback deals.

Be advised that the deals are subjected to change every day on Cashkaro. Hence, you must confirm if the terms are convincing to you before shopping.

The most used online shopping websites in India are and Flipkart. Let me take the transactions made on one of these websites as an example.

Once the right offer has been spotted, click the offer to read the terms and conditions.

Cashkaro rules to earn cashback

If convinced by the terms and rewards, click ‘visit retailer’ to go to the shopping website.

Cashkaro will direct to the homepage of the retailer website if a common offer has been chosen.

In the case, if a product-specific offer has been chosen, Cashkaro will redirect the user directly to the product page. So, try to explore product-specific deals on Cashkaro to find the best possible deal available at that time.

Cashkaro redirects to retailer

On reaching the retailer website, start browsing the products to make a purchase. Feel free to add more items to the cart to ensure maximum cashback benefits.

Be advised that even if Cashkaro pays a maximum of 5.5% rewards for purchasing on, the cashback rewards for each item vary based on the category.

For example, cashback for mobile phones will be just 1% to 2.2% while the cashback rewards for fashion products may increase up to 5.5%.

Add the items to the cart, make the payment, and complete the purchase.

Cashkaro will automatically send an email regarding the cashback to the registered email address.

Cashkaro cashback confirmation email

Remember, this is just a confirmation regarding the transaction with the estimated cashback rewards value. It might take a few weeks before the cashback rewards are confirmed and made available for the payment.

Cashkaro also sends the SMS regarding the transaction and the cashback reward details to the registered mobile phone number.

Follow the same procedure for all the purchases made via Cashkaro on the retailer websites.

Ensure to read the terms and conditions of the deals properly as the transactions are irreversible.

Things you must know to prevent Cashkaro cashback revocation:

Cashkaro advises the users not to add products and items to the cart before activating the rewards offer. Doing so may cause loss of cashback rewards, as the transaction cannot be tracked technically.

Buy products and items only after activating the rewards.

It may take up to a few days for Cashkaro to display the transaction in the rewards history. So, wait for a while before claiming a dispute. When you try to claim a dispute, Cashkaro will suggest the click and give you the preliminary details of the transaction.

Cashkaro Amazon cashback transactions

Canceling orders after the purchase will cause cashback revocation.

Clear the browser cookies before purchasing to prevent technical errors while shopping online.

Some products might not come under the rewards category. No cashback will be paid for any such transactions.

Each website and app will have different ways of tracking the transaction. Make sure to follow the instructions given by Cashkaro to prevent loss of rewards.

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List of Top Indian Brands to avail Cashkaro Cashback Rewards:

Here are some of the top Indian retailer brands with frequent offers and deals posted on Cashkaro,

1. Cashkaro – Amazon India Offers:

Amazon fixed rewards Cashkaro

Amazon is the largest online retailer in India, backed by established sellers in India.

Cashkaro has partnered with Amazon to pay up to 5.5% rewards to the users for every successful transaction made on

Get cashback rewards from Cashkaro on almost all the purchases made on Amazon from groceries, mobile phones, electronics, fashion products, smartphones, etc.

Also, get special offers on Cashkaro mobile recharges, DTH recharges, electricity bills, landline bills, water bills, landline bills, etc.

Besides the regular Cashkaro rewards, get up to ₹75 fixed rewards on the first Amazon transaction of the month.

2. Cashkaro – Flipkart Offers:

Cashkaro Flipkart rewards

Flipkart is the second most used online e-commerce websites in India next to

Cashkaro offers up to 8.4% cash back rewards for every transaction made on Flipkart.

Similar to Amazon India, Flipkart is home to thousands of products in hundreds of categories.

I’ve noted that Cashkaro used to send Flipkart promotions often to its users, especially on smartphones. So, make sure to keep an eye on Cashkaro Flipkart promotions to grab the best deals.

3. Cashkaro – Netmeds:

Get cashback rewards for purchasing medicine on Netmeds via Cashkaro.

They often post discount deals up to 30% assisted by flat cashback rewards for purchasing medicine on Netmeds.

Apart from Netmeds deals, find medicine based cashback deals on other brands like Medlife, Medplus, 1mg, etc.

Also, find Cashkaro deals on Supplements like Whey, BCAA, Caesien, Amino, etc on Merricart.

4. Cashkaro – Swiggy Deals:

Cashkaro Swiggy

Are you a food lover? Then Cashkaro Swiggy deals should help you save money on food.

Apart from deals, get up to 50% reward cashback by purchasing food items on Swiggy via Cashkaro.

Cashkaro posts more Swiggy deals compared to other online food seller sites. Keep an eye on Cashkaro Swiggy deals to get the maximum deals for food.

Other Cashkaro food deals are available on Paytm, Domino, etc.

5. Cashkaro – BigBasket:

Cashkaro Big basket deals and rewards

BigBasket is one of the largest online fresh food sellers in India.

Get notification about the deals available for purchasing fruits, vegetables, and other essentials on BigBasket.

Enjoy Cashkaro cashback rewards for every transaction and get on-site cashback through bank offers.

6. Cashkaro – Myntra:

Cashkaro Myntra offers

Myntra is an established online shopping destination for fashion lovers like Jabong.

Cashkaro frequently post updates regarding exclusive Myntra deals and fashion offers.

You can save a maximum on Myntra deals and earn up to 8% cashback rewards exclusively on Cashkaro Myntra deals.

7. Cashkaro – Aliexpress:

Cashkaro Aliexpress cashback rewards

Find exclusive deals on the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce site AliExpress of Alibaba Group.

Aliexpress is still in the development stage for the Indian residents. So, expect Aliexpress services fully supporting India very soon.

It’s the place where you can get thousands of products based on foreign brands. Get what’s not available on Indian shopping websites only on AliExpress.

Sign up today on Cashkaro to find more deals and offers to earn cashback on hundreds of websites.

Monitor the Cashkaro Promotion emails for Exclusive Deals and Offers:

Cashkaro remains the best source to get informed about various deals and discount sales available for online shopping sites.

They will let the users know about the upcoming deals on the websites and remind us before a day when the deals start.

By making purchases in the festival seasons, you can save more money on products and also earn increased cash back rewards.

While we’ll be aware of some of the biggest online shopping festivals, like Flipkart Big Billion days, Amazon Great Indian Sale, etc. we won’t mind about other sites.

Cashkaro acts as the best source to explore unknown online shopping sites with exclusive offers.

So, more than a cash back rewards website, Cashkaro acts as a source of information, letting us know all essential offers and deals via newsletters.

They send newsletters to the registered email address and also product-based promotions via SMS.

CashKaro Payments:

Cashkaro offers two types of money back, i.e., cashback and rewards.

Cashback can be withdrawn to the bank account while the rewards can be redeemed for only Pay balance or Flipkart gift vouchers.

Usually, they pay cashback to rewards balance for the purchases made in and Flipkart. With other transactions, it will be added to the cashback balance that can be withdrawn to the bank account.

Either way, you will get free money to as cashback rewards, which you can use for shopping online and in selected stores to pay for services and products like fuel, groceries, etc.

Cashkaro Payment Proof:

The minimum payout threshold is just ₹250 on Cashkaro.

On reaching the minimum cash out threshold, the Cashkaro member can request for payment.

Cashkaro bank transfer payments

We can withdraw the cashback amount to the bank account, while we can request rewards as Amazon Pay balance or Flipkart gift voucher.

Here is an example of Cashkaro Amazon Pay cash out. Cashkaro payment proof of Amazon gift card with details,

Cashkaro payment proof Amazon gift card

Cashkaro will send the payment details to the registered email address.

We just need to go to the Amazon account and add the gift card code to redeem.

The cash will be instantly added to the Amazon Pay account available for purchase and Amazon Pay third-party payments.

Cashkaro amazon pay transaction

You might how to add the Flipkart gift card to the Flipkart account here, besides how to earn free Flipkart gift cards.

Cashkaro FAQs:

Does Cashkaro really work?
Yes, Cashkaro is a 100% real and you can earn free cashback rewards.
Does Cashkaro sends payment to bank account?
All the cashback payments will be transferred to bank account while rewards points can be redeemed for Amazon Pay balance.
Do Cashkaro have mobile app?
Yes, Cashkaro mobile app is available for Android and IOS devices.
Is the Cashback tracking process automatic?
Yes, Cashkaro tracks the transactions made in the partner sites automatically and will notify the user via email and SMS regarding the cashback.
Is there are referral program on Cashkaro?
Yes, there is a generous referral program that pay a flat 10% referral commission on referral transactions.
Can I earn a lot of money on Cashkaro?
No, you cannot make use of this to earn money online. It’s just a cashback rewards program to find deals and save part of the money you spend.
Will Cashkaro continue its services for a long time?
Cashkaro is funded by the great Ratan Tata which is a great sign that it will continue to grow with new features and never stop or scam its users.
What if they didn't track my transaction?
Cashkaro has an option to claim dispute for missing transaction.
How many days they take to process payments?
I usually receive payments within a week from the time of request.
Do Cashkaro have coupon codes?
Find coupon codes to get on-site cashback on brands like Paytm, Redbus, etc.

Cashkaro Referral Program:

Cashkaro referral program

Cashkaro has one of the best refer a friend program to earn a free referral commission of 10% from the referral transactions.

I feel the Cashkaro referral program is very potential since most of the referrals will be active, unlike the inactive referrals on GPT sites like Ysense.

Share the referral link with your friends and ask them to sign up on Cashkaro. Earn money whenever they shop or pay bills via Cashkaro.

You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is sit back, relax, let money flow into your account.

Be the first of your friends to share about Cashkaro to make more referrals. Find other ways to refer new people.

Cashkaro Mobile App:

Cashkaro Mobile app

Cashkaro mobile app is available for Android and iPhone.

Download the app to your mobile phone to get instant notification and get access to cashback rewards.

Besides, you can join the Cashkaro WhatsApp group to get updated instantly regarding new promotions and offers.

Connect Cashkaro Telegram channel for exclusive deals and offers.

Is Cashkaro Worth?

Cashkaro is worth it if you can use it wisely. Remember that you cannot make thousands of rupees every month on Cashkaro.

It’s just a rewards program where you can find offers and deals. On activating the offer, the users will be rewarded a small part of their commission as cashback.

To make ₹10000 per month, it’s impossible on Cashkaro for most of the people, since the cashback rewards depend on how much you spend.

On average, people make less than 1000 per month on Cashkaro.

If you’re looking to earn money online, checkout potential online jobs without investment.

Final Words on Cashkaro Review:

Cashkaro is a legitimate site and the leader of Indian cashback websites.

Join Cashkaro be the part of their program to earn free cashback.

People who make use of Cashkaro just for cashback won’t find its potential. So, make use of it to find deals and discounts where you can save a lot of money on the site more than what can earn as cashback on Cashkaro.

The intention of Cashkaro users should be like, more than earning cashback rewards on Cashkaro, concentrate on saving money as a discount on partner sites.

For example, while purchasing a laptop, aim to find the offers to get 5000 on-site discounts instead of looking to get 1000 Cashkaro cashback rewards. So, a total of 6000 saved on completing the purchase.

Sign up Cashkaro.

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