Cashcrate ShutsDown it’s Service after 12 Long Years

Cash crate was a rewarding website started in 2006 and after a decade they decided to shut down the services for good. They were actually paying the users for taking paid surveys and micro-tasks for earning money online. The cash crate was a free website. Memberships need not pay them for signing up. Overall, the awesome site ended its journey.

Cashcrate review

The Reason Why Cashcrate Shut Down:

At the end of 2019, Cash Crate announced that their website is going to be shut down. They asked all the users to withdraw the earnings before the due date. And as planned, Cashcrate rewarding services were stopped. Here is the reason Cashcrate was stopped.

  • The rewarding site model is no more profitable, according to Cashcrate. This is the reason for the downfall of most of the websites like Clixsense, Hits4Pay, etc.
  • The small rewarding site uses prebuilt GPT scripts to evolve to spoil the industry.
  • With a proper forecast, Cashcrate decided to shut down its service at the right time and decided to move on to a sustainable business.
  • This is the main reason why Cashcrate was stopped.

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Cashcrate Review:

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How to Register on Cashcrate: 

Registration form - Cashcrate
  • Click here to join Cashcrate.
  • Enter your valid e-mail address and choose the password of your wish.
  • Click join now. Cash crate needs you to click the verification link(in your e-mail inbox) to activate your account as shown below.
click 'confirm your account' or copy the verification link and paste it in your browser's address bar on Cashcrate
  • Now your account will be activated and you will be rewarded with $1 as a sign-up bonus.

How to Earn Money on Cashcrate:

This is what you see once your Cashcrate account is successfully activated.
  • Cashcrate provides various tasks for you to complete and you will be rewarded with cash for each task you complete. You can easily earn more than $5 per day by completing these tasks.
  • Once you click the verification link, you will be taken to the page as shown above. You can get an idea about the Cash crate by watching the video.
  • You can see the earnings section below the video link. You can easily switch to various works by just clicking the menu tab. The menu tab contains various jobs like offers, surveys, tasks… Click the required field and see the available jobs. Click the job completely to get paid instantly.

Cashcrate Offers: 

Offers available in cash crate.
  • The current tab offers and you can see the available offers and rewards allotted for the jobs. Offers will be mostly like downloading the money app, signing up, shopping, etc. Offers will be very easy to complete than surveys & tasks and you can earn more with offers comparing to surveys and tasks.
  • Once you get the reward by signing up or downloading the app you can unsubscribe/ uninstall. So this is the best way to earn some extra cash.
  • You can earn up to $30 by completing each offer.

Cashcrate Surveys:

Participate in surveys provided by Cashcrate
  • Earn up to $3 for choosing the best answer i.e, by participating in paid online surveys.
  • Click the surveys tab to see currently the available surveys. You can see a survey available with a $0.75 reward in the picture. Click the survey link to start the survey.
Survey questions while taking surveys on Cashcrate
  • Just choose the answers and be genuine when you answer, as your answers will be noted and compared in future surveys. 
Example of Cashcrate surveys
  • Once you complete the survey, give feedback and click continue. Your account will be automatically credited with the reward cash.
  • The reward for each survey depends on the length. If the survey is lengthy, you will be paid more.

Micro tasks on Cashcrate:

Available tasks in cash crate
  • Cashcrate hosts Figure-eight tasks to help users earn money doing micro-jobs.
  • Complete the tasks to earn more. Click “cash tasks” to start working. You can see your tabs, i.e., the available tasks and the potential tasks.
  • Potential tasks – Potential tasks indicate the tasks that suit you, the country you reside in. The available for you in the future will be related to this.
  • There are different levels of completing tasks. If you reach a higher level you will get more tasks and more rewards. You can see the level requirement(level numbers rounded in colors) shown in the above picture.
Jobs available at cashcrate
  • In the above picture the currently available tasks are given with the reward information. Click the job title to start working.
Task example- cash crate
  • Tasks will be simple. For example, they will give a link and ask you to check whether the page displayed on the website is an article or not. Just click yes or no and click submit. You will be paid immediately.

Cashcrate Referral Program:

  • Are you tired of working daily? Don’t worry, here is the solution for you. Refer your friend and earn commission from their earnings. This will not work with one referral. You should have 50 referrals to earn a decent amount.
How to refer more people - Tips
  • There are three ways to refer your friends to GPT sites like Cashcrate. Cash crate makes your referring job easier. Just click ‘referrals’ tab in the menu bar to start referring.
  • Email invitation – Invite your friends through e-mail. Just click g-mail/ yahoo/ live icon to import all your contacts and send invitation to them.
  • Referral url – Post/share your referral url in your Facebook/ Twitter/ Google or other social media to get more referrals.
  • Blog it – This is a complex referral method and you are not guaranteed that you will get referrals for sure. Start a blog through blogger or word press and explain about cash crate. If people visit your blog you will have a chance, else it is a waste of time.

How Much Can You Earn By Referring to new Recruits: 

  • For the first level (Bronze) i.e., >50 referrals, you will get a 20% commission from your referral’s earnings and 10% commission from referral’s referral earnings.
  • For the second level (Silver) i.e., <50 >150 referrals, you will get a 25% commission from your referral’s earnings and 10% commission from your referral’s referral earnings.
  • For the third level (Gold) i.e., <150 >300 referrals, you will get a 25% commission from your referral’s earnings and 15% commission from your referral’s referral earnings.
  • For fourth level (Platinum) i.e., <300 >500 referrals, you will get a 30% commission from your referral’s earnings and 15% commission from referral’s referral earnings.
  • For fifth level (Elite) i.e., >500 referrals, you will get a 30% commission from referral’s earnings and 20% commission from referral’s referral earnings.

So, for example, if you have referred 10 members and average earnings of 10 members will be $10 per day, so you will get $2 commission per day from your direct referral and if referral’s referral 100 members earn $100 per day, you can earn $10 as referral commission.

So your total earnings – $5 (your earnings/day) + $2 (1st level referral’s earning commission/day) + $10 (2nd level referral’s earning commission/day) = $17 per day / $510 per month / $6,120 per year.

  • You can earn this much only when all the referrals work correctly. Else your earning percentage will decrease.
  • If you refer a person from the USA, you will get $1 instant bonus.

Cashcrate Payments:

  • You can receive your earnings through any of these payment methods. Paypal – payment processor or check or direct bank deposit.
  • The minimum payout is $20. So you need at least $20 in your account to request for cash out.

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