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Buying and selling domain names is one of the profitable online businesses in the world. There are many people who earn money only by buying and selling the domains. This process is called the domain flipping. Beginners should understand the domain flipping business process to prevent unnecessary loss. There are different ways you can buy and sell domains to earn money.

This article is the tips on buying and selling domains for profit. Learn how to earn money doing online domain flipping business.

How to earn money buying selling domain names

About Domain Flipping Business:

  • Domain flipping is a simple process where we buy the domain and sell it for a higher price to the buyer.
  • This seems like a simple job. But, this is a complex process, especially for beginners. Investing in domain simply without knowing about the market will lead to the loss.
  • Domains are the face of any online business. Only after buying the domain name, the owner can create a website or start a blog. The organizations usually look for their branded domain, which is unpredictable. But we target the bloggers, webmasters, and companies who do online business to earn money.
  • These people will look for the best domains in the category to build their online presence. If you grab the best brandable domain in the niche, you’re going to be rewarded even over 1000 times more than your investment.
  • The problem is already people have picked all possible catchy domain names. Now one word and two-word catchy domain names have become scarce. In the competition, it’s hard to find the new appealing domains but possible. The alternative is going for expired domain names.
  • In this article, I will explain how to buy the new domains, how to choose the authoritative expired domains and sell it to the right people to make maximum profit.

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Buying new domains for selling:

  • Buying the new domains is the simplest way to start the domain flipping business. New domains are not authoritative means will take more time to develop. But it is the right one to start the new online business.
  • Usually, people who wish to start an online business search for the domain names which would have been sold already. If you’re the owner of a great domain, people will contact you for the domain name right away.
  • If you have the intention to sell the domain, you can put it for auction so it is highly visible to the buyers.
  • The domain name you’re going to buy should create interest among the buyers. For example, nobody is going to care about while buyers like
  • So, now you know the names are brandable and buyers love such names. You can search the domains easily using the instant domain search.

Buying the Expired Domains to Sell:

  • Buying and selling the new domains is not reliable unless we have a great domain name. However, the expired domain names can be sold for a higher price no matter how ugly the domain name is.
  • This is possible with the concept called domain authority. The online business is completely based on branding and authority. Customers flow will be high on the authority sites than the new sites and even the search engines love the authority sites.
  • The domain authority is a metric that tells the power of a domain name. The more authority a domain name has, it can help develop the online business quickly.
  • The online business buys the authoritative domain to start a brand new website or improve their main business using this domain.
  • You can start finding them in expired domains. But, you have to be careful about the spam domain. Make sure to check all the metrics before buying the domain name.
  • If you’re a beginner, I recommend you to go for buying a new domain name first and then buy the authoritative domain names which are already used by someone else.

Things to Remember while Buying Domain Names:

  • Buying domain names is an art, and it’s a time-consuming process, but easy. We must keep on searching to find the best domains.
  • The first thing to consider while buying the domains is the niche. So, once the domain’s niche is confirmed, we can target the domain names related to that category.
  • While the few webmasters choose domain names with no keywords in it, a complete brand name. Many wish to add a niche related keyword to the domain to fasten the growth.
  • So, try to buy domain names with the word(s) related to the targeted niche.
  • Do not add any numbers, symbols like underscore, a hyphen, dot in the domain name.

How to Sell the Domain Names to the Potential Buyers:

  • The best way to sell a domain is by finding a potential buyer directly using no third party sites or tools.
  • If you know the best websites in the niche, you can directly contact them and set the price for the domain name. Although it might take some time, you will get good cashback for the investment.
  • The second way to sell a domain is the auction. Showcasing the domain name in the domain auction sites will help you to find tons of potential buyers who keep on looking for the best ones.
  • You can sell the domains in the sites like Fiverr where many buyers lookout for expert’s help to buy domain names.
  • If you have a huge number of domains in your portfolio, you can create a private listing with the offer and use it in ways to find the potential domain name buyers.
  • These are some of the best sites to sell domains: Flippa, Igloo, Afternic, Sedo.
  • Just go through these sites. They posted here tons of domain names for sale. You will get an idea of how to buy the domain name. Also, take a look at the highest bidding domain names. A ten-dollar domain name is bid for a few thousand dollars.

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Best Places to Buy Domains:

I recommend you to go with Godaddy to buy domain names. Godaddy services are available worldwide where the users can buy in their own currency and they support local languages while many domain registrars support only English. Also, you can use the Godaddy Auction to buy and sell domains.

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