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Buenger has released its new version called Buxenger 4 simplicity. As its name, it is simpler, lighter, and faster compared to its previous version. Buxenger also has added more features and PTC sites to its newer version.  Buxenger 4 is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Buxenger will save your 70% precious time by making ads of all the PTC ready for clicking. With Buxenger you can also make lots of PTC refs. Buxenger review, here I’ve explained how to download Buxenger and use it wisely.

Buxenger 4 Extension App

Buxenger Review:

Features of Buxenger 4:

Now, Buxenger 4 is supported on both Mac and Linux along with Microsoft Windows.

You don’t have to log into a PTC site each time. Every time you launch the app all the PTC sites will be logged in automatically. You can start your work directly after the app launch.

With Buxenger you can maintain accounts of hundreds of PTC sites in one place including your earnings and refs.

In Buxenger 4 you can watch ads of PTC sites simultaneously which can save 70% of your work time. For example, if it takes 1 hour to click the ads in a direct PTC page, it can be completed within 15 minutes using the multi-tab view button.

Buxenger is a great downline builder. You can get refs for hundreds of PTC sites using this app.

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How to Use Buxenger:

Buxenger Review

Buxenger Installation Procedure:

After registration, click download. Now you will be redirected to the chrome apps page as shown below.

Buxenger chrome app

Click “add to chrome” to install. Follow the same procedure to install it on Mozilla Firefox.

Buxenger extension chrome app added

After successful installation, the logo/favicon will appear next to the address bar as shown in the picture above.

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Buxenger Extension usage Procedure:

Click the icon to start the app. Enter your username and password to log in.

After login click the ‘add website’ button to join or log into a PTC site.

PTC site adding procedure

Lots of PTC sites will appear as shown below. PTC sites are listed under categories featured, Buxenger supported and recommended PTC sites.

You can join a PTC site directly from Buxenger itself. You don’t have to search for genuine sites. Legit PTC sites are displayed under featured and recommended tabs.

Try to join all the sites under recommended and featured tabs. The sites listed here are selected by Buxenger for their members.

PTC site adding procedure

Move the cursor on the site which you’d like to add or join and click the add button. I’ve clicked on scarlet clicks for example.

Adding a PTC website to Buxenger extension

If you’re already a member of that PTC site, click existing to log in. If you’re a new member click new to register.

The registration process takes no more than a few minutes. After successful registration that particular PTC site will be added to your list.

Logging into PTC sites in Buxenger app

After adding PTC sites. Log into each PTC site for the first time. Automatically PTC sites will be logged in whenever you launch the app.

After login screenshot

After logging into PTC sites all information (Balance, no of referrals, no of ads available) about the PTC sites will be displayed as shown above.

The total balance will be displayed on the top. So, you don’t have to calculate manually.

Over 400 Buxenger supported PTC sites

There are over 400 Buxenger-supported paid-to-click sites to earn money by clicking ads. Each site is rated and reviewed. If you wish to join more PTC sites other than recommended read the reviews before you join.

Buxenger supported sites

Working on a Single PTC site using Buxenger:

How to view ads | Buxenger 4

To view ads/work on a single PTC site, click the view ads button that is indicated in the above picture.

I’ve clicked view ads in BUXP for example.

Buxp view ads Buxenger

Click on the ads available to add them to the playlist. The number of ads you’ve selected will be indicated below the page as shown in the above picture.

Once you complete selecting, click the play button that appears on the right bottom of the page.

Ad viewing procedure | Buxenger 4

The ad will be displayed on a new tab, as shown above, solve the captcha (will vary for each PTC site), click verify and wait till the stay time completes.

Ad clicking procedure | Buxenger

Once you get the credited message click the forward arrow indicated in the image to view the next ad.

Follow the same procedure to view all the ads.

Automatic account updation | Buxenger

When you return to my website page the PTC account earnings will be automatically updated as shown above (BUXP).

In Buxenger you don’t have to close the ad page and click the next ad individually. This will save time and workload.

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Working on Multiple PTC sites at the same time using Buxenger:

Clicking ads on multiple PTC sites at same time on Buxenger

This process will save 70% of the time. Hold ctrl and right-click on the PTC site on which you’d like to view ads.

After selecting the PTC sites there will be two view ads buttons at the bottom of the page.

Click the “view ads” button to view ads of each PTC site one by one.

Click “view ads (multiple tabs)” to open the ad page of each PTC site in separate tabs.

Click ads simultaneously on each PTC site. Just spend one PTC site working time working in 5 PTC sites.

Follow the same procedure mentioned in working on a single PTC site to view ads.

Few “Forced ad view” ads might not allow you to switch tabs. Stay on the advertisement page to get credited for watching those ads.

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Favorite PTC Tab:

If you wish to work only in a few selected PTC sites daily add those PTC sites to the favorite tab using the favorite heart button.

This will help you to separate the main PTCs from other PTC sites.

The favorite PTC tab also allows a multi-tab ad view.

Buxenger Affiliate Program:

Buxenger affiliate program

As said before Buxenger affiliate program will help you to get hundreds of PTC referrals.

If you refer someone to Buxenger, every time the Buxenger ref joins a PTC site he will be your ref also for that PTC site. This applies to all the PTC sites.

Other than that if you ref upgrade you will get up to a $20 upgrade commission.

If you feel you can’t refer anyone to Buxenger you can buy a referral. Buxnger sells a referral for just $1. That particular ref can earn you hundreds of dollars for a lifetime through PTC sites.

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Things to Remember about Buxenger:

If you wish to create the main income from PTC, Buxenger will play an important role. Experts review says that Buxenger is a great tool for OTC success.

The way Buxenger looks and easy navigation will increase interest in working in PTC sites.

Buxenger acts as a very good reminder. You might miss any PTC if you work in the browser directly.

Buxenger is approved by the PTC sites listed there. Buxenger is professional and passwords are well protected.

Buxenger will save your username and password on the server and whenever you launch the app you don’t have to log in each time instead Buxenger does it for you.

Maintain hundreds of PTC sites in one place. Buxenger will give you a total number of PTC refs on all PTC sites. Also, you can get the total balance available from all PTC sites.

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Buxenger Video Tutorial:

Registration Link:

Click here or click the image below to join Buxenger.
Buxenger Review

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  1. Suleboss

    Can this app be used for mobile phones

    1. Tamil Arasan


      Currently, the Buxenger app is available only for desktop and laptop devices. You cannot use the app on the mobile phone.

      You may check out the Mobile PTC sites or mobile money apps.

  2. Ben

    Does Buxenger still exist? I can’t reach their website and the last post on their FB site is from 2017.

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