Bulk SMS2Cash Review – Earn by Sending SMS

Bulk sms2cash boasts to provide one of the easiest ways to earn online by sending SMS from the website application to your mobile phone. Here is the Bulk SMS 2 Cash review to find if it is a legit site or a scam website. And let’s analyze what’s the purpose they might pay us for sending SMS without any reason.

What do Bulk SMS2Cash tell about their services:

Bulk Sms2cash say that the internet users with valid mobile phone device can earn money on the mobile phone devices by sending SMS from their website to your mobile phone and confirming with a code.

They say that a valid confirmation will be paid $0.02 for each SMS. So, with an estimate, you can earn $1 by sending 50 SMS per day.

To know how their process works just look below for a detailed explanation to find how the site works.

If you have the plan to join Bulk Sms2cash, you will have to site and enter the mobile number in the given interface and wait for the confirmation code to be delivered.

Terms of Bulk Sms2cash regarding the earning potential:

As per the terms of Bulksms2cash, you can earn unlimited per day since bulk sms2cash didn’t set any limitations to send SMS.

But there is a creepy thing that clearly shows that they are up to something. That is you can send only 2 SMS/day per mobile phone number(SIM).

This shows the user can send only 2 SMS per day to his or her mobile phone and earn $0.02 x 2 = $0.04/day.

Even if we have 2 mobile phones, including the parents and siblings let’s make it 5 mobile phones on average per family. One cannot send more than 10 SMS per day significantly limiting the user earnings to $0.20 per day.

With a minimum payout threshold of $1, it might take 5 – 20 days on average to request for payout. This is higher than you can ever make on PTC sites, PTR sites, as an individual without making use of direct referral feature.

Though this seems to be decent pocket money for students and $1 can buy a lot in some undeveloped countries,

Let’s analyze how you will be exposed to the process of making money by sending SMS via BulkSMS2cash.

Bulk SMS 2 Cash review:

Bulk sms 2 cash review

While it is not possible for me to find if Bulk SMS 2 cash is legit or scam with insufficient data on their website. I’m well experienced to analyze if the site can be trusted or not like I analyzed CaptchaClub to be a scam.

Analysis -1: Site without any details about the services:

Any online job site should have complete information about their services to let the users and new visitors know what is the intent of the website and how to use the website.

With no clear information about the services, it’s insane that someone would put their mobile phone number that could be misused.

The number one sign clearly shows that the site would be a potential scam run anonymously that could affect the victim i.e. users like you.

Analysis -2: No Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy page is very important for a website since it contains information about what data are collected from the users and the usage of data.

According to organizations like GDPR, it’s important that a website should follow certain international rules while collecting data from the users.

Unfortunately, Bulk SMS 2 Cash has no such page on how the data collected, i.e. “Mobile phone number”. And how they use and protect the data.

This makes it suspicious. Beware of sites that have no clear vision in the privacy policy.

Analysis -3: Prediction of intention:

Even if this cannot be absolutely correct, here are some of the predictions of what is the intention of BulkSMS2cash to collect phone number(s).

  • They might use your mobile phone number to sell to marketing companies,
  • They may cause phone-based attacks in order to anonymously collect sensitive data.
  • Updation of the database that might involve in criminal activities.
  • Getting information about PerfectMoney ID and Mobile phone number.

It may be any reason, it’s unfair to give your mobile phone number to an anonymous site that has no terms of service and how the data is used. Chances are you are going to get affected by the mystery website.

Bulksms2cash - Earn by sending SMS

How to Join Bulk SMS2Cash:

Here is the registration procedure. I actually tested the website and here how it works.

Registration - Bulksms2cash
  • Click ‘sign up now!’ on to load registration form.
  • Choose your desired username and password.
  • Enter your e-mail ID.
  • Select your country(Important).
  • Solve the captcha and click register me to complete registration.
  • You don’t have to verify any e-mail, as bulksms2cash doesn’t want to verify your e-mail ID.
  • After successful registration directly log into your account and start to work.

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How does Bulk Sms 2 cash works and How to Earn:

  • Working with bulk SMS 2 cash seems to be pretty simple and working time is very less.
  • Log in to bulksms2cash and click the ‘SMS’ tab in the menu bar. Page loads as shown below.
How to send sms through bulksms2cash.
  • Now a page with nine process cells in the above image. Click the start process and wait. Enter any phone number in the first column and click send.
SMS code in your mobile phone
  • Bulk SMS2cash will send an SMS with the account verification code as shown above.
Enter the code in your cell phone on Bulk sms2cash
  • Now enter the code in the code box and click send. The code will be verified and your account will be credited with the reward.


Bulksms2cash verification code in cell phone
  • Similarly, you can process up to 9 SMS at the same time. But you have to send only 2 SMS per sim card. If you send more than three times your sim will be blocked in the future.
Sending SMS platform on Bulk SMS2cash

BulkSMS2Cash Payment Methods:

Payment method - Bulksms2cash
  • Bulksms2cash process your earnings only through the Perfect Money payment processor.
  • Click the ‘Profile’ tab in the menu bar to edit your settings.
  • Enter your payment processor ID in the PerfectMoney account.
  • Click ‘save profile’ to complete¬†registration.
  • The minimum payout is $1. You can request to withdraw your earnings once your account reaches $1.

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Working terms of BulkSMS2Cash:

  • Do not send more than 2 SMS to a SIM/day.
  • Try to use a spare SIM card.
  • Select the correct country, as SMS will be sent to a different phone if you select the wrong country.

The predicted reason why Bulk SMS2cash is a pure Scam:

It’s clear that Bulk SMS 2 cash tries to hack the Microsoft account that has been linked to the number.

See that the SMS was from the Microsoft account verification PIN.

There are chances that Bulk SMS2cash will try to log into your Microsoft account and get remote access to the Windows and other essential data.

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