BTCClicks Review – How to Use BTCClicks to Earn Bitcoin

BTCClicks is one of the best paying paid to click sites in the world. BTCClicks was started back in 2013 and runs till date with no issue. Unlike regular PTC sites that pay a real dollar for viewing ads, BTC clicks pay bitcoin for viewing ads. It is very tough to manage bitcoin-paying PTC sites as the price of bitcoin is volatile.

So, it’s a significant achievement that BTC clicks pay with no problem on time, along with a few other legitimate bitcoin-paying PTC sites. This is the full BTCClicks review, continue to read to learn more about BTCClicks.

BTCClicks review

How to Use BTCClicks:

  • Working on BTCClicks is very simple, as we do on other PTC sites. The primary way to earn money on BTCclicks is by viewing the advertiser’s web page.
  • To start, you must go to the ads page where the ads will be displayed, as shown below. A lot of BTC ads will be available to stay time and pay for visiting the page mentioned on the side. The pay will vary for each ad, which is directly influenced total time spent on the page.
BTC clicks view ads page
  • The member must click on a link to view the ad. When clicked, the ad will load on a new page. We must watch the ad until the timer ends.
BTCclicks timer
  • When the timer ends, a captcha will load as shown below. The member must solve the captcha to prove that he is a human user and not using any bots to automate the process.
BTCclicks captcha
  • After solving the captcha, the system will instantly credit the indicated amount to the account.
BTCclicks ad credit
  • Continue to view all the ads listed to earn more bitcoins on BTC clicks. The ad rate will vary every day based on the fluctuation of the Bitcoin price.

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BTCClicks Referral Program:

  • BTCClicks have the best referral program in its class. Members can make use of it to earn more Bitcoin.
  • BTCClicks pay 80% referral commission for standard members and 160% commission for premium members. This is the highest commission among Bitcoin paying PTC sites.
  • Make use of the BTC Clicks membership upgrade feature to increase the potential of the BTCClick referral program, which can help you double your referral commission for a small fee.
  • Do not upgrade your BTCClicks account if you can’t make any referrals. Make use of this guide to know how to refer more people to PTC sites.

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BTCClicks Minimum Payout:

  • BTCClicks is known very well to pay on time. There are two terms on BTCClicks withdrawal.
  • The BTCClicks minimum withdrawal limit is just 0.1000 mBTC, where the member has to wait for 24 hours. While previously they were charging around 1.5% withdrawal fees, now they don’t charge any fees to withdraw Bitcoin on BTCClick, limiting to 0% fee.
  • This feature has been disabled currently on BTCClicks. Members who feel that a 1.5% fee is unnecessary can withdraw their money after the minimum account balance reaches 10 mBTC. Bitcoin will be sent to the wallet instantly with no fees deduction.

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BTCClicks Bitcoin Withdrawal:

Withdrawal above 10 mBTC will be instantly sent to the bitcoin wallet. Here, 10.69298 mBTC has been withdrawn instantly. You can see the live withdrawal above. BTClick’s withdrawal process is complicated, and it is explained in that video clearly.

BTCclicks payment proof
BTCclicks payment transaction complete

Bitcoin has been received from the Xapo wallet.

Bitcoin payment received to wallet
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Pros and Cons of BTCClicks:

BTCClicks Pros:

  • BTCClicks is the highest paying bitcoin PTC site running its services for a long period.
  • Highest referral commission in the PTC industry.
  • It offers the easiest way to earn Bitcoin online.
  • We know it for its timely payment processing.

BTCClicks Cons:

  • As the Bitcoin rate is dynamic, the rate of the ads will vary every day. This will highly affect the earnings per day. This is beneficial for people who withdraw their Bitcoin when its rate is higher. When suddenly Bitcoin rate drops, the member has to wait several days to spend their Bitcoin profitably.
  • Bitcoin PTC sites are always prone to risks.
  • Poor support.
  • Poor account and site security, but now they have improved a bit.

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BTC Clicks Review:

As I said earlier, BTC Clicks is a very legitimate and the best bitcoin PTC site in the world. Their ad rate is very good and high compared to most of the top-paying bitcoin PTC sites. BTC clicks have a good custom site design to provide the best user experience. A beginner can work on BTC clicks with no confusion. BTC clicks have a neat and short FAQ section that answers almost all the questions that will raise in the member’s mind. BTC clicks have terrible support. They will never reply to the email.

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How My Account of BTCClicks has been Hacked – Poor Support:

Previously my BTCclicks account was hacked by someone. The person withdrew a 3.6 mBTC from his Bitcoin wallet. They changed the settings without my notice. BTCClicks allowed its members to change their Bitcoin addresses with no email confirmation. This makes BTCclicks accounts insecure.

Look at the image given below where the hacker changed the bitcoin wallet’s address and withdrawn my bitcoin to his wallet.

BTCClicks hacked

BTC clicks now increased their security by adding an SSL certification and they allow users to change data only after email confirmations.

When BTCClicks account security was very poor:

After being hacked, I’ve changed the account password and wallet address. Even after changing the account password to a hard one, the guy could log into my account and change the wallet address again. I’ve submitted a ticket regarding this to BTC clicks several times, but they sent no reply to date. I was in the position to change my passwords multiple time and after a few days the guy disappeared.

Look at the image given below where the hacker changed the bitcoin wallet’s address and withdrawn my bitcoin to his wallet.

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Final Words on BTCClicks review – Is it a legit or a scam?

BTCClicks is a very legitimate and the best bitcoin PTC site to work. Previously, BTCClicks support and account security of the site were terrible.

Now they seem to increase their security features to protect member accounts like adding two-factor authentication, email verification to change the BTC address.

Click here to join BTCClicks.

6 thoughts on “BTCClicks Review – How to Use BTCClicks to Earn Bitcoin”

  1. SCAM. I reached the 0.1 BTC goal for possible withdrawl, and when I requested the withdrawl, they suspended my account. They claim I have multiple accounts, but the sistem dont allow you to proceed with the same IP with two accounts. So…why wait until I reach the goal??? For them to have me clicking more time without paying. SCAM

  2. Hi,

    If you're sure that you haven't opened/used two account in same IP. Contact BTC clicks. They might to unban your account after investigation. Few system are build to catch the the misusers only when they request payout. BTC clicks have poor customer support. But still they are paying instantly.

  3. Stefanie Wilhelm

    Thanks Tamil, this is teh scanario no one likes to experience, good taht you stayed calm without panic mode and were able to "solve" the problem. So lets just check often that the bitcoin wallet adress is correct… Thanks for this tip. If in trouble, I migth contact you but hope it will never happen. Happy New Year 2017

  4. Emmanuel

    I need an Urgent response!!! I did my first cash-out following all instructions, I was told my withdrawal has been approved and that I should wait for 24hrs. I’ve waited for more than 24hrs now but I still noting reflected on my wallet… my balance is empty and there’s a withdrawal history there, but I still can’t find anything on my wallet

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