Paid Survey Sites that Pay Bitcoin for taking Surveys

Paid survey sites offer one of the easiest ways to earn money online. It’s the part of internet market research programs to explore the minds of people all around the world. Usually, the survey sites pay cash via PayPal or will have options to redeem for gift vouchers. Only a few paid survey sites pay cryptocurrency for taking surveys.

If you’re the one looking for survey sites that pay Bitcoin, here is the list of best survey sites with that option to redeem the points for Bitcoin.

About Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency in the world. Since the fame of Bitcoin increased, people have searched for ways to earn Bitcoin.

If you’re new to Bitcoin, it’s important to know what is Bitcoin and other essential things like creating a Bitcoin wallet.

I recommend CoinPayments online wallet to hold your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safe. They support more than 2000 cryptocurrencies with mobile apps to access the wallet instantly.

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How Paid Surveys Work:

Paid surveys are the online surveys conducted by the market research programs that pay the users for answering surveys.

Most of the paid surveys are created to collect the opinion of the people on products, services, ideas, etc.

The collected data will be used to analyze, implement, or improve.

The primary intent of conducting a paid survey is to collect data to improve, advance, tweak, develop new and existing things.

Paid surveys are also conducted for other reasons like getting political views, comparing brands, discussions, lifestyle, etc.

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About Bitcoin Paid Surveys:

Bitcoin survey sites

As people wonder, there is nothing called Bitcoin paid surveys.

The sites usually pay the users in United States Dollars for completing the surveys and in the case of other tier – 1 countries they get paid in local currencies like GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, etc.

No paid survey sites pay the users directly in Bitcoin. Instead, they will be able to redeem the points for Bitcoin.

I mean the sites which offer Bitcoin payments as Bitcoin paid surveys sites. It doesn’t mean the surveys about Bitcoin are called Bitcoin paid surveys.

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List of Paid Survey Sites that Pay Bitcoin:

Before checking the survey sites that pay Bitcoin, I recommend you to check this article – All you need to know about paid surveys and 20 best survey sites.

The sites which offer Bitcoin payment for taking surveys are not direct survey panels. These are get paid to sites that pay Bitcoin with third-party paid survey offers.

1. is one of the most genuine sites that pay Bitcoin for taking surveys, completing offers and micro-tasks of Figure Eight.

While Get-Paid is not a reliable site to earn money by taking surveys like Ysense surveys, it’s the place where you can find hundreds of offers to earn money.

They have partnered with ten plus OfferWall networks to provide a maximum opportunity to earn money by taking surveys.

Other than paid surveys, you can earn money by installing apps, completing trials, signups, micro jobs, etc.

Get paid Bitcoin payments taking paid surveys

The Get-paid users can redeem their coins for the gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Steam, iTunes, GooglePlay, JCPenney, and Target.

Users who prefer cash payments can request PayPal withdrawal.

And at last, the Bitcoin payments are available on the Get-Paid to pay you more than other payments.

While users will get $10 for 5000 coins for other payment methods. They receive $12 worth BTC for 5000 coins.

Sign up

2. Makeculous:

Makeculous has tons of paid survey offers to complete.

Take surveys of different market research programs directly on Makeculous.

Besides, they have a lot of survey routers of different brands like OW, YS, SaySo that can be used to search for surveys unlimited time and get paid for every survey completed.

Apart from paid surveys, get paid for watching videos, completing cash offers, doing micro jobs, and other tasks.

Makeculous pay the users via PayPal account. The minimum payout is $10.

You can also request for Bitcoin payments via Coinbase.

Sign up Makeculous.

3. Ojooo Wad:

Ojooo cashing out Bitcoin for taking survey

Find survey paid offers on Ojooo Wad made available via the CPA networks like, Wannads, etc.

It pays the users only using Bitcoin. As soon as you earn $2, you can request for payments on Ojooo Wad.

They will process the payments within a few days from the time of the request.

Apart from taking surveys to earn Bitcoin, you can earn money by viewing the content of the advertisers.

They have the best referral program to earn money by referring people.

Join now Ojooo Wad.

Tips to Earn Bitcoin by Taking Surveys:

While these sites have Bitcoin as a payment option, they are not as reliable as the real survey sites since they depend on third-party survey offers for their website.

So, I recommend you to join the reliable survey sites listed below, and withdraw the earnings as USD or in the currency they support in your country. Then convert the USD to Bitcoin.

You will get the chance to earn more money by taking surveys and at the same time enjoy the Benefits of Bitcoin after the conversion.

4. YouGov:

YouGov is the best survey site to earn money by taking surveys online. Their surveys are of high quality, easy to answer, straight forwards.

Taking surveys on YouGov is a kind of unique experience where we can learn new things on the go. That means, unlike other survey panels, conduct surveys on products and services, a significant part of YouGov surveys are about politics, lifestyle, etc.

It helps us to learn new things alongside with earning money answering surveys.

Stock exchange survey

YouGov pays the users based on the country they reside in. PayPal, Paytm, Western Union, gift vouchers are some of the payment options available on YouGov.

Their minimum payout is a bit higher, which is better for Bitcoin conversion and takes a while.

Get the payment, convert the currency into the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Sign up YouGov.

5. Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research is the highest paying survey panel in the world pays $3 flat per survey.

If you have the plan to make a decent income, then Pinecone should be in your paid survey portfolio. It’s only available in North America.

To become a Pinecone member, you must come under the demographics they choose to hire.

Take surveys on Pinecone and make a lot of money every month.

Their minimum payout is too low that you will get paid immediately after completing the first survey.

Sign upPinecone Research.

6. LifePoints:

LifePoints is the survey panel that sends a lot of survey invitations to take part in the surveys.

Enjoy a low screenout percentage attempting to take surveys on LifePoints. Try to complete the profile surveys to keep going fine.

LifePoints pay fixed points for completing the surveys based on the length of the survey. When the surveys get lengthier so do the rewards.

Redeem the points for PayPal cash and gift cards of various brands of your choice.

Sign up LifePoints.

How to convert Cash to Bitcoin:

If you wish to convert the cash to Bitcoin after withdrawal, here are the sites where you can convert BTC with convenient payment methods.

CoinPayments offer the features to convert Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies and vice versa. You can also buy gift cards using the CoinPayments.

Take surveys & Save moneyMyPoints.

Is it worth spending time to earn Bitcoin by Taking Surveys?

I feel it’s not worth spending time to earn Bitcoin taking surveys.

While people take surveys to earn real money. In the case of Bitcoin, there are other reliable ways available to follow.

Investing money in Bitcoin and waiting for the right moment buying and selling Bitcoin is what I feel a reliable way to earn Bitcoin.

Make thousands of dollars using the simple strategy of Bitcoin trading. Been said it has its risks.

Continuously monitoring the Bitcoin price on the day and waiting for a sudden hike or decline to hit the profit.

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