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Popup ads and the Popunder ads are one of the best-performing ad format(s) that can generate high eCPM compared to the traditional banner ads which suffer from the ad blindness factor. Since these pop ad formats have high viewability, the advertisers pay more money to promote their products and services in pop ad networks to increase the user engagement. Similarly, the publishers can enjoy high CPM by publishing these ads on their blog. This article explains about the popup and pop-under ads and lists the top 10 best popup and popunder ad networks. 

Popup and Popunder ads

About popup and Popunder Advertising:

Popup advertising and popunder advertising are two different pop ad formats in the online advertising. The advertising networks pay the pop ads publishers in CPM basis and they are not paid for any clicks(one or more ad networks listed below pay for clicks). So, whether the visitor interacts with the ad or not, the blogger will be paid when the visitor triggers the pop ad. Since pop ads occupy almost the entire screen, the visitors will definitely view the ad. Hence they are high paying when compared to the CPM-based banner ads, sticky ads etc. Learn more about the popup and popunder ads below.

Popup ads:

  • Popup ads are also called as the interstitial ads in some of the ad networks.
  • The popup ad will appear on the screen in half size, full size or a new window depending on the settings of the ad networks.
  • The popup ads will be displayed on different occasions which can be controlled by the publishers. The publishers can set the popup ad appearance time in the popup ad network dashboard.
  • These are some of the preferred popup ad settings. The popup ad will appear when the visitor tries to leave the web page, the popup ad will appear when user clicks anywhere on the web page, the popup ad will be displayed automatically after few seconds (Ex. 60 seconds), the pop ad will automatically appear when the user scrolls the page and reaches the half or end of the page.
  • The popup ad formats are available for both desktop traffic and the mobile traffic. In the case of the mobile phones, popup ads are called as the interstitial ads which spread across the entire page when triggered. The pushup ad similar to popup ad will appear on the mobile phones like a notification in a small box.

Popunder ads:

  • The popunder ads are different from the popup ads. The popunder ads will open in a new window when the visitor triggers the ad according to the settings. 
  • The popunder ads are mostly the whole web page that opens in the new window under the current window.
  • The popunder ads are annoying but they are the highest paying Cost per mile ad formats.
  • The popunder ads will appear when a user clicks any spot/link of the website. The visitors cannot do anything other than scrolling unless they watch the popunder ad. So, each pageview will generate revenue while using the popunder ad formats on the blog.
  • The popunder ads are available both for the desktop and mobile traffic.

Advantages of using Pop ads:

  • The Pop ad formats are the highest paying ad formats on the CPM ad networks.
  • Since the popup and popunder ad networks pay for impressions and not for clicks, they will generate money even if the visitor does not interact with the ad.
  • The pop ads work best than the standard ad formats for the advertisers of certain categories.
  • Since the Pop ads do not require any ad spaces to be displayed, the publishers can publish the CPC ads, CPA ads and popup ads at the same time to increase the revenue up to 300%.
  • Sites which are under the categories of illegal content in CPC advertising can use the pop ads on their site without any problem.
  • The popup and popunder ads publishers do not have to worry about invalid clicks.

Disadvantages of using Pop ads:

  • The Pop ad formats are the most annoying ad formats in the online advertising industry.
  • The popunder ads will directly affect the user experience of the site which might lead to decrease in time on site, increases the bounce rate, decreases the number of page views.
  • Some of the popunder and popup ads are of the low quality which can affect the brand of the website.
  • Visitors might not revisit the sites with popunder ads unless there are quality content and content that are found nowhere else.

Best paying popup and popunder ad networks:

1. PopAds:

  • The PopAds is the best Pop ad network which primarily deals with the Popup and Popunder ads. And also there are two more ad formats available on the PopAds i.e. the tab up and tab under ads.
  • The PopAds pay the higher CPM rates as possible compared to other best popunder advertising networks.
  • The advertisers from over 50 countries advertise on the PopAds including USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, other countries from the North America, Europe, and Southern Asia.
  • PopAds run ad campaigns on over 50 verticals including the Adult category. So, the publishers can expect the relevant ads to be displayed on their site(s) based on the site's category.
  • PopAds allows the publishers to take full control over the ads displayed on the site(s). Publishers can disable and enable the ad features on the site settings.
  • PopAds will approve the site after verifying the website manually within 24 hours from the time of submission.

Minimum traffic requirements - No.

Custom domain requirement - Yes.

Approval process - Manual site verification.

Ad types - Popup, Popunder, tabup, tabunder.

Minimum payout - $5.

Payment method - PayPal, Alertpay, Wire Transfer.

Sign up - PopAds.

2. AdMaven:


  • The AdMaven is one of the best pop ad networks with over 500 million impressions per day. Their innovative technology enables them to pay the highest rates than the other pop ad networks.
  • Other than pop ads, the AdMaven offers several monetization methods like interstitial ads, banners, lightbox, and sliders. And they will introduce new monetization features in future.
  • AdMaven pop ads are highly customizable. The AdMaven publishers have full control over how their ads are displayed on their blog. For example, you can set the pop ads to appear in any one of these format new tab, pop-under, new tab replace and pop up.
  • AdMaven accepts publishers of all sizes and the best part is they have an excellent support team to assist once you become a publisher. Their assistance will help you to make the most out of your blog.
  • The AdMaven's technology will bypass all the Adblock extensions. So they ensure that you won't lose a penny when you use AdMaven.
  • The AdMAven products including lightbox and interstitial ads are fully compliant with Google Adblock scheduled to launch in 2018 and will not be blocked.
  • AdMaven recently launched a new product called "Native push notifications" A monetization method which is 100% compliant with Google policy and can be used alongside AdSense ads.
  • Native push is a clean, user-friendly and absolutely non-intrusive ad format.
  • Working perfectly on mobile and desktop, the Native push generates extremely high conversion rates, allowing publishers to make amazing money while keeping their users experience high. 
  • Native push doesn’t disrupt the flow users get while browsing on your website and they do not decrease the profits from other ad formats as they don’t take up space on your website or redirect users to different sites.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.

Custom domain requirement - Yes.

Approval process - Instant approval.

Ad formats - Pop under, interstitial, pop-up, banner, slider and lightbox.

Minimum payout - $50.

Payment method - PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.

Sign up AdMaven.

3. Propeller Ads Media:

Propeller Ads Media
  • Propeller Ads Media is one of the best CPM ad networks with various ad formats including pop up ads, pop under ads and pushup ads.
  • The Propeller Ads Media is the CPM network with large publisher base where tons of advertisers advertise their products and services from countries all around the world.
  • The ad format includes banner ads available in eight sizes, Native direct ads, Dialog ads, popunder ads, interstitial ads, video ads, etc. So, Propeller Ads Media is the all in one ad network to publish and maintain ads of all formats.
  • There are few ad formats specially created for the mobile phone traffic. These ad formats help the users to make the most out of mobile traffic.
  • The Propeller Ads Media accepts websites of all sizes to become a publisher.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.

Custom domain requirement - Yes.

Approval process - One time site verification.

Ad formats - Banner, native ads, dialog ads, popup, popunder, etc.

Minimum payout - $100.

Payment method - Payoneer, Webmoney, Wire transfer, ePayments.

4. Popcash:

  • Popcash is the popunder advertising network which runs the popunder advertising campaigns.
  • The Popcash has advertisers in over 40 categories including the adult category. Blogs under these categories will serve relevant ads to generate highest eCPM in the industry.
  • The Popcash publishers can publish the ads along with other popunder networks at the same time to find the best performing pop ad network.
  • Popcash will verify the site before approval. They accept almost all the website under their terms of service.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.  

Custom domain requirement - No.

Approval process - One time site verification.

Ad types - Popunder.

Minimum payout - $10.

Payment method - PayPal, Payza, Paxum.

Sign up - Popcash.

5. Adsterra:

  • Adsterra is one of the best emerging CPM ad network in the world that attracted a large number of publishers in short time.
  • There are four different ad formats available on the Adsterra network including the popup/interstitial ads, popunder ads, banner ads and the slider ads.
  • The Adsterra ads are of high quality compared to the competitor networks. Their network pays best CPM rates in the industry.
  • The Adsterra network serves ads of different types like CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPI.
  • Since they are one of the top CPM advertising networks, they accept only quality websites with good traffic. Sites are manually approved by the AM after the registration.

Minimum traffic requirement - Alexa ranking less than 10 million.

Custom domain requirement - Yes.

Approval process - Manual site verification.

Ad formats - Popup, popunder, banner and slider ads.

Minimum payout - $100.

Payment method - PayPal, Payza, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill, Bitcoin.

Sign up -Adsterra.

6. Revenue Hits:

  • RevenueHits is the performance-based advertising network that pays only when an action is completed after clicking the ad.
  • The RevenueHits is the only network with 8 different ad formats to monetize the desktop traffic and 5 different ad formats to monetize the mobile traffic. The ad formats are highly engaging that helps the publishers to generate high eCPM as possible.
  • Popup/interstitial ad format, shadow box ad format, and popunder ad format are the best performing ad formats found on the RevenueHits.
  • In the case of Mobile phone ad formats, the notifier ads, interstitial ads, popunder ads and sticky ads are the best performing formats. 
  • The Mobile ads of RenenueHits generate high eCPM compared to the desktop ads as they are designed uniquely by testing the user engagement.
  • RevenueHits accept publishers of all sizes and they approve all the websites instantly.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.

Custom domain requirement - No.

Approval process - Instant approval.

Ad formats - Popup, popunder, notifier, banner, shadow box, topbar, slider, sticky, etc.

Minimum payout - $20.

Payment methods - PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.

Sign up - RevenueHits.

7. Shorte.st:

  • The Shorte.st is a paid URL shortening network now enters the pop ad industry. Shorte.st is the leader in the paid URL shrinking industry for several years that provides the eCPM rates as high as $15.
  • Recently Shorte.st has introduced new features to its users. They are the popup ads, exit ads, entries and link ads.
  • Using a single script, the bloggers can monetize different ad types by controlling it on Shorte.st dashboard.
  • The basic ad type is the link ad where enabling this feature will monetize all the external links present on the site. When a visitor leaves the website by clicking an external link, they will be forced to see an ad before they reach the landing page.
  • If your blog doesn't have more external links or if the blog has no external links at all, the publishers can monetize their blog with the entries ad which will show an intermediate ad each time.
  • The exit ad is one of the useful ad formats to make money from the visitors after leaving the website. This type of ad will be displayed when the visitor tries to leave the website by clicking back button on the browser or moves the cursor towards the exit button of the browser.
  • The pop ads will be displayed once every 24 hours for the visitor from an IP.
  • The Shorte.st Wordpress plugin helps the bloggers to monetize their site within few seconds from the Wordpress dashboard.
  • Anyone even without a website can join this network to earn money from the blog, social medias, chat etc.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.

Custom domain requirement - No.

Approval process - Instant approval.

Ad types - Link ads, popunders, popups, entries, exit ads.

Minimum payout  - $5.

Payment method PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer.

Sign up - Shorte.st.

8. ExoClick:

  • The ExoClick is a leading CPC advertising network with huge publisher base. They ensure that their publishers get best eCPM as possible.
  • ExoClick has different ad formats to monetize the desktop traffic. They are the banner ads, sticky ads, native ads, popunders, direct link ads, video banners, direct links, in video ads, instant message ads etc.
  • In the case of mobile ad formats, the banner ads, popunder, mobile redirect ads, instant message ads are present on the ExoClick. The instant message ad is a new type of ad which generates high CTR and high eCPM.
  • Publishers who wish to monetize their site with different ad formats including the popunder ads can go with the ExoClick which will perform best on all the sites.
  • ExoClick only approves a website or an app after manual verification. Make sure your website has quality content and some traffic before submitting the site(s) for the review. Getting approval is easy.

Minimum traffic requirement - Good traffic volume required.

Custom domain requirement - Yes.

Approval process - Manual site review.

Ad formats - Banners, native ads, popunders, link ads, video ads, instant message ads, redirect ads etc.

Minimum payout - $20.

Payment method - PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.

Sign up - Exoclick.

9. AdFusion:

  • AdFusion is one of the best popunder ad networks with three different ad formats i.e. popunders, direct links, and redirects.
  • AdFusion publishers must submit their website for one time review. Once approved, the publishers can generate codes to promote these ad formats.
  • AdFusion has ad formats to monetize both mobile traffic and desktop traffic.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.

Custom domain requirement - No.

Approval process - One time verification.

Ad types - Popunders, direct links, redirects.

Minimum payout - $10.

Payment method - PayPal.

Sign up - AdFusion.

10. AdPop:

  • The AdPop is the new popunder advertising network by Adnow. Adnow is one of the best native ad networks.
  • To become the AdPop publisher, you must register on Adpop. After registration, you must submit your website for review. Once approved, you will gain access to the widget code. Place the ad code on your site to start earning money.
  • The Adnow WordPress plugin helps the publishers to easily integrate the ads to their site(s).

Minimum traffic requirement - 1000 visitors.

Custom domain requirement - Yes.

Approval process - Manual site verification.

Ad types - Popunders.

Minimum payout - $50.

Payment method - PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.

Sign up - AdPop.

11. Infolinks:

  • The Infolinks is a CPC advertising network which is considered as one of the best Google Adsense alternatives.
  • Infolinks is a unique online advertising network that does not use the regular ad spaces instead, it uses empty spaces and text to display ads.
  • The Popup or inScreen ads is one of the best performing ads on Infolinks. Other than popup ads, there are intag ads, intext ads, infold ads, inarticle ads etc.
  • You can use Infolinks ads and ads of other networks at the same time to increase the revenue of your blog.
  • Infolinks accept websites of all sizes and websites without custom domain example domain.blogspot.com. The website must have enough quality content in order to get approved. Non-text content sites are not Infolinks compatible.

Minimum traffic requirement - No.

Custom domain requirement  - No.

Approval process - Manual site verification.

Ad formats - inscreen, intag, intext, inarticle, infold, inframe ads.

Minimum payout - $50.

Payment methods - PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, eCheck, Wire Transfer.

Sign up - Infolinks.

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