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Protypers is the sister site of megatypers captcha entry panel and owned by same company. The only difference is, protypers has different domain name. If you've account in mega typers you can use the same account id to login protypers. Therefore protypers is genuine as megatypers. The payout rates and all other features are same as mega typers. Its better to deal with main megatypers than going with protypers. Read the reviews of protypers.

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Protypers captcha entry job

How to work:

  • Once registration is complete you can directly log into your account. No e-mail link verification required.

Protypers dash board
  • Click start working on the dashboard. The dashboard will be on the left side of the page.
  • The work pad will look same as the picture given below.

Working panel | Protypers
  • An image will be on top and an empty text box will be given below. Your job is to type the alphabets and numbers that appear on the image in the text box.
  • This job can be considered as image to text conversion. Learn in detail about the use of captcha entry.

Captcha solving techinque
  • You should click submit answer or hit the enter button. Your account will be automatically credited and a new captcha will load and you should follow the same procedure to earn more.
  • You should complete solving a captcha within 15 seconds. If you exceed the time limit, you will be kicked out of work.
Kick out message | Pro typers
  • If you are kicked too many time, your account will be suspended. So, solve the captcha within 15 seconds. 15 seconds is too much for solving a captcha.
  • Experienced fast typers will solve a captcha in 2 - 3 seconds and normal typers will solve a captcha in 3 - 8 seconds in average. Only complicated captchas might take 10 - 13 seconds.

How much they pay for solving a captcha:

  • Pro typers will pay you from $0.00045 to $0.0015 for solving a captcha.
  • Their payout rate is calculated in thousand. They will pay from $0.45 to $1.5 for solving 1K captchas.

Payout rates | Pro typers
  • Mostly the rates will be higher in 14.00 server time. Try to work on that time. 
  • Like if you work in 14.00 server time you can earn $1.50 / 1k captchas, where in 3.00 server time you will get only $0.45 for solving 1000 captchas.
  • After logging in try to match the sever time with your local time.


Alerts | Pro typers
  • Make sure to read alerts daily. Pro typers will notify about change in payout rates and other promotions through alerts.
  • Also protypers will announce lot of promotion activities that will help you to earn more.

Payment method:

  • Your earnings will be processed through anyone of these payment processor as your wish - Paypal or Payza or Perfect money or web money or bitcoin or western union money transfer.
  • The minimum cash out through western union is $100. 
  • The minimum withdrawal limit for other payment processor is just $3.

Registration procedure:

Pro typers registration procedure

Part time jobs on Snagajob.

  • Click here to join protypers.
  • In registration page enter your e-mail ID.
  • Choose a password of your desire, re-enter the password.
  • Enter your correct full name, choose the payment processor through which you wold like to withdraw your money.
  • Enter the invitation code as A7UR.
  • Agree their terms and conditions, solve the captcha and click register.
  • Registration procedure is complete.

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