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GPT or Get paid to is the best online job, because you will be given multiple tasks to complete in one place. You can get all the jobs like Ad clicking, online survey, mini-task, completing offers, etc from one site. So, you don't have to log in separately for each job in different sites. In this website the sites that provides PTC jobs with other jobs are listed under GPT jobs and the sites that provides all other jobs except Ad clicking task are listed under multi-task jobs.

What is get paid to (GPT) and multi task jobs


As mentioned above you will get paid to (GPT) tasks that you complete. Here the jobs are listed which plays very important role in GPT sites.

1. PTC / Ad clicking task:

  • Paid to click is the current trending online job as it does not require any special qualifications to work. 
  • The matter is simple you will be paid for clicking the Ads they provide as shown below. In GPT sites the pay rate may range from $0.001 to $0.01. 
Example of Paid ads

Related link: Top 10 best PTC sites.

2. Paid online survey:

  • Online survey panel pays you for sharing your opinion. Comparing to other tasks you can earn a dollar in 5 minutes by participating in surveys.
  • There are many unique survey panel. But you have to sign in separately and maintain your earnings. So you have to wait till your account reach the payout limit. But in this case you can reach the payout limit so fast by doing multiple jobs at same place. So that you can withdraw in regular time.
  • GPT sites provides regular survey opportunity compared to survey panels. Unlike most of the survey panels, they pay you cash for participating in survey. 
  • GPT sites pays you up to $3 per survey. The pay rate depends on the survey length and type.
  • To know more about paid online survey go to What is paid online survey

3. Completing offers:

  • Completing free offers is the simplest and fastest way to earn money. GPT sites will pay you for completing offers like trying trial software, form filling, sign up etc.
  • You can earn from $0.50 to $30 for completing a offer depending on the offer type.
  • You can also work from your cell phone to complete offers like downloading app in your android or apple mobile phone.

4. Mini tasks:

  • Get paid for completing mini-tasks like finding the author's name from an article, name search etc. Example of mini tasks are shown in the below picture.
Example for tasks
  • In mini jobs you can earn only fewer comparing to offers and survey jobs.
  • But mini-tasks are consistent and few GPT sites like clixsense gives you bonus for completing tasks.

5. Playing games and watching videos:

  • GPT sites pays you for playing online games and watching videos online. 
  • GPT sites like squishy cash gives more importance for jobs like these and you can join squishy cash if you want to do interesting tasks like these.

6. Earn with your idle PC / Earn through auto surf :

  • You can earn without working through auto surf feature. You just have to open the web page they recommend and leave it as it is and continue with normal work like hearing movies, playing games, surfing etc. Every 60 second your earning will be updated. 
  • To enjoy this offer check cashNhits and see the complete working procedure.

7. Get paid to set homepage: 

  • Few sites pays you for just setting the url they recommend as homepage. Get detailed information by clicking Publipt.
  • Join the cashNhits auto surf and Publipt - Earn to set home page(under process). Open them in same browser that is not default browser. Minimize and continue with your normal work(Play games, browse, listen to music etc). Your account will be automatically credited with real cash.

8. Get paid for commenting:

  • Click earn money > comment ads in casHhits. Enter your you tube user name. A list of videos will be displayed. Click that video and comment.
  • Comments will be given in the comment ad page. Just copy paste the sentences and close the page. Once after verification you account will be credited.

9. Get paid for liking Facebook pages & following twitter pages:

Earn money by liking Facebook pages | Genuine online free jobs

  • Few get paid to sites pays you for liking Facebook pages and following twitter accounts.

10. Referrals:

  • Are you tired of working online. You don't have to worry because GPT sites offers referral facility. 
  • You can earn by referring your friends, just work hard for a month for accumulating more referrals through your referral link or user name. 
  • Once you do this you are the king, because GPT sites pays you commission from referral earnings. Tips to earn more through referrals.
GPT sites gives you more offers to earn online similar to these tasks, which may vary according to the websites. 


  • You should own a PC with internet connection to work.
  • Your internet connection should have unique IP address i.e, you should not work from shared internet connection like VPN, wifi, proxy connections etc.
  • You don't need have any technical knowledge. You should have a basic English knowledge to follow their procedure.
  • You should have a verified account in any one of the payment processor. Paypal is recommended as it is the best payment processor available almost in all the countries.
  • You should be at least 18 years old to join PTC sites as payments are made through Paypal and check which requires a verified bank account.


  • GPT jobs are the best because you don't have to wait for a long time to withdraw. You can easily fill your account with money by doing multiple jobs.
  • If you join multiple online jobs you may forget the sites you've joined this may result in losing all your earnings and a waste of time. So, by working with GPT sites you don't have such problems as you are provided many jobs to complete from same place. So, you can keep an eye on your earnings.
  • Similar to PTC jobs. Do not work from same IP address through which other log into the specified PTC site. For example family members working from same computer or internet connection.
  • If you are caught then your account will be banned permanently and your earnings will be blocked.
  • Do not work from your office or internet cafe as they provide same IP address for all users. 
  • Make sure you have unlimited internet connection to work. Because loading ads will consume more data.


  • Most of the GPT sites will be process/pays your earnings through Paypal e-payment processor.
  • You should have a verified Paypal account in order to receive your payments through Paypal.
  • Other famous payment processors are Perfect money and Payza.
  • Ego pay, e-trust solid payment, bitcoin are other few payment processors.
  • Few GPT sites pays you through check for US residents. But you need more balance to withdraw your earnings through check.

  • Multiple jobs at same place.
  • You can earn more per day comparing to PTC job.
  • No investment.
  • Referral facility.
  • Less scam compared to PTC sites.

  • Some GPT sites provides you less ads to click compared to PTC sites.

Useful link : List of Top 10 get paid to | GPT sites.

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