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BUXP is a new, innovative, international genuine Paid to click (PTC) site that allows the advertisers to reach thousands of customers by displaying theirs. As said there are thousands of quality advertisers allows their customers to earn more by clicking ads. Other than paid to click BUXP offers more options to earn like watching videos, completing offers, completing tasks, liking Facebook pages, following on twitter etc. 

BUXP | Genuine PTC site

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Registration procedure | BUXP
  • To register, click this link BUXP.
  • Choose your desired username and password, you will be asked to enter this information when you log into your account in future.
  • Enter your first name and last name and it should match the payment processor record. Only if you enter the correct detail you will receive the payment.
  • Enter your valid e-mail ID and enter the payment processor e-mail ID and DOB. Help your referral by entering the username of your referral or leave as it is if you find referral name by default.
  • Agree their terms and conditions, solve the captcha and click register.


Different ways to earn through BUXP | Genuine online free jobs
  • As said earlier there are lots of ways to earn money in BUXP as shown above by clicking ads, watching videos, completing offers etc.
  • The basic way to earn is by clicking ads. Click Earn money > Ads in the menu bar to start earning money. 

Advertisements displayed by BUXP for earning money
  • The ads will be displayed as shown above. Click visit below each ad to earn. When you click you will be taken to the new page with the advertisement as shown below.

Advertisement page | BUXP
  • There enter the number in the given box as shown above & click verify and wait till the stay time complete and get a confirmation message as shown below.
Your ad click is valid and your account is credited message | BUXP
  • Close the page and start to click other ads to earn more. This process takes no more than 5 seconds.
  • Do not close the page before getting credited message, you will not be paid if you do like that.
  • Do not click anti - cheat ads, it will anywhere in between the ads. If you click even one time your balance will reset to zero. In case if you click it for five times you account will be permanently banned.


Get paid for watching videos | BUXP
  • This is the simple way to earn more money. Just click earn money > videos to browse paid videos. You can see the pay rate for each video near visit button. Click visit to enter the video. 
  • A popup will appear and your should click 'click here to get credited'. The video will play in a new window as shown above. Don't close the page and popup until the stay time complete. If time remaining completes you can close the window as your account will be credited automatically.


Complete mini tasks to earn more | BUXP
  • To access mini tasks just click earn money > Tasks and the subfield in which you would like to work.
  • The tasks will be listed as shown above. If you wish to complete the task click view instructions & complete, follow the instruction and finish the task and enter the proof to get paid.

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Offers | BUXP
  • Get rewards by completing offers like participating in online surveys, playing games, shopping online etc.
  • You will be rewarded with bux points for completing offers, which you can later redeem to get referrals, advertise, traffic exchange, lottery ticket etc.
  • This is one of the best ways to get free referrals.


Free traffic exchange ads | BUXP
  • If you have a blog or website you can easily exchange traffic i.e by viewing the ads they recommend you will be given free traffic to your website.
  • To start click earn money > traffic exchange and click the ad that is given under it and follow the procedure. 


Payment method in BUXP
  • Your earnings will be processed through Paypal or Payza. Your Paypal account should be a verified one and also your name should be identical in both payment processor and BUXP account. This is done to eliminate scam.
  • The minimum cash out amount is $6.99. So you should accumulate six point nine dollars to request the payout or withdraw.


Click here : Register in BUXP.

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