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The CAPTCHA is a security program that only allows humans access and prevents robots action. For example during the registration process of g-mail account you will be asked to solve the captcha(typing the letters from the given image). This process can be easily done by humans, but there is no programs to solve captchas directly. Captcha solving is must when you open e-mail accounts, net banking, for signing up in websites and many more. They use this to save them and their customers from hacking and other scam activities.

What is captha entry job


Security check in facebook
  • C - Complete
  • A - Automated
  • P - Public
  • T - Turing
  • C - Computers
  • H - Human
  • A - Aparts
Captchas will be in image format and you will have to convert it to text format by typing.


  • They help to protect website registration. For example opening account in g-mail, yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook etc. Captchas are used to prevent robots from opening millions of accounts in seconds. And they ensure that only human obtain free accounts.
  • Captchas are used to protect you from hacking process during net banking, online shopping, mobile banking etc. Robots may access your accounts and passwords if captcha isn't introduced.
  • Captchas are used to prevent dictionary attacks in password systems i.e, it prevent a computer from being able to iterate through the entire space of passwords by requiring it to solve a captcha after certain number of unsuccessful logins.
  • Captchas are used to prevent online spam. It also helps to protect against computer virus.


  • Companies spends millions to create new captchas to increase their protection.
  • Raw captchas will be in image format. They need human help to convert it into text.
  • The companies approaches the captcha entry sites which has large community members to solve captchas.
  • They pay captcha entry sites for solved captchas. Captcha entry sites shares with their members for solving captchas.
  • For example if company x pays $1 to company y for solved captha, company y may pay $0.50 to their member for helping them to solve. 
  • So captcha entry sites acts as mediator/ broker. 


  • You need a PC with an internet connection atleast with 512Kbps speed. If your net connection is slower the images may not load properly in time.
  • You must have basic knowledge about alphabets both in capital and small letters.
  • For some sites you must be capable to solve atleast 5 captchas per minute.
  • You are required to produce ID of recommended payment processors to them during the time of registration. Your earning will be processed through this account.
  • Paypal is the best recommended payment processor. Other payment processors like payza, perfectmoney, libertyreserve, bitcoin etc can be used as per the availability in your country. In case if you choose Paypal to receive payments you should have a verified Paypal account. 


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  • Check the list of Top 10 best captcha entry, review the sites and its features. Follow the procedure to join the captcha entry site.


  • Working procedure varies in each captcha entry sites. Some sites will provide software for working. In some sites you will have to log in work directly in web page itself.
  • An image will appear with some text in it. You will have to type the text in the given box as shown below.
  • You will have to solve before time runs out. Here the captcha must be solved within 15 seconds. If the time is less than 5 seconds, you will be warned where the black box turns red. 
  • In most case a even a slow typer can solve a captcha within 8-10 seconds. But some captcha may be tougher where you cannot solve in time.
  • If  you type too slowly you will be kicked out and multiple kick outs will result in an eventual ban.
  • In some captcha sites you won't have timers and you can take time as much as you can to type.
  • Some times you may get images that is unclear and cannot be solved. In such case you'll have to click don't know or press 'Esc' button.
  • If you click don't know too often you will be warned. If you continue the same after warning you will be banned permanently.
  • In some sites image may not appear, in such case you will have to type 'empty'.
  • If captcha is case sensitive you'll be notified.


  • Your internet connection speed matters when you work with captcha entry sites. If the images loads too slow, half of the time will be taken to load the image and you will have only remaining half to solve the captcha. As said earlier if you solve captchas too slowly you will be banned.
  • Again if captchas loads slowly you cannot solve more captchas, so your earnings will reduce. For example if you solve 800 images in 1 hour with high speed internet connection. You will be able to solve only 300 to 500 captchas with slow connections.
  • People with high typing speed can only earn more. To earn more you must be able type without seeing keyboard.
  • You should be aware of scams. Most of the captcha entry jobs are free, don't get cheated by paying for joining these sites. Free captcha entry sites pays you more.
  • Some capthcha entry sites provides referral facility. By referring your friends or some one you can earn some percentage from your referral's earnings.

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  • No limitations to earn per day. You can earn for the work you do. By working in PTC sites you can only earn fixed amount per day. In case of captcha entry you can work for hours. If you have good typing skills you can earn more than $5 working for 5 hours. 
  • Few scam sites compared to PTC sites.
  • No investment.
  • It will be like a game makes it interesting.
  • Unlike PTC jobs you can work from any where(internet cafe/ work/ shared net connections etc.), as captcha entry jobs doesn't have any IP address limitations. 


  • Toughest online job.
  • Requires typing skills to earn more.
  • Some time you will not be paid for solving captcha. 
  • Need high speed internet connection.

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