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Tamil Arasan | Be the first to comment!
It's a known fact that 3/4th of the paid to click(PTC) websites are scam. People feel difficult and helpless to find the scam PTC sites. When they join and work harder for a month or more to earn just few dollars, they are cheated by the fake PTC sites. This makes them more frustrated than ever. There is no use of feeling bad after such incidents. So, be careful to choose the right genuine PTC sites that pays you for your hard work and on time. 


  • The first important point is genuine PTC sites will have less pay rate for ads. For example: They will display (1-4) $0.1 paid ads and Remaining(10+) paid ads with $0.001 or less.
  • Do not believe the PTC sites that pays you(normal/standard membership) $0.2 or more for each ads as shown below.

Example of  PTC ads by fake PTC websites
  • In a genuine PTC site, you will have only 10 - 20 paid ads per day for clicking. In that 20 paid ads you will have (1-4) fixed ads with high pay rate (For ex: $0.005 - $0.1), (4-10) standard ads with standard pay rate (For ex: $0.001 - $0.005) and (10-20) sticky ads with minimum pay rate (For ex: $0.0005 - $0.001). The name of the ads may vary depending on the site.
  • Do not believe the sites that allows you to click more paid ads per day. Some PTC sites may display 100 or more high pay rate ads as shown below and they allow to click all the ads. These sites are cheating you and they will not pay you. 

Example of fake PTC websites with more ads
  • If a PTC site offers high upgrade discounts regularly, then there may be a chance of being a fake. 
  • Check whether the concern PTC website has active forum, so that you can share with the members. If there is no forum or forum can't be accessed in a PTC site, then it may be a scam.


  • First try to understand what is PTC.
  • Once you join and start your work in a PTC site, request for payout once you reach the minimum cash out level. If the site pays you continue to work else come to a conclusion that it is a fake. This is the only way to find the scam sites by yourself. Most of the PTC sites will have low payout less than $3.
  • Do not join the PTC sites that are displayed during you click an ad from a PTC site. Ads will be fake in most of the case.
  • Before you sign up into a PTC website. Click 'view ads' or 'earn money' to review the nature of the ad given. If they pay more than $0.02 for normal member then there are chances for the site to be a scam.
  • Check the copyright year given below, if they don't display the current year it might have been abandoned. So, if you work on those sites you will not be paid.

Example of fake PTC sites
  • Even though the site is abandoned, you can still work in those sites. Don't signup in these sites. 



Status after 15 days from the day when payment was requested
  • Rector clix  is a scam PTC website and they do not pay you. Also the paid ads has high rates($0.02) for even normal members. Genuine PTC sites will not have such high pay rate for standard members. Only Ultimate members will have that facility.
  • You can click 100 ads per day. No genuine websites will allow to click these many ads.
  • There is no support from rector clix. You can see the proof of rector clix not paying their member as shown below. 
Payment request

  • Payment request was sent at Feb 3 2015 and has to be processed within 5 days. By still the payment is pending. 
  • You can see below that rector clix support team didn't reply for the questions. They say that they will reply within 48 hours form the time of ticket added.

No reply from rector clix support team


Status after 17 days from the day when payment was requested
  • Lucentbux rewards $0.01 for each ad click and allow more than 100 ad click per day. So there is a chance to earn $2 per day by just working 1-2 hours a day. 
  • Lucentbux has no support to their members.They din't reply for the ticket and they assure that queries will be solved within 48 hours.

  • Lucentbux assures their members that the payment will be processed within 24 hours. But they don't. 
  • The payment request was made at 3rd February and the payment was not processed for more than 20 days. 
No reply from lucentbux support team

Note -1 : Familiar sites are only listed here and will be updated regularly.

Note -2 : Press ctrl + F and type the site name to find a particular site in the list.

Note - 3 : Last updated on 06 - 13 - 2016.


S.NO Name Removal date Reason
Year - 2015
1. Bronclix 04-30-2015 Site suspended
2. Buxbery 05-20-2015 Not paying
3. Kayads 06-20-2015 Not paying
4. Golden clix 10-13-2015 Cheating - Active
5. PV Traffic 12-28-2015 Not paying
Year - 2016
6. Buxept 01-10-2016 Not paying
7. Ad Fiver 01-28-2016 Not paying

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