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Do you've enormous writing skills and interested to write articles to make some extra money online? Then you're in the right place. Writing is a special skill like singing, dancing etc where every one cannot give their best. So, if you're the best you're going to earn $15+ for writing each and every article. In my opinion writing an article with 500 words doesn't take more than a hour. So, you can make $45+ part time by writing three articles a day. There is no writing limit per day, you can write as much as you can. This is a freelance writing job so there is no restrictions in work time. You can do this job anytime 24/7. 

Article writing job | iwriter


  • Advanced English skill. Same applies to Spanish, German, French etc. 
  • English grammar skill including correct punctuation placement.
  • Medium typing skill to complete the project within given time.
  • Native language skill to earn more.
  • Should know the difference between UK English (en-UK) and US English (en-US). Mixed language might result in article rejection.
  • Should be able to complete the article in given time (Only after commence).
  • If you're choosing a field to write you should be an expert in that field. No copywriting is allowed.


  • Writing is a hobby for most of the people. If someone pays you for what you write, it will be really better.
  • Writing for somebody is more interesting than free time writing. It makes you to feel that you're a professional.
  • Article writing is one of the fastest way to earn more money online as an individual.


As everyone cannot earn $15 per article at beginning, iwriter has fixed rate for writing each article,

  • $1.62 for 300 words article (Standard members).
  • $2.43 for 500 words article (Standard members).
  • $4.05 for 700 words article (Standard members).

Rate increases for premium and elite writers.


  • Join iwriter. After click 'write content' in the menu bar.
  • Lots of available jobs will be listed. Jobs will be listed based on categories Elite, premium and standard.

Available jobs list | iwriter
  • Browse the jobs and select a best one that you are familiar about. After selecting click the plus sign on the left column to verify more detail about that job.

Details of a job | iwriter
  • The first thing you've to do is read the special instructions given by the requester / client. Not following requester's instruction while writing the article might result in rejection.
  • Other than that look at requester's rejection rate, reviews etc. Few requester can be very strict and few might not.
  • After reviewing all factors click write articles.

Grammar test:

  • iwriter is very strict about quality and doesn't allow every one to write article. You've to attend grammar quiz for first time in order to qualify.
  • I personally attended the test and failed by one mark on first test. You should score at least 13 out of 15.

Grammar quiz result | iwriter
  • Grammar test will be some what easy and confusing. The questions will be simple, but more answers might match the question. You've to choose the best and correct among them.
  • You must be able to punctuate correctly. Especially you should know the difference between apostrophe 's' (For example : Article's & Articles').
  • Grammar might not be a problem for native writers. But, it might be complex for people of non-English speaking countries.

Start writing article:

  • After passing you will be redirected to the article page.
  • You should complete the article within the allotted time. The time may vary between 2 hours to a day or more.
  • Try to write the article in note pad or MS word. After completion copy paste the article to iwriter.
  • After completing article submit it for requester review. Once approved your account will be credited with the allotted money.

Get special requests:

  • If you write best for a requester, the requester might send a special request to you to write more articles for him if he like your work.
  • So, iwriter will pay an extra 5% apart from basic rate if you get special requests. 

Article rejection:

  • Your article will be rejected if you copy from another source, if your article has poor grammar, if you don't follow the special instructions.
  • Also, getting low rating frequently might result in permanent account ban.


  • Your payment will be processed only through Paypal.
  • Payments are made bi-weekly.

Register now : iwriter - online article writing.

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