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Fiverr® is the best place to earn money if you've some talent in any field. In simple words, you can sell your talents/project for minimum $5. You can do anything like translating, SEO, graphics designing, photoshop editing, CorelDraw, animation, music, beauty, lifestyle, web development, smartphone app development, article writing, programming, online marketing, dance video, songs, arts & crafts, gift cards, fitness, presentation, video editing, resume creation, logo designing etc. I will tell you how to create a gig and start selling projects. If you've any talent among these or more you can surely earn $1000 or more per month being a freelancer.



Create a fiverr® gig:

  • A gig is a service or your profile that will be displayed on the Fiverr marketplace. 
  • A professional gig is really important. Clients will decide based on the outlook of a gig. Among thousands of gigs yours should be enhanced and attractive. For example, if you're an artist you gig should contain a catchy title, a masterpiece art, with informative description.
  • During registration create a nice, professional username. Because your username will be displayed on top of  the gig. For example, if you're going to create an app give your username as "magicapp" "creativeapp" etc.
  • After registration, click start selling to create a gig.

How to create a gig | Fiverr®
  • Give a professional and simple title like "I will create an artistic and stunning Facebook cover for just $5".
  • Select correct category and subcategory. If you go wrong, your gig will not be displayed in the right category, resulting in no clients.
  • Upload a photo that describes your work. This photo will be the gig cover.

How to create a gig on Fiverr®
  • Next describe what you are going to do for your clients. You will be allowed to post only up to 1200 characters. Be precise and informative.
  • Add tags related to your gig. Tell how much time you will take to deliver a project.
  • Then, clearly mention the requirements from your clients. For example, if you're going to write an article ask them for proper keywords etc. Click save and continue.
  • Configure your rates at the next step. The basic rate you can set is $5 and set more price for tough projects and extra fitting.
  • Make an explainer video for your project, else buy one for $5 on Fiverr. Get into a nice environment and explain what you can do. Complete other necessary requirement and finish gig creation. 
  • Fiverr gig with explainer video / custom banner will be sold more than gig with stock images.

Check this gig created by my friend (professional photoshop editor, logo designer, ..) creativgeekz and get an idea how a perfect gig should be.

Promote your gig:

  • Millions of clients search Fiverr every day to give the order to complete their projects. Your gig will get impressions when people search. If you did your best to create a professional gig, your gig might get some visitors.
  • It might take some time to get an order for most or very fast for few. When you get an order give your best and compete for the project long before than delivery time. This will make your client give best rating and review.
  • When others look at the review they will get a good impression on you.  
  • After few projects get top seller badge or level 2 seller badge orders are going to flow like anything.

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Things to remember:

  • Before your create an account visit lots of top rated gigs to get an idea about Fiverr. You will also come to know how to create a professional gig.
  • Initially, do more than what you've said that you will do to get a high rating.
  • Gig image and topic is really important also your username.
  • Response time is really important. When someone visits your gig, average response time will be visible on right side of the gig. Make sure to keep it low as possible. The quick response might get more order. 
  • Try to add a video created by yourself.
  • Try to complete projects quickly comparing to your competitors.

Registration link - Fiverr.com.

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