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Many people wants to earn money by working on paid to click sites using their smart phones and tablets. But, it will be very tough to work in a ptc site using a cell phones, because if you click an ad the ad will open in a new tab and it will take more time to load(desktop version sites) in mobile phone. Some times it might not work properly and you will not be paid for clicking. So, to work in a mobile phone the site or the smartphone app should be specially designed for mobile phone / tablet. Few sites are developing mobile friendly site and apps. But at current there is a site, where you can work using your smart phones. Get full information about how to register, work and earn in mobile ptc site. These sites can be easily accessed in smart phone / touch phone / tablet like Google Android, apple iPhone, Microsoft windows® phone than the featured phone. 

PTC for android, iPhone, windows phone | genuine online free jobs

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About mobile compatible PTC site:

  • The mobile compatible PTC site we are going to discuss about is Traffic Monsoon. Previously, another fully mobile optimized PTC site was discussed here but that site has been stopped. So, semi optimized traffic monsoon has been replaced recently. This article will be updated soon if fully mobile optimized PTC site is found to be running atleast for 6 months. If you're already a member of traffic monsoon, read this article Money making apps.
  • Traffic monsoon is the most dominant revenue sharing advertising company among online money making programs.
  • Unlike other paid to click programs that pays just .1 cents for clicking ads, traffic monsoon pays up to 2 cents for clicking each ad.
  • Also, the ratio of earnings per day as an individual member in traffic monsoon is 10 times higher comparing to other paid to click sites.
  • Apart from paid to click feature, traffic monsoon facilitates their members to earn reliable money through revenue sharing program. Continue to read to learn how to work on traffic monsoon using a smartphones which includes phone any OS like android, IOS (iPhone) and Microsoft® windows™ phone .

How to work on Traffic Monsoon:

There are two ways to earn money on traffic monsoon they are explained one by one below.

Earning method 1 - Paid to click / ad clicking:

  • As I've said earlier traffic monsoon is the top paid to click site because they provide high value ads every day comparing to any other paid to click site in this world.
  • Once you log into your account scroll down to the dashboard. The dash board will look similar to the picture given below.

Traffic Monsoon dashboard on android phone
  • The ads will not be given at the homepage. Instead you've to click "click here to go to cashlinks" button to see the available cashlinks.

Traffic Monsoon cash links availability
  • Once you click that button, the available cash links will appear as shown below. There will be different types of ads mingled together among which watching 60 seconds ad will pay you $0.02, 30 seconds ad pays $0.01, 15 seconds ad pays $0.005 and 5 seconds ad will pay $0.001.

Traffic Monsoon cashlinks on Mobile phone
  • Since, cashlinks in this screenshot is not visible clearly. I've added the zoomed screenshot below.

Traffic Monsoon available cashlinks
  • To claim the indicated amount, you should click anyone of the claim button. The ad will load as shown in the picture given below.

Watching ad on Traffic Monsoon mobile
  • Depending on the ad you should stay on that page for up to 60 seconds i.e. you should watch that ad till the timer bar loads completely. 

Traffic Monsoon captcha verification
  • To prevent fraudulent activities such as using automatic bots, traffic monsoon asks their members to enter the turning  numbers in the given box to ensure auto programs are not used. So, after watching ad enter the number in the given box and click credit click.

Traffic Monsoon cash claimed
  • The indicated amount will be automatically credited to your account. Now you've to click, back to the account. Again you will be taken back to the cashlinks page.
  • Follow the same procedure and click all the ads everyday.

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Earning method 2 - Revenue sharing:

  • Revenue sharing is what made Traffic monsoon very familiar money making program in the world. Currently, traffic monsoon is one among the top 1000 websites in the world among billions of websites.
  • Coming to revenue sharing it is really simple to understand. Traffic monsoon shares up to 110% of its revenue. To be an active share holder, you have to buy revenue sharing ad pack.
  • An ad pack costs $50 and when the ad pack matures you will receive $55 i.e. $5 profit per ad pack.
  • So, think if you own more ad packs. Few people make $1000 per day through this revenue sharing business.
  • You don't need any technical knowledge for doing this business. All you have to do is, surf 10 ads every day.

Traffic Monsoon surfing qulifying ads
  • Surfing ads is similar to watching cash link ads and you can surf on your mobile phone itself. Here you will be asked to click on the similar image instead of entering turning numbers.
  • Apart from $5 profit, traffic monsoon gives 1000 free website credits and also 20 banner clicks, which you can use it for driving traffic to your business page and getting free referral for other paid to click sites.

Earning method 3 - Affiliate program:

  • Traffic Monsoon affiliate program is the best one I've ever found and that why most of them promote their traffic monsoon referral link than any other links through different sources.
  • Traffic monsoon pays huge 100% referral commission on cashlinks. No other site pays 100% commission for a free member. If one of your friend earns $0.50 a day, you will receive $0.50 referral commission along with your earnings. If you refer 10 people you will get ref commission up to $5 per day.
  • Apart from click commission, traffic monsoon also pays generous 10% sale commission. If your friend buys 10 ad packs you will receive $5 referral commission. If you do not have enough money to buy revenue share packs, refer your friends to earn commission and use that money to buy shares.

Payment method:

Traffic Monsoon payment method
  • Traffic Monsoon pays their members through Paypal, Payza and Solid trust pay payment processors.
  • The minimum payout amount is just $2.
  • So, you can withdraw immediately once you earn $2. 

Best PTC + Revenue sharing site in the world:

Traffic Monsoon paid to click + revenue shaing program
  • Traffic Monsoon is the world's no : 1 paid to click + revenue sharing + traffic exchange website in the world.
  • The best thing is that you can work from any type of mobile phone you own including android, apple iPhone, blackberry and windows phone®.


Already the member of Traffic Monsoon - Here are the 10 mobile apps that pay money.

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Best apps to earn money using idle mobile power:

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App link - MobileXpression iPad [USA].

E-mail reading job on smartphone (US & UK):

Get paid to read mail from your smartphones. Earn $0.05 per mail you read. Once you join, the dashboard will look similar to the picture given below. Click on the mail icon and confirm the opening on mail to get paid.

Inbox dollars
These sites allow members from US and UK only. If you're from USA join inbox dollars. If you're from UK join inbox pounds, they pay in GBP.

Registration link:

Click here to join - Inbox dollars [USA].

Click here to join - Inbox pounds [UK].

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